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75 Simple Rangoli Designs that are Easy to Draw for Beginners

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Do you like making creative rangoli designs? If yes, then you should definitely try out the best and unique rangoli designs suggested by us. Stylesatlife offers you the best-in-class designs along with the proper technique to make these designs. Before making a rangoli design one needs to understand the concept of rangoli, its evolution, types and importance. Rangolis hold a unique stand in our society. It is an art and is often used in collaboration with welcoming a particular festival or a special event.

Rangoli is a creative decorative design made in the grounds or entrance of your houses during festivals or special events. Rangoli is an Indian tradition which is followed since ages. People belonging to a different creed, castes and religions follow this tradition.

Easy and simple Rangoli Designs are different types. They are classified into free hand rangoli design, Dots Rangoli Design, Flower Rangoli Design, Ganesh Rangoli and much more. All of these are full of colors and bright glow.

Rangoli Designs

Rangoli is extremely popular around India. Usually, they are known by different names in different provinces, like ‘Rangoli’ in Karnataka, ‘Rangavalli’ in Maharashtra, ‘Kolam’ in Tamil Nadu, ‘Muggu’ in Andhra Pradesh, ‘Mandana’ in Rajasthan, ‘Alpana’ in West Bengal, ‘Aripana’ in Bihar, ‘Chowk Purna’ in Madhya Pradesh, ‘Sathiya’ in Gujarat, ‘Ossa’ in Orissa, ‘Sona Rakhana’ in Uttar Pradesh, and so on. Each of these states has its own unique way of creating designs and patterns. The materials used for developing the art also differ a lot. But all of them are made for welcoming the deities during various festivals.

Simple And Easy Rangoli Designs With Images:

Following are the 75 simple and easy rangoli designs for beginners with images which one can easily make at home without taking much time. Choose the perfect one for your special occasion and get started.

1. Simple Rangoli Designs For Festival Occasion:

Simple Rangoli Designs For Festival Occasion

This unique design is a perfect choice for festivals like Holi or Diwali. In this beautiful simple rangoli picture the petals rangoli design goes well with colorful festivals and bright lights. Also, the diya’s placed on the sides of the design make a perfect combination for Diwali. It even gives a bright look to the whole design and makes it stand out from others. The combination of pink and yellow colors points out the contrast chosen exclusively for this design. This design is easy to make and takes hardly an hour or two.

2. Blue Rangoli Design For Occasion:

Blue Rangoli Design For Occasion

This blue rangoli design is a unique typical Ugadi/Gudi  padwa festival design. This is made on the doorsteps or courtyards to welcome New Year of the people living in the Deccan region of India. This rangoli design uses shades of a particular color which makes it look soothing and appealing to the eyes. This is a finely carved rangoli design which does time to make, but is truly eye-catching!

3. Diwali Colorful Rangoli:

Diwali Colorful Rangoli

This amazing colorful rangoli design is a perfect match for Diwali – the festival of lights! Carved with unique heart shaped design and lighted with diyas, this reminds us of the bright days to come. The combination of pink, green, red and violet color brightens the design and makes it look appealing. This design is designed to light up your house and draw out appreciation from your guests. This is one of the most popular and simple rangoli patterns with colors and diyas for any type of functions and occasions.

4. Classical Peacock Rangoli Designs:

Classical Peacock Rangoli Designs

This beautiful peacock rangoli design makes a beautiful combination for special events like anniversaries or birthdays. It is simple yet attractive piece of work. You can use variety of colors in this design and give it a different look as well. One can even carve this same rangoli design and beautify it with flowers or rose petals. You can light up the rangoli with diyas or just keep it simple. Remember, the simpler the better!

5. Homely Rangoli Design:

Homely Rangoli Design

This is what you call a perfect mix and match design. You can see in this image Bright colors comprising of red and blue and white and yellow flowers make a perfect homely rangoli design. Although the actual design is very simple, yet the colors chosen for this and the unique beautiful flowers make it eye-catching! One can even beautify this design by lighting up a diya in the center of this rangoli. It will brighten and gives a different look to design.

