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5 Simple And Creative Pulli Kolam/Rangoli Designs With 6 Dots

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Rangoli is a precious item that adorns most households. Prayers start only once a rangoli is created. It helps to show the way to the gods and let them feel welcome. Along with the gods, it is also a wonderful sight for all guests.

Best Pillui Kolam/Rangoli Designs With 6 Dots:

Here are top 5 6 dots rangoli,

1. Colourful 6 Dots Rangoli:

Colorful 6 Dots Rangoli

You should try this lovely rangoli with dots 6 by 6 for any occasion. The rangoli is made with a 6 * 6 square that is then joined to form so many designs. You can add several colours to this as well. The white border gives the design a nice touch. This rangoli is very attractive. You can get the design easily where you use rangoli with dots 11 to 6 and it can be geometric or floral. Use colours that are complementary to each other.

2. Simple 6 Dot Rangoli:

Simple 6 Dot Rangoli

One of the simple rangoli designs is the 6 dots rangoli. This design uses just white powder to create simple rangoli designs with 6 dots. You can create designs that are joined together continuously or they can be sets of items that create the whole picture. This can also be used as a 6 pullikolam for daily use outside your home. The rangoli design that you create can have all the same item or it can be a mix of different items. Try geometric or floral designs.

3. Deepam 6 Dot Rangoli:

Deepam 6 Dot Rangoli

A deepam design in rangoli is also a wonderful concept. It uses the kolam designs with 6 dots to create a diya shape. This kolam with 6 dots looks very simple but elegant. You can use it to decorate your house or pray room. The design replicates the diyas on all sides of the square. Try to make these simple 6 pulli 6 varisai kolam and practice them to make more intricate designs. The 6 dot rangoli is a versatile tool to use to create magnificent works. So get your hand on these designs and make something beautiful.

4. Beginner 6 Dot Kollam:

Beginner 6 Dot Kollam

If you are a beginner then you can even try your hand at this wonderful 6 dots muggulu. The design is very sweet and makes flowers at each corner. The central square is the important piece in this design. You can use the design and create other types of flowers as well. The rangoli can be also made with an 11 to 6 dots rangoli. Use different colours for each section of the rangoli to create a beautiful image. Even an experienced rangoli maker can try these simple designs.

5. Festival Rangoli:

Festival Rangoli

Most festivals call for a rangoli that is perfect and bright. These rangolis are done by the 6 chukkala mugguluor the dot rangoli 11 to 6 squares. The rangoli is usually intricate or it a combination of many 6 squares together. Here you will find one such design. The rangoli designs with dots 11 to 6 are a perfect way to achieve a big pattern. Use bright colours to make the rangoli festive. You can try this for a special occasion where there is a lot of space as well. The designs use at least three different colours so that the brightness is achieved. A border of white is always preferred to give the rangoli a nice touch.

6 dot rangoli is a beautiful way to show your art form. The colourful rangoli or the simple white rangoli are all lovely designs that look bright. Festival rangoli is also a great choice as well as beginner rangoli designs.