Rangoli is the trademark of every decoration part nowadays. These are to decorate the piece of floor with adorable designs and look. These can be used for decoration purposes like events, parties or cultural festival. The rangolis are specially designed for the festival Diwali. One such religious rangoli design is Jagannath deigns which are practiced by religious people on various occasions. The Jagannath rangoli designs can have Lord Jagannath depicted in it. These can be more adorable by using lights and colours.

Jagannath Rangoli Designs for Festival with Picture:

Here is the list of the top 9 Jagannath rangoli designs, the best choice for these rangoli designs can be multi-colours.

1. Beautiful Jagannath Rangoli Designs:

The Jagannath rangoli has many such designs to look over but there are some designs as depicted in the pic which can be designed at Jagannath temples. These can be adorable in look and can be appreciated and admired by various people. Always use multi-colours for these designs.

2. Creative Jagannath Design:

The Lord Jagannath rangoli designs can also be creative and look adorable. These can be used and referred online for best designs with depicting the picture of Lord Jagannath. Moreover, some lights can be used along with these creative designs.

3. Decorative Jagannath Design:

The decorative designs can be usual on different occasions. These designs are generally used for decorative purposes at cultural events. People can appreciate the work done by the rangoli design experts. Don’t forget to use the lights along with it. The best choice can be multi-colour rangoli designs.

4. Religious Jagannath Design:

The religious Jagananath designs are more adorable and good looking when designs. These can be enhanced with the use of lights and different colours. The rangoli of Jagannath has its own awesomeness at some events. The best choice for rangoli should be the multi-colour.

5. Temple Jagannath Designs:

The temple Jagannath designs are generally found to be religious and more productive as compared to others. These kinds of designs really have a realistic look which is admired by people at different events. The best choice chosen should be the multi-colour styles.

6. Competitive Jagannath Designs:

The rangoli of Lord Jagannath can be used for different rangoli competitions. These can be gathered and designed properly so as to make an adorable look. The best rangoli is chosen as the winner. One such example is depicted in the picture provided with the multi-colour styles.

7. Cultural Jagannath Designs:

The cultural designs have some creative thoughts and notes written in colours. These go along with the cultural designs that have over their views. Moreover, these designs can be enhanced by the lights used along with these designs. The best choice chosen is multi-colours.

8. Border Jagnnath Designs:

The border Jagnnath designs are used alongside the door or the floors. These can be used in temples and look more adorable. The best choice can be the use of multi-colour and lights. These can also be used at different events with an adorable look to be admired by people.

9. Simple Jagnnath Design:

The simple designs are such which are sued for small events or designs. These can be recognized for small functions or events. The best choice should be of multi-colour used along with. The use of proper lights can be depicted and the depiction of Lord Jagannath into it.

Lord Jagannath designs have many such rangoli designs to be admired by the people and used at different locations or events. The best one can be cultural designs of Jaganath which can be used for depicting the best piece of rangoli designs. Moreover, a simple design can be used for small events.


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