6. Kundan Rangoli Designs:

Kundan Rangoli Designs

This kundan rangoli design is uniquely carved with the help of colorful beads. These beads are placed on the floor in a design pattern which makes it look like a rangoli. It is indeed a handmade art of a creative person. These beads are studded on the floor with a pasting gum and can be easily removed. You can even lighten this up by planting diyas in the center of the rangoli design. It will make the rangoli more appealing. This is one of the best and beautiful simple rangoli designs with kundans which makes your occasion or function more colorful.

7. Kolam Rangoli With Flowers For Competitions:

Kolam Rangoli With Flowers For Competitions

Now that’s what you call a flowery rangoli. This unique rangoli design full of flowers is what makes an event special! Although the design is simple, yet it is very effectively carved out and decorated by petals and leaves. In this rangoli design, they have used a combination of flowers of different colors like pink and green, orange and yellow, white and orange, etc. This circular design pattern makes the whole design attractive!

8. Flower Rangoli Design:

Flower Rangoli Design

Mango leaves are always assumed to be auspicious. This unique quadrilateral rangoli design decorated with flowers and mango leaves make a perfect combination of colors. One can even beautify this rangoli design with diyas and rangoli colors. This is one of the best types of rangoli designs which is simple also.

9. Easy Rangoli Design With Colors:

Easy Rangoli Design With Colors

Now that’s a simple rangoli design with white, green and red combinations. Sometimes simple things also make a great impact. This design looks elegant and would even look brighter with the combination of yellows and blues. The darker the colors, the more attractive it appears!

10. Traditional Diya Rangoli Designs:

Traditional Diya Rangoli Designs

This beautiful rangoli design is easy to make and gives a traditional look. This is beautifully lighted with diyas and drawn on a patch of brown color. This brown and white combination is truly worth noticing!! No doubt it is also one of the very simple rangoli designs with curves and diyas which can make your home traditional.

11. Simple Ganapati Rangoli Design:

Simple Ganapati Rangoli Design

This simple and unique Ganpati rangoli design will surely be the centre of attraction if it is drawn at the entrance of your house, office or villa. It depicts our love towards the Lord Ganesha as well as symbolizes Ganesh festival of India. This rangoli design is very easy to draw and can be easily carved out by even beginners.

12. Ganesh Rangoli Design With Flowers:

Ganesh Rangoli Design With Flowers

Now that’s a beautiful simple rangoli design which even beginners can make! This being a very simple design and especially filled with flowers leaves very less room for mistake. The colors used here give a bright look to the design. The background being decorated with yellow flowers make the pink color stand out very well. If you are a beginner with rangolis, then this is the one for you!

13. Easy Elegant Rangoli Design:

Easy Elegant Rangoli Design

Look wise it make seem simple, but it takes hours and hours of efforts to minutely draw this sleek design. This is a very efficient piece of work with sharp curves and circles. It uses less color but more efforts and time. It looks elegant because of two factors- sleek design and color combination. One can even beautify this design with colors and diyas to brighten its look. These are the very traditional simple rangoli patterns for Diwali and other family functions which are very beautiful also.

14. Unique Rangoli Designs For Occasions:

Unique Rangoli Designs For Occasions

This is again a unique and lively rangoli design apt for any festival or occasion. This beautiful rangoli design has a unique pattern in white color circles around the diya decorated with orange and blue color designs. This rangoli will certainly gain you appreciation from your guests.

15. Beginners Easy Rangoli Designs With Dots:

Beginners Easy Rangoli Designs With Dots

This is typically a beginner’s rangoli design. It is made out of small fine dots which are first drawn directly on the floor or a brown patch of color. You can from the above picture the dots are joined together with fine lines to forma design which is so simple and beautiful also. This distinctive design of ducks colored in blue is eye-catching! It will surely draw the attention of your guests.

16. Different Floral Rangoli Designs:

Different Floral Rangoli Designs

What a beautiful flowery rangoli design! A very welcoming design best suited for an auspicious event or an occasion. In this rangoli image unlike other rangoli designs, this piece of work is carved out with flowers and petals of different colors, sizes and shapes. Such designs are easy to make and take less time and effort.

