Wooden rangoli designs can be very useful for people who don’t have much time and are busy working. Wooden stencils are available in the market. One can easily buy them and place it on the floor. It not only looks different but also very traditional. One can also buy just the wood pieces and decorate it at home by using paints and stones. You can arrange and cover your home patches with these beautiful wooden rangoli designs.

Delightful Wooden Rangoli Designs with Images:

Following are the most famous artificial wooden rangoli patterns with pictures for your home festivals and functions.

1. Wooden Rangoli of Religious Symbols:

Rangolis are generally made on festivals, therefore, religious symbols are appropriate for the occasion. One can select the pattern of their own choice and place it as and where required. The picture given below shows a Satya symbol and has small stones placed on the border. This makes the rangoli look more prominent and colorful.

2. Heavy Kundan Stone Work Wooden Rangoli:

The rangoli given below has flower-shaped pattern and the entire surface if filled with stones of various kinds. This makes the rangoli look jazzy and does not take not require any amount of time. One just has to buy it and place it on the floor. It looks best on the entrance or near the main spot of the function.

3. Square Shaped Rangoli With Kundans:

This kind of rangoli is square-shaped. Here the decoration of this rangoli with kundans is very beautiful. The picture given below reflects this kind of pattern. A square shape is in the middle of the rangoli and has traditional laces stuck to it. There are wooden patterns made outside the square too. This gives it a heavy look. Small stones and artificial flowers are also placed.

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4. Wooden Rangoli with Diya For Diwali:

Wooden rangolis are found in the market which also has space for diyas to kept on them. Diyas make the rangoli look even better and adds the traditional touch to it. These kinds of new wooden rangolis are made in such a way that it greatly emphasises on the placement of the Diya. This is mainly done by placing stones or artificial flowers and glitter around the Diya.

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5. Peacock Shaped Wooden Rangoli:

The design given below is simple and looks very elegant. It can be placed on the two sides of the door or outside the temple. Since it is portable and light one can use it on different occasions, as per requirement. The bright colors of the wooden peacock rangoli and the studs stuck on it definitely makes this pattern look different from the rest.

6. Floral Shaped Kundan Wooden Rangoli With:

The cutwork of the wood can be of a flower shape. To make the pattern more evident stones or glitters can be used along the border. Usage of bright shades with a bit of shading will make it look gorgeous. In the center a small stone studded flower or an artificial one can be placed. Laces or shiny ribbons can also be placed.

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7. Traditional Wooden Rangoli:

The picture given below gives the perfect example of a traditional wooden rangoli. The pattern is of an old kind and the colours are also not too bold. Much of the big stones are also not used. The tiny ones are selected and placed in an order. This kind of rangoli can be placed in the house on a daily basis as it is not filled with fine work and looks quite sober.

8. Wooden Rangoli With A Pearl Diya Stand:

This latest wooden rangoli also come with small Diya stands which have pearls attached to it on the edges. A contrast color on the base will look perfect. This kind of rangoli reflects elegance. Sequenced lace can also be stuck on the border. At the same time, even pearls can be stuck on the border. This is one of the perfect wooden rangoli designs for the Diwali festival.

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9. New Wooden Rangoli Board:

A long piece of wood with a base color can be decorated and used as a rangoli. One can use paints to make a pattern. Not much of stonework is required. The empty space can be filled by making small prints over it. However, one must be cautious enough to not fill up every bit of the wooden piece. A few glitters can be used to make the design look a little jazzy. Diyas can be placed on a wooden board. Looks best when placed on a pathway.


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