Ganesh or Ganpathi is one of the most revered gods among Hindus all over, with the grand festival of Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaviti celebrated with much fervour, especially in the Indian state of Maharashtra. During this festive season, Rangolis features the elephant-headed god with his human-shaped body, rounded belly and large trunk in different styles and poses. The many pictorial representations of Lord Ganesh have various symbolic connotations to which most Ganpati rangoli designs owe their inspiration.  From the vast number of methods available, we bring you our best.

Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaviti Rangoli Designs 2023:

1. Lord Ganapati Blessings Rangoli:

This rangoli is a vibrant picturization of Lord Ganesha in his usual posture, with one hand giving his blessings and the other holding his favourite sweet modal. The bright colour combination of red, blue, yellow and orange is a superb choice giving this rangoli design an animated look and feel.

2. Beautiful Ganpati Rangoli:

This vibrant Ganpati rangoli will quickly fetch the attention of kids. The design is very adorable, and the colours are very charming.

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3. Free Hand Vinayaka Muggulu:

This freehand Muggu (rangoli) of Lord Ganesha is quite simply done yet looks attractive with the golden shade of yellow design work encircling the midsection. The rangoli depicts what the elephant-headed god loves the best, his favourite sweet dish. As you can see, his left hand is overflowing with modals while the circular pattern encircling him is punctuated with the same.

4. Simple Ganesha Rangoli (Rangavalli):

Simple in design with turquoise-coloured circular patterns, the white Lord Ganesha’s face is brought to the fore in this rangoli. The lit conch shell-shaped add their glowing touch making this rangoli pretty and meaningful.

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5. Latest Vinayagar Rangoli:

The outlined image of Ganapati with his rounded figure, small trunk and beady eyes looks unique amidst the extravagance of this rangoli. Bursting with rainbow colours and white ornamental design work, this rangoli is beauty if not a masterpiece.

6. Rangoli Using Flower Petals:

Rangolis made from flower petals have gained popularity and look magnificent on any occasion. The weave of different coloured flower petals used for the base, flower and Ganesh in this rangoli is artistic in design and extravagant in its carpeted look.

7. Rangoli with Darker Shades:

This rangoli perfectly represents the Hindu god, whose head is an elephant shape. The use of yellow and pink is a vibrant colour choice that breathes life into the rangoli, while the darker shades of green and red used for the headdress make it all the more outstanding.

8. Awesome Lord Ganesh Rangoli:

Extremely ornate in design, this rangoli is a stunning piece of work with the creation of Lord Ganesh in the midsection designed to have a sculpted look. The brick red colour of Ganpati contrasts nicely with the green background that looks even more resplendent against the backdrop of marigold flower petals. The white detailing done in and around the flower itself takes this simple rangoli design to another level with its motif and lacework texture.

9. Lord Ganpati Bappa Rangoli Design:

Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular themes in rangoli designs, and this creation depicts that. You have to acquire immense drawing expertise to create such magnificent art.

10. Simple Ganesh Ji Rangoli Design For Festive Season:

While the previous design was made using a bright blue colour, the use of shade has been limited to earthly brown, orange and mustard yellow in this one. The rangoli is quite simple yet very much compatible with the festive season.

11. Wonderful Ganesha Rangoli Designs:

This rangoli is quite different from others as it uses a variety of decorative items apart from flower petals, coloured powder, betel leaves (paan) and Diyas. However, the centre of attraction is the beautiful design of Ganesha, and it is perfect for making during the Ganpati festival.

12. Diyas Surrounding The Rangoli:

This Indian rangoli art is an archetype representation of Lord Ganesh done in contrasting colours of green and black to give it a shadowy effect. The most prominent feature is his long trunk curved towards the right, which represents masculinity and symbolizes the hot, fiery sun.  A touch of golden yellow is used for the crown on his head to denote his sovereignty. The Diyas surrounding the rangoli add to the overall effect.

13. Unique Pillayar Kolam:

Here is another unique Ganesha rangoli for you. Unlike traditional rangoli designs, it does not include a complete figure of Lord Ganesha, but the way it has been drawn is brilliant. It is very simple and easy to create.

14. Beautiful Ganapati Kolam Rangoli:

Try this beautiful rangoli if you want to turn the floor of your boring living room into a striking one. The outstanding design of Ganapati created by flower petals would change the atmosphere instantly.

15. Pretty Ganesh Rangoli Pattern:

It is also an exclusive rangoli in which Lord Ganesha is seen in a different look. A few exciting colours have been used on the floor to create this pretty design.

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16. Awesome Vinayagar Rangoli With Blend Of Colours:

The best thing about this rangoli is the excellent blend of colours. It features only the face of Ganapati, and the rest of the design is also very uncomplicated.


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