17. Cute Rangoli With Light Colors:

Cute Rangoli With Light Colors

This is indeed a different type of rangoli. This design has used light colors instead of bright ones. The diya placed in the centre of the design along with the Swastik sign makes it stand out from others. The color combination of yellow, orange and blue is very apt and goes well with Holi and Dusshra festivals.

18. Flower Rangoli Design For Special Occasions:

Flower Rangoli Design For Special Occasions

This is what you call a grand rangoli design decorated with flowers and petals of different colors. The exclusive combination of various colors gives this design an extravagant look. This masterpiece is created after hours of efforts and patience. This is a perfect choice for weddings, engagements or special occasions.

19. Semi Circle Easy Rangoli Designs:

Semi Circle Easy Rangoli Designs

A semi circle rangoli design is just as perfect as a circular one. This is a very simple design with fewer curves and heavy patterns. This design indeed looks simple but is very elegant and worth appreciating! This rangoli design is perfect choice if you have to draw this design on your doorstep.

20. Lord Ganesha Rangoli With Flowers:

Lord Ganesha Rangoli With Flowers

If you have a big lawn and you like flowers, then this is the right rangoli design for you. This is the ultimate design of Lord Ganesha with a unique combination of orange and pink flower petals. These colors stand out and brighten this whole rangoli design. This rangoli will surely get appreciation from your guests.

21. Easy Swastik Sign Rangoli:

Easy Swastik Sign Rangoli

This rangoli design looks impeccable. It is a masterpiece created by using a variety of colorful petals. This unique color choice is very soothing to eyes. It has a combination of bright and light colors which make the Swastik sign in the center stand out from the rest of the design. The pattern drawn in the outer circle is eye-catching! One can easily make that design at home by making triangle shaped design in the outer circle and then filling it with colored petals.

22. Diwali Kolam Rangoli Design:

Diwali Kolam Rangoli Design

Flowery designs are as attractive as the rangoli designs made out of colors. Flowers, diyas and colors make the perfect setting for Diwali! The semi circular designs in the centre of the rangoli is very appealing, especially with its four-colored aspect. A diya placed in the centre would look even more attractive and would surely gain you appreciation!

23. Circle Rangoli Design For Diwali:

Circle Rangoli Design For Diwali

This is a typical Diwali rangoli design with a pattern of circular design. Usually such simple rangoli designs are known as ‘Sanskar Bharati’ designs where a particular design is chosen and drawn in circular pattern. You will mostly see such designs on the entrance of buildings or bungalows because it occupies more apace. It is difficult to draw this whole design in your doorstep. However you can choose a part of it and draw the same in semi-circular shape.

24. Swastik Sign Rangoli Design:

Swastik Sign Rangoli Design

Now that’s what you call an eye-catching rangoli design! It is a colorful design with many bright colors being splashed into the design. The swastik sign drawn in the centre is very attractive. This is a combination of contrast and vibrant colors like red and green, orange and yellow, blue and yellow and red and navy blue. This design takes time to be drawn. If you want to flaunt that creative person in you, then this is the one you should go for.

25. Big Rangoli Designs:

Big Rangoli Designs

Now that’s what you call an impeccable masterpiece! Vibrant colors, sleek and perfect design, constant pattern in circular shapes is that takes to make a rangoli like this one. The OM sign drawn in the center gives an Indian touch to the rangoli. This can be a perfect choice if you have Pooja in your house.

26. Corner Rangoli Design:

Corner Rangoli Design

You can see different types of rangoli designs in corner with multiple colors and patterns. Now this is an excellent rangoli corner piece. It goes well with the big antique diya placed in the corner and rangoli drawn covering it. Although there isn’t much design and variety, yet the colors used in this rangoli give it a soothing effect. This is the best choice if you want to make a rangoli design at your doorstep! This is one of the easy rangoli designs which is suitable for all types of pujas.

27. Peacock Rangoli Design For Weddings:

Peacock Rangoli Design For Weddings

This is an ideal rangoli design for weddings or engagement ceremonies. It is a unique combination of vibrant colors, flowers and of design. In that photo the peacocks design in the centre gives a perfect idea of two souls becoming one. If there’s any anniversary, engagement or wedding ceremony happening at your place, do try out this rangoli design!

