No other country has as many festivals as India. As diverse as it gets, there’s a reason to celebrate everything. From colour to lights and sweets, the Puja is fun but entirely incomplete without Rangolis. The finest of the top 9 ideas for festival rangoli designs with images are listed down here, making your job easier, so you can concentrate entirely on having fun through the process.

9 Best Rangoli Designs For Festivals With Pictures:

Let’s find here with shown Indian festival rangoli designs which will give you an idea on how to do the design of your rangoli.

1. Unique Round Festival Rangoli Design:

It is one of the most detailed and picturesque one in appearance and a win-win when you have guests to please. It can be easily done by making a large circular shape and then floral patterns in the center. Decorate it as you go but make sure to use contrasting colours where there is overlapping of two outlines.

2. Vasant Panchami Rangoli Design:

Saraswati Puja is the time when all kids in the family gather together to worship the Deity of learning. To make the festival even better, you could always use a rangoli with the right borders and shapes to make a swan or the veena that the Goddess carries.

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3. Hindu Handmade Religious Rangoli Design:

From om to swastika, this Rangoli is an all-purpose one, that can be used for all occasions. Usually easy to make, it is implemented when you don’t want your art to be taken down as soon as the festival is over.

4. Durga Puja Rangoli Art:

In order to make this festival rangoli, the Bengal style Goddess Durga face is the right way to start. Start off with a rough sketch and then put in colors as you go. Don’t forget to line the portrait with bright patterns all around.

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5. Shining In The Dark Onam Festival Rangoli:

You can choose to make a rangoli for Onam to mark the harvest onset. You can create a pretty looking Kathakali by using your favorite dark colors and reshape them using brushes. Make sure to put out diyas all around, since the dark colors would grab a lot of attention that way.

6. Lord Ganesha Round Rangoli Design:

Used in most homes on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi, it is a major craze in parts of Mumbai where the worship of Lord Ganesha Rangoli holds a crucial meaning. Start by making a rough image of Lord Ganesha in the center and then decorate it around at your own will.

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7. Shivaratri Festival Rangoli:

It takes no guess to realize that this Rangoli would make use of the Om symbol to give a special touch the festivity of the occasion when you pray for your husband’s long health. It will look marvelous and you can start of my making an Om symbol first and then surround it with patterns and designs in bright colors.

8. Radha Krishna Rangoli Art For Krishnashtami:

Something great for Rangoli art can be the Radha Krishna Rangoli design. The image of these lovers is so beautiful for Rangoli is for the festival. The colors should be bright and Krishna should be in blue to give the appearance a touch of authenticity.

9. Diyas Rangoli Design For Festival Diwali:

Diwali is the brightest festival in the Indian calendar and nothing spills out bright as much as a Rangoli. During the festive occasion, you can fetch all the praises by just drawing diyas and placing tiny bulbs in place.

It is important in our culture to mark the holy beginning of a festival with a Rangoli, and these 9 designs should most certainly have your records set straight and serve as an ultimate guide through all celebrations of the year.


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