Colourful powder sketched on every house entrance is an eye catchy decoration seen not just for a special occasion but also as a daily decoration. To make things easy for ladies at home in this fast world, it is simple and fast to sketch rangoli using prefabricated acrylic patchwork acrylic rangoli?? That sound definitely interesting, this article points out top 9 Acrylic rangoli designs with images.

The Latest Acrylic Rangoli Designs in 2022:

Get this top 9 latest acrylic rangoli designs which you will surely try once,

1. Acrylic Dolphin Rangoli:

Dolphin designs are simple and easy to decorate. The dolphins are dark blue in colour, but to make things interesting the rangoli design with dolphin patchwork is available in different colours and size. If you have a Bungalow then this design will give you a classic look on white-coloured outdoor tiles.

2. Home-made Acrylic Rangoli:

For ladies who like the Concept of “Do it yourself” or thinking of how to make acrylic rangoli at home, this rangoli patch-work with the latest rangoli design is definitely an interesting work to do. The colour can be decided as per individual choice and interest.

3. Swastik Rangoli Design:

Swastik symbol signifies good luck and good health, Indians draw Swastik symbol in front of their doors. But to make things easier, this new acrylic rangoli design with swastik design is used which can be stuck on the floor too.

4. Diya Rangoli Design:

It is an interesting design which all ladies at home plan in prior. To make one’s home more colourful and attractive, this Diya shaped acrylic patches are used in decorating house entrance. This is the best idea to decorate floor on any Indian festival, this gives positive energy while you enter in your house.

5. Human Print Rangoli:

For those artistic people who spend hours in replicating human being shape and also sketching colourful dresses is definitely a strenuous work. For them, this material is the best option which has a prefabricated human print with colourful dress.

6. Floating Ring Rangoli:

Acrylic floating rangoli is the next option as a Diwali rangoli design. The rangoli raw material pattern comes in a circular shape with attractive stones. The centre of this colourful stone-decorated acrylic rangoli comes with a small circular candle or an LED lamp.

7. Petal-Shaped Rangoli:

Floral designs are the most interesting and colourful rangoli designs, to make things simpler ladies can paint their house front with petal-shaped acrylic rangoli decoration which is definitely an attractive design. It looks a little tough but this one will always be a good design choice.

8. Peacock Rangoli:

Peacock is the Indian national bird, which is certainly an attractive and beautiful bird. Colourful peacock acrylic rangoli pattern could be one of the best ways to highlight Indian national bird and bring in grace to one’s house.

9. Kundan Rangoli:

Kundan stone has caught the eyes of all ladies due to its less shiny outlook as well as its rich look. Ladies who like to create their own new rangoli design, then Kundan stone rangoli could be the best design.

For ladies, this prefabricated acrylic rangoli design brings in a bright smile to their face since this patchwork design is simple and easy to decorate one’s house. The time is taken to design this relatively less which makes this acrylic rangoli design the best!


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