28. Diya In The Centre Of The Rangoli:

Diya In The Centre Of The Rangoli

Check out this wonderful rangoli design in the shape of leaves carved out so beautifully! The huge antique diya in the centre of the rangoli gives a festival touch to it. This rangoli would even look more appealing to the eyes once the diya is lighted up. The colors used here are vibrant and contrasting. A perfect piece of art for any occasion!

29. Wonderful Rangoli Design For All Occasions:

Wonderful Rangoli Design For All Occasions

Vibrant colors make a wonderful rangoli design- ideal for all occasions. This design stands out from others as it uses beads of different colors along with colors and petals too. They diya in the center is eye-catching and brightens the whole look of rangoli. This one is very simple rangoli design in list of easy rangoli designs.

30. Rangoli Design For Small Occasions:

Rangoli Design For Small Occasions

This is what one calls an abstract art. A great masterpiece of work, this rangoli design is just perfect for small occasions. One can use colors as well as flower petals to fill up the design. here the rangoli design is very simple but it is difficult to make grand like above shown picture.

31. Simple Diya Rangoli Design With Different Colors:

Simple Diya Rangoli Design With Different Colors

This is simple yet unparalleled rangoli can be perfectly done even by a beginner. It is mainly based on geometrical patterns and the contrasting colors as well as the diyas have made it an attention-grabber. No other rangoli pattern is simple like this simple rangoli design.

32. Fish Pattern Rangoli Design:

Fish Pattern Rangoli Design

If you are bored of those circles and flowers and peacocks, this one is the right choice for you. It is basically a square-shaped design with four fish patterns. The entire concept is wonderful and the vibrant colors have made it even more eye-catching.

33. Lotus Rangoli Designs For Pooja:

Lotus Rangoli Designs For Pooja

Looking for a good rangoli design to make during pujas and other religious occasions? Go for this one. Being a decent art featuring various shapes and patterns, it will certainly make your festive days blissful. Big and bright pink lotuses are a big plus of this rangoli.

34. Latest Rangoli Designs For Every Occasion:

Latest Rangoli Designs For Every Occasion

Well, it is a spiral inside a circle. It is ideal for people who are searching for a beautiful rangoli design that would match the mood and spirit of all festivals. Just change the colors each time you create it and you are ready with a fresh and new rangoli on every occasion.

35. Circle Rangoli Designs With Different Colors:

Circle Rangoli Designs With Different Colors

It is very colorful easy rangoli design with circular patterns. What about these large circles of different colors? There is no need to express that it is one of the most startling rangoli designs that one can ever see around. Your guests will simply get amazed by the dazzling colors of the art.

36.  Easy ‘ Om ‘ Rangoli Designs:

Easy ' Om ' Rangoli Designs

This rangoli has an absolutely unique shape and astonishing design. As you can see, there is ‘Om’ at the center and very detailed artwork created around it in a semi-circular way. The choice of white in a contrast with the prominent blue, red and green is really noticeable.

37. Diyas Rangoli Designs For Wedding:

Diyas Rangoli Designs For Wedding

Be it a wedding or a religious event, this rangoli is enough to set a magical mood every time. The design is very simple, but the bold shades have turned it into an exceptional one. The ‘Panchpradip’ at the center and the diyas around the circle are other specialties of the design.

38. Flower And Diya’s Rangoli Design:

Flower And Diya's Rangoli Design

This is very simple rangoli design for beginners with diyas. This is a great combination of colors and flowers, which has given this rangoli a magnificent look. There is no need of much skills or expertise. But the way the roses are used throughout the design is truly commendable. The diyas have enhanced the beauty of the design to a great extent.

39. Border Rangoli Designs With Different Colors:

Border Rangoli Designs With Different Colors

People having quite a few years of experience in making rangolis can give it a shot. The vastness as well as the design of the rangoli is undoubtedly extraordinary. The colors have been merged in a wonderful way and the white border has given the entire creation a compact look.

