Rangoli is a traditional Indian folk art form. However, with all the changes coming in traditions, rangoli designs have undergone a transformation too! We no longer stick to just floral patterns, animals or holy words and abstract patterns. The skill of rangoli makers has escalated such that they now use those fine powders to portray scenes from Lord Krishna’s life, entire forms of other deities and images of the cartoons they love! These cartoon rangolis are more complicated than the traditional forms and look cute and attractive. But they lack the traditional beauty of abstract designs.

9 Best Cartoon Rangoli Designs with Images:

Here is a list of the best cartoon rangoli designs with photos for you that are very attractive and alluring the kids as well as adults.

1. Daisy Duck Cartoon Rangoli Design:

One of the most famous cartoons of its era is Walt Disney’s created family of Mickey Mouse. One of the key members of this family was daisy duck, Donald Duck’s girlfriend. With her pretty bows, swishy tail and broad beak, she looks cute as ever.

2. Tom and Jerry Cartoon Rangoli Designs:

Who hasn’t heard of Tom and Jerry and their escapades! This is one cartoon that has been there since the time of our parents and still hasn’t lost its charm. A silent cartoon with just the music and Tom and Jerry’s expressions to convey its dialogue, this cartoon is hilarious and a great favourite among many all over the world! A rangoli design with Tom and Jerry in it looks excellent for a new year party!

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3. Dora The Explorer Rangoli Design:

Dora, the Explorer, is a children’s cartoon that airs in the nickelodeon. Even the ones who haven’t seen this cartoon have definitely heard of it. Dora is an educational series, and the kids seem to love her in spite of the fact that she just tries to teach them stuff. Dora rangolis are easier to make compared to the other cartoon characters.

4. Shin Chan Cartoon Rangoli Designs:

Shin-chan is a Japanese cartoon that is the new favourite amongst kids. It has been banned and reintroduced in the country plenty of times. It has been banned in plenty of households too! Though extremely cute, there is no doubt that the naughty character of shin chan has an adverse effect on the kids. Shin chans character is again simpler and easier to make. Shin-chan rangolis look cute and never fail to attract the kids’ attention. This is very perfect cartoon rangoli design for a happy birthday.

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5. Cartoon Chota Bheem Rangoli Kolam:

Chota bheem is a portrayal of the legendary bheem from the Indian epics. Bheem was known for the brute strength of his muscles as well as the strength of his character. Bheem is loved by all kids who watch it and would thus, be an excellent subject for a rangoli. This is s freehand cartoon rangoli kolam design with bright colours.

6. New Mickey Cartoon Rangoli Designs:

Mickey Mouse is Walt Disney’s best creation! Mickey Mouse is famous not in just a particular continent, but all over the globe. Who hasn’t heard of Mickey Mouse? So, while Mickey would be an excellent subject for a rangoli, it is also one that will be chosen by many.

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7. Easy Cartoon Angry Birds Rangolis:

‘Angry Birds’ is an arcade game that has taken the entire cartoon and children’s computer games world in a whirlwind. Every child has now played this game for at least a few hours. T-shirts, pencil boxes, pencils, pens and other merchandise are in demand everywhere. These images are cute, and their attractive colours make them perfect subjects for rangoli designs! Though you should be warned, they are not as easy to make as they look.

8. Abstract Cartoon Rangolis:

Cartoon rangoli designs can be used to convey deeper messages too! They need not just include famous cartoon characters. They can be simple caricatures, symbols of unity, peace, and so on. You can make this type of cartoon rangoli design for Diwali.

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9. Cute Cartoon Dog Rangoli:

Dogs are the best friends of humans, and most kids adore them. Even the ones who are scared, agree that the images are cute. This design is simple and yet not easy to make at all!


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