Rangolis are the colorful designs made in special occasions or festivals. It is not only a decoration but is also a form of Indian art and it holds a very special position in Hindu ‘pujas’. They include different sorts of designs, patterns and styles. Butterflies too are drawn on rangolis. They look colorful and make the Rangoli’s look brighter.

1. Single Big Butterfly Rangoli Design:

In the picture above, we can see a big butterfly rangoli. The rangoli is the butterfly itself and it doesn’t have any other form of design used. The white paint has been used to make the outer border of the rangoli. The wing of the butterfly has been very colorfully, it has been given pink for the base and the designs on the butterfly include colors of blue, green and yellow as well.

2. Dotted Lines Butterfly Rangoli Design:

A rectangular area had been covered by dotted lines. These dotted lines have helped the artist to draw this particular rangoli. The artist had joined the dotted lines together and made an edgy shape of a butterfly and not like the usual pattern. The border line has been done with white and then a layer of black had been put. Blue, pink, red, yellow and brown have been used in the interior.

3. Different Shape Of Butterfly Rangoli:

We see two different designs made in one particular shape of butterfly rangoli. The sketch which has been seen on the left is in shape of a butterfly externally but it is full of rangoli designs and patterns on the inside. The right side of the picture has a similar shape to the left one. It is the colored rangoli where all the fine designs haven’t been shown, but it is beautifully colored with differences in shades which range from light to dark.

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4. Pretty Butterfly Rangoli Design:

Here we have a very pretty butterfly rangoli. It has been firstly bordered with white rangoli paint and then shaded with different shades of green. There are at least 3 different shades of green used, a dark shade, a light shade and one which seems yellowish green. The three colors have been beautifully blended and there are two circular patterns on the wings which make it look prettier.

5. Butterfly Kolam Rangoli:

Here we have a big rangoli which has a green and yellow colored flower in the middle and it is surrounded with butterflies all over. The butterflies have been drawn with white outline and then they have been colored in different colors like sky blue, pink, blue, brown, violet and indigo.

6. Rangoli Design Surrounded By Butterflies:

A brown hexagon bordered with red has a yellow color in the middle. It has been surrounded by butterfly designs on all six sides and they have been colored in six different colors of sky blue, orange, pink, blue, purple and green.

7. Colorful Butterfly Rangoli Designs:

In the picture above we see a big and colorful rangoli. It has circles made in layers and it has dominance of blue, along with other colors like yellow, pink, green, red, violet, etc. the third layer of the rangoli is full of butterflies drawn in pink and yellow and the rest of it includes flowers of different shapes.

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8. Unique Butterfly Rangoli With Flowers:

We have a unique butterfly rangoli in the picture above. It has been done with petals of flowers and leaves. The leafy base has petals of marigold which makes the wings of the butterfly followed by red and whites flowers which make the body.


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