40. Rangoli Patterns With Different Shades:

Rangoli Patterns With Different Shades

This rangoli design is simple but not the least, this is incredible one with impressive colors. If you wish, you can fill the patterns with different shades and add a personal touch to it with your own creativity. This is one of the very simple rangoli designs with attractive colors. You can also make your celebration with this more brightful.

41. Simple Rangoli Design With Everyday Buds:

Simple Rangoli Design With Everyday Buds

This is one of the very simple yet very beautiful rangoli patterns and thus can be drawn regularly. It is not very big and so it can be made in any part of the house be it in the corner or in front of entrance it is sure to look beautiful. The combination of the colorful flowers along with traditional patterns makes it look even more beautiful. The use of so many colors in this design makes it look extremely bright and so this design can be used during any festival without a second thought. You can just decorate parts of the design with diyas and your work will be done!

42. Musical Peacock Rangoli:

Musical Peacock Rangoli

One of the most simple rangoli patterns yet looks so creative and rich, this is the picture of a musical peacock. The look of this rangoli is even more interesting than its name. Here the name musical peacock is given because the body of the peacock is made of musical instruments here unlike the normal peacocks. The best way to cover up the body is by using a pair of big instruments and what can be better than a pair of tablas. This is also a smart way of expressing the fact that music is something which sounds pious in any form and so is this Rangoli suitable absolutely for any occasion.

43. Simply Beautiful Band Rangoli:

Simply Beautiful Band Rangoli

When you have to make a rangoli at home everyday like there is a ritual in many families, it is obvious that you may run out of ideas. Secondly no one has the time to make elaborate and rich festive rangolis everyday since those needs a lot of efforts. A band rangoli such as this is a great idea of easy rangoli designs which you can use at any time and it is sure that it will never fail to impress people. You can extend the band by making flowers in alternate corners of the flowers again and then extend the outer portions with other different designs and lines and curves.

44. Diagonal Peacock Pattern:

Diagonal Peacock Pattern

When we are talking here about beautiful rangoli designs there can be nothing better than this gorgeous peacock. This looks very difficult but if you feel you are at an okay level of rangoli making you are sure to succeed in this. The trick here is to merge properly the color shades and create the same effect as in the image. This is one rangoli which will best suit the corners of the house which are empty and yet visible all the time. You can also decorate this rangoli with lots of glitter colors and white linings to give it a brighter and a more prominent look.

45. Abstract Ganesha Rangoli:

Abstract Ganesha Rangoli

People are becoming more and more conscious with the decorations of their houses now and also following a lot of traditions because being a little traditional is now the new cool. Traditional rangolis are also a style statement for the house now. The only difference is that these are done in a different and more creative way now. For example this cute Ganesha Rangoli is a traditional rangoli idea but the way it is done looks so modern and creative. That is how the ideas have evolved and so have the times but the base of everything remains the same of course!

46. Simple Welcome Rangoli Designs:

Simple Welcome Rangoli Designs

This is one of the typical rangoli design images which are meant for the entrance area of the house. These are welcome Rangolis in the sense that these are small and pretty and are suitable just in front of the house and the words ‘WELCOME’ are also written with the same rangoli colors over here. It is better if you do not decorate or make this rangoli with flower petals which is also possible because colors are more permanent as compared to flower petals and you can thus make the rangoli and let it be for a few days after that too. This is very easy to make and looks very beautiful and bright as well.

47. Very Easy Geometric Rangoli:

Very Easy Geometric Rangoli

There are several types of rangolis and this is one of those which have now become quite high on the charts. The name is such because the borders or the basic frame is always in some geometric pattern especially squares and rectangle or diamond shape. Even inside the main frame the designs made are almost geometric but the good part is that you can make them look really, really smart. Such as in this design, they have made a simple rangoli design and used a lot of flower petals inside it. The diyas used for decorations are easily available and make the place look so much better.

48. Simple Diya Rangoli:

Simple Diya Rangoli

We have seen in most of the rangoli patterns especially in the festive ones that they are decorated with small and big diyas to illuminate the designs and make them brighter. Here in this photo we are taking the diya one step higher and making it the base of the rangoli design. Here in this rangoli, we are drawing a big diya as the base of the rangoli and filling it with a variety of colors and lots of patterns. The borderline of the rangoli is then decorated with very small diyas and made brighter with. Very stylish and very creative!

