9 Best Kundan Rangoli Designs and Patterns with Images

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Rangoli as a decorative folk art of India has forever adorned the floors of homes and courtyards of the Hindu people during festivals, marriages and other festive occasions in their unwavering style and design techniques. The recent past however has seen traditional rangolis evolve into newer forms which have elevated its look to a higher dimension.

Kundan rangolis are the latest in this artistic innovation. Made from rhinestones, beads, plastic gems and other ornamental pieces, these rangolis can be done in any shape or size and look showy whether it is on the wall or floor of your house.  Each rangoli made from kundans has its own beauty and charm. Take a look below to view our top 9 designs.

1. Teardrop Shaped Kundan Rangoli:

This teardrop shaped kundan rangoli is a classic example of how the simplest of things can seem awe-inspiring. The teardrop is beautifully defined by an inner lining of small pearls set amidst tiny golden beads while the brown coloured rhinestones shaped into a leaf and flower set off the entire look.

2. Circular Kundan Rangoli Design:

This circular design layered with ornate red stones, small golden beads and a contrast of gold, green and red stone sequences is a sheer beauty. Its bejeweled look makes it apt for special occasions while it would also make a spectacular wall-hanging.

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3. Traditional Kundan Rangoli:

The flamboyant style of this kundan rangoli has all the makings of a traditional rangoli design. Not to be fooled by its elaborate look, the mango-shaped design is made from red paper cuttings that are glued onto a circular base.  It has been outlined with white pearls and further embellished with rhinestones in the middle. Three rings of contrasting coloured rhinestones form the mid-section encircled by gold colour beads and the crowning glory is an illuminated lamp which gives it a festive look.

4. Blue Stones Kundan Rangoli:

If blue is your colour theme then this kundan rangoli is sure to catch your eye. Almost all of it has been beautifully designed with blue rhinestones with white pearls used for the outer and inner lining. The bigger sized red rhinestones in the mid-circular section standout in remarkable contrast to the smaller blue stones while the red and green teardrops with a golden touch are a fine addition to this exquisite showpiece.

5. Pink Stones Leaf Rangoli:

The use of pink stones is an opulent choice for this flower cum leaf design. Most notable is how the end of the leaf shaped pattern curves outward to form the inner flower shaped design. The minuscule golden beads which form the outlines add a touch of elegance to a grandiose look that’s made complete with the decorative blue and green rhinestone pieces.

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  1. anushaml

    July 17, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    lovely post….i really liked your post on 9 Best Kundan Rangoli Designs ….these designs really got my attention….they are very cute and so easy to try personal favorites are 2nd ,6th and 9th designs… i wil surely try them

  2. deepali

    August 4, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    I really liked your post on top 9 kundan rangoli designs.very beautiful.

  3. sravanthi

    August 21, 2015 at 5:06 pm

    realy wonderlful designs, i will tyr them……

  4. Sheeny Kaul

    September 24, 2015 at 4:23 pm

    I’m not really fond of Rangoli.. but this post is good.. so i guess i’ll make an effort to try once atleast on my home..