Rangoli making is a popular art form of India. Beautiful patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, colored sand or flower petals, especially during festivals like Holi, Diwali and other Indian festivals. They are meant to be sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities. Designs are usually passed from one generation to the next, keeping the art form and tradition alive.

Here are some of the floor rangoli designs. Rangoli gives and artistic feel to the place and makes it look stunning. It is one of the best ideas to decorate homes, at a minimal expenditure. Rangoli is surely a tradition in many households, where it is drawn every day. In the rest, it may be just a festive affair, which comes tagged along with Diwali and some other festivals. Rangoli is a welcome for prosperity and peace in the house.

Simple and Easy Indian Floor Rangoli Designs:

1. This Ganesha rangoli floor design is best for Indian festivals like Diwali, when Ganesha is worshiped with full devotion. It is traditional keeping with religious sentiments of most of our festivals. The bright colors liven up the energy that a festival brings. What better that the lord at your entrance. But take care that it is made at a safe place.

2. This one is an artistic pattern based more on the floral side. It is beautifully designed with the bright hues bringing it alive. This pattern is also suitable for family functions like a family puja. Flowers fuel in life into the aesthetic touch of the floor rangoli designs.

3. This beautiful floor rangoli design is the depiction of a peacock. The diya at the top signifies the importance of Diwali, festival of lights. It is colorful and bright. Peacocks and flowers both have a happy air about them and look really refreshing and welcoming. Diya is an indicator of light warding away the darkness and any bad.

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4. This floral Diwali rangoli has yellow as its base and lights as its theme. It is simple yet elegant. Yellow is the color of prosperity and has been used elegantly in this rangoli design for floor. It looks warm and welcoming.

5. This rangoli immortalizes the ever so beautiful peacock Rangoli with an artistic touch. It has a vibrant color scheme. This floor rangoli design is best to win competitions and appreciation.

6. This is geometrically floral based rangoli on floor. Its elegant pattern and vibrant colors are a visual treat. This modern rangoli design hints towards modernization seeping into the Indian tradition as even the basic cultural roots (like rangoli making) have been stained in its vibrant hues.

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7. This stunning representation of a peacock is a sure winner for all competitions on rangoli. It can brighten up a festival and give a charming look to your home.

8. This one is for the symmetry lover. This geometrical pattern gives a nice and elegant look to any floor. Symmetry provides balance which also indicates the maintenance of balance in real life.

9. This floor decoration rangoli based on red and yellow is an absolute beauty. It simplicity spreads a calm. The diyas bring alive the beautiful pattern.

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Those were some of the popular floor rangoli designs for diwali. Rangolis are an integral part of festivals in Indian homes. The colors and lights signify what festivals are for. The traditional art form is unique to our culture. These beautiful designs can only spread happiness and bring prosperity during the festive mood. Additionally, they may also be chosen on some other special occasions.


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