49. Krishna Rangoli Art:

Krishna Rangoli Art

Why only turn towards simple rangoli designs made with flowers and peacocks where there can be much more than that. It is a fact that when it comes to rangolis, Lord Ganesha is the most used faced but we have now come up with a great idea of Lord Krishna to be the face of the rangoli. The innocence of child Krishna makes this rangoli come up to life and the use of bright colors look very, very beautiful. It is a simple sketch which you have to elaborate into a rangoli and that’s it!

50. Landscape Rangoli Pattern:

Landscape Rangoli Pattern

There is no need to stick to only occasions if making rangolis is your passion. It is also not necessary to draw peacocks and flowers as rangoli patterns every time when you can make other free- hand designs easily. For example in this picture, the frame is simple and drawn with a white highlight color and then a pretty landscape is drawn inside which is probably a village scene. These are the landscapes which village people draw on their walls because they do not have paints and other decorations. These are also very creative.

51. Rangoli with Sand:

Rangoli with Sand

Here is a beautiful rangoli made from sand and stones. The beauty of the rangoli is shown with the dull grey shades of the sand and sand given a color and dried. Stones are used to give effects to the rangoli. There is a new form of art these days made from sand called the sand art. Here talking about rangoli this is a perfect example of sand rangoli.

52. Rangoli on Water:

Rangoli on Water

Here we see is a rangoli made on water. It is very easy to make a rangoli on water with actual rangoli powder colors. The process is like this- we take water in the vessel where you want to make the rangoli. Then spread few drops, or a spoon full of oil in the vessel, which creates a layer of oil above water. And when you spread powder rangoli colors in the vessel to make a design it will stick on the layer of oil instead of mixing with the water. It is a unique way of making rangoli.

53. Durga Rangoli Designs:

Durga Rangoli Designs

The festival of Navratri and dussehra is always welcomed with the prayers and worship of Maa Durga. Here is a beautiful rangoli made with the idol of Durga with rangoli colors. The rangoli is highlighted with circular dots of a pile of rangoli colors.

54. Rangoli with Grains:

Rangoli with Grains

When you are in an art effect, you don’t need material. Here is a rangoli made with edible grains. Nature has given us so many colors that we don’t need to make our own. Here rangoli is made with the different grains that are different in colors. There are green peas, rajma, wheat, rice,green grams, black greens, cheak peas, split peas, alubia etc. you can use any grains that bring a different color to the rangoli.

55. Rangoli with Colored Rice:

Rangoli with Colored Rice

Here is a beautiful colorful rangoli made from rice grains. The rice grains are first processed under colors and then dried. Then used to make a beautiful design. You can color the rice grain with food colors also and also artificial colors.

56. Rangoli Made with Old Newspaper:

Rangoli Made with Old Newspaper

Here the rangoli is made with old newspapers rolled and stuck to make round rings to enhance the design of the rangoli. The rangoli is made with rangoli colors and the rings made from newspaper. This beautiful design is made with geometric shapes that make it more attractive.

57. Rangoli with Clay:

Rangoli with Clay

Here is a clay dough rangoli. A beautiful and creative rangoli that is even time consuming. As there are clay motives that are shaped and then designed and set in a way that makes a beautiful rangoli design. We get fevicryl children dough that you can shape it in any way as many times u want. This awesome rangoli can easily be made even by children.

58. Rangoli with Fruits:

Rangoli with Fruits

Here is a rangoli offered to lord Krishna that is made out of fresh fruits. You can see fresh fruits are used to make a peacock. We can see bananas, pineapples, apples, oranges, pomegranates, plums, pears and many more fruits that are arranged and made a rangoli of fruits.

59. Rangoli with Vegetables:

Rangoli with Vegetables

Here again is a beautiful as well as a colorful rangoli made from fresh vegetables. The colors of the vegetables are making the rangoli look so bright. Vegetables are arranged in a way that their colors form a design. We can see bringles, capsicums, bell peppers, green chilies etc to make a vegetable rangoli.

60. Rangoli with Sawdust:

Rangoli with Sawdust

To make a rangoli with saw dust, we first have to color the saw dust and then let it to dry. Here we can see a beautiful rangoli made with sawdust. And decorated with a lotus in the center. A rangoli from sawdust was made even in early time. Then the saw dust was placed with powders colors.

61. Rangoli with Stencils:

Rangoli with Stencils

We get stencils to make beautiful designs. Here we can see a rangoli made from a stencil. Stencils are also available at shops, and we can also make them ourselves by cuts on a paper. we get many designs in the stencils. People who are bad at making designs can easily make awesome rangoli using stencils.

62. Rangoli with Floating Flowers:

Rangoli with Floating Flowers

Here are petals of flowers that are used to make a colorful rangoli. A floating rangoli with water and flower petals is easy to make. With few steps to follow and we get a beautiful floating rangoli. We take water in a vessel and slowly arrange petal from the border and gradually reach the center of the rangoli design.

63. Cartoon Rangoli:

Cartoon Rangoli

Children love cartoons. And when we make a rangoli with cartoon characters. Children will not move far from the rangoli. Here we can see a chhota bheem rangoli with all the other characters in the cartoon. People make cartoon rangoli specially to entertain children. You can see such rangoli in play houses or kinder garden. And preschool, and nursery schools. Teachers can take help of students and combinable make beautiful cartoon rangolis and make them learn names of colors and also help them learn drawing.

64. Portrait Rangoli:

Portrait Rangoli

A beautiful rangoli with a portrait of lord Krishna and radhaji made with rangoli colors. Such rangoli can be made by experts in rangoli art. We can choose to make a portrait rangoli when participating in competitions. It can take a lot of time accuracy and patience. The beauty of the rangoli cannot be then neglected. People make their favorite idols, god and goddesses, famous celebrities too. The more you are good with protraiting the more beautiful your rangoli will be.

65. Rangoli on OHP Sheet:

Rangoli on OHP Sheet

This is very handy technique to make a rangoli and place it anywhere in our house. Here the artist has taken an OHP sheet whereon he has made s design and colored it with glass paints. You can then pace the sheet anywhere in the house and place on the floor. You can also decorate with any other material other than glass paints to make a rangoli on OHP sheet. You can glue decorative material to the sheet and make a beautiful rangoli.

66. Peacock in its Feather Rangoli:

Peacock in its Feather Rangoli

In Hinduism peacock symbolises good luck and compassion whereas its feather also symbolizes something that is beauty and integrity. Peacock cannot be kept at home but its art can be made in our home to bring good fortune. Rangolis are made at special occasions and festivals and this peacock in its feather rangoli is a very easy rangoli design. Making it on the doorstep or at the centre of entrance hall will enhance the beauty of house. The peacock in its feather shows that even peacock likes to be with sown beauty and loving oneself is the best thing. This rangoli will motivate your demotivated friends and relatives who struggling in life.

67. Pearls and Stones Rangoli:

Pearls and Stones Rangoli

Rangolis make are house look beautiful and we look for more beautiful rangoli designs that appear more appealing. Colours do not radiate but if you want vibrant rangoli then this rangoli pattern will be liked by you. It has no powder colours instead pearls and coloured stones are used to make it. Each stones are used to make particular design and in the middle a beautiful diya is placed. It is a very simple rangoli design for home where you don’t even have to waste time in filling colours. You just have to place the stones and pearls properly after making the layout. It is a very different type of rangoli which is perfect for Diwali.

68. Swirl Rangoli:

Swirl Rangoli

We think that easy rangoli designs do not look good because we want something very complicated with more colours but at last it ends with awful design. Beginners at once cannot make a perfect rangoli, it takes time. There are some simple rangoli designs for beginners from which they can start. This swirl design is easy and can be made without any errors. There are no such complicated designs anywhere which poses problems for learners. In this rangoli only few colours are used but it is very appealing. It has simple concentric semicircles which move in swirls.

69. Butterfly Rangoli:

Butterfly Rangoli

There are many types of rangoli which are made at our entrance door and the designs made matches with our traditions and kids are not all interested in making rangolis. In today’s generation kids like to spend more time on cell phones and computers and leave our tradition behind. To get them interested in your tradition do that things which they want. Get them involve by making simple rangoli patterns of butterfly and flowers. They will love to make this rangoli and will even learn. This rangoli has different types of colourful butterflies with beautiful flowers which make a perfect natural scene. You can make this rangoli in your kid’s room or balcony.

70. Innovative Rangoli:

Innovative Rangoli

Enough of using powdered colours for making rangoli, they are in use from too long. You can try something new which is very different from others. Though there are lots of rangoli designs images but this image is one of its kind. It has used flowers to make rangoli not flowers petals which is very common. Choosing the right type of flower and placing them in correct position makes this rangoli. In this particular rangoli white flowers of different plants and an orange flower placed in the middle is used to make rangoli. This type of rangoli is hardly seen anyone else house and you can be the first one to make it in your home.

71. Teddy Rangoli:


For teddy lovers it will be the best rangoli for them. If you have got too bored of making that geometrical shapes in your rangoli then try this teddy rangoli. You can even make them for your kids. This rangoli has two teddies with an umbrella giving the rangoli a look of painting.

72. 3- D Rangoli:


Till yet you must have been making two dimensional rangolis in festivals and occasions. This festival makes a unique rangoli which is astonishing for others. The three dimensional rangoli made by you will be stare by all. If you have a place which is a little higher than floor then this rangoli can be made. Covering the upper floor with the lower floor will give looks of 3- D rangoli. You can make strings of flowers that can slide on sides as colours cannot stick there. You can do additional decoration by placing diyas on all sides. The flower made at the centre is the real attraction.

73. Yoga Rangoli:


If you are a yoga teacher and want your silent place to look colourful then you can make this rangoli at you’re place and that too with a matching theme. This rangoli has an art of a man doing yoga with beautiful combination of colours making the scene of nature. This rangoli depicts inner peace which every person who exercises yoga wants to achieve.

74. Leaf Rangoli:


Rangolis made of flowers, rice and colours are been made from ages but now you can go for a green revolution. This is an Eco-friendly rangoli where no diyas and colours are needed only the thing needed is leaves. Pluck different kinds of leaves from your gardens and make a beautiful simple rangoli out of it. In this rangoli you don’t even have to spend even a penny.

75. Bangles Rangoli:


We first make borders of rangoli so that later colours can be filled properly. You will be surprised to know that you can directly make the rangoli and that too without any errors by using your old bangles. You can make beautiful designs using your bangles and filling colours in them. You can make it radiant by placing small diyas in between the bangles.

Rangoli is a beautiful form of art where you can make beautiful designs. These are now very common things which are needed for all occasions. There are many people who even choose to make easy and simple rangoli designs on simple occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. The colorful patterns on the flooring make your eye pleased with beauty. When you are a rangoli lover you don’t need colors to show your art. You can make designs with anything you have at home. Here as you saw rangoli made from various materials. Arranged and shaped and spread colors make beautiful rangoli. Grains, spices, vegetables, fruits, clay, pebbles, flowers, petals, sand, sawdust, papers and what not have we seen in above rangolis. Not only small children but elders and all can make these easy rangolis. There are many more designs you can make in rangolis.

First Choose an awesome rangoli design. And make your favorite rangoli this Diwali at home and get lots of appraisals from your guests and family members.You can leave us a comment too.

Rangolis is an art that not only beautifies your house in fact it also enhances your creativity. Rangolis are made with colours, rice, salts and flowers which make them look magnificent. We make them in our house, societies and party lawns on festivals and occasions which enhance the overall beauty of that place. Complex rangoli designs images poses problem for beginners and they end up with untidy rangoli. Simple rangoli designs help them to start-up and reach a higher level in steps.

In this festival if you want your kid to make a simple and beautiful rangoli then look here for simple rangoli designs.

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  1. vidhi

    July 25, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    Lovely wish i could make such beautiful designs some day.. i’ll save this pics and try this designs..thanks for share.!

  2. meena

    August 24, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    Hey great post! Very colorful designs. They are fun and innovative.I am a beginner but these designs are very brilliant, want to try them!

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