Rangoli designs on water is an extremely creative idea. It not only adds a new touch to the age old technique but also makes it look spectacular. This idea is now being adopted by families who don’t have much time in hand for decorations. They try to keep it simple yet elegant and eye-catching. They look for easy methods which do not consume much of their time and gives better results. This kind of rangoli does not even create much dirt and are also easy to clean up. They also do not occupy space on the floor. It can be easily assembles on a pot of water. One may further use creative ideas to make it colorful and good.

Amazing Rangoli Designs On Water With Photos:

Following are the most famous rangoli designs on water with pictures, for your festivals that are very suitable in living rooms and veranda.

1. Floral Floating Rangoli Designs In Water:

Small flowers or flower petals can be used to create a huge flower on the whole. This can be a little complicated but the end resulted is worth the time consumed. The intricate details of this rangoli can make it look gorgeous. A contrast color in the background will highlight the main design even more. A thin border in the edge will complete the look of the rangoli.

2. Candle And Rose Petals In Water:

Small floating candles can also be placed in the water. This makes the rangoli look bright and also beautiful. Few rose petals surrounding the candles can make it look even better. A vessel being placed on a stand as shown above highlights the entire rangoli and hardly consumes time. A few diyas it small candles on the floor can also be used to add more light to the rangoli. This type of water rangoli designs with diyas are perfectly suited for Diwali festival.

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3. Colorful Flower Rangoli In Water:

The rangoli design on water given above is a little complex but gives a great effect. It doesn’t create dirt and is also easy to clean it up. Fresh flowers are easily available and also look very good. One can use different kinds of coloured petals to make the rangoli. This kind of rangoli gives a very fresh look and pleases the eyes.

4. Leaves Rangoli In Water:

The materials required for this rangoli are available everywhere. One just needs to get leaves and colored rangoli powder. The main design is made by using fresh leaves. To cover the background, rangoli powder or colored rice can be used. Different types of leaves can also be used to get beautiful look. It looks best when a designer pot or vessel is used.

5. Circular Shaped Flower Rangoli In Water:

Flower petals can be used create a circular patterned rangoli design. The vessel used can be a flower pot filled with water. One whole flower can be used in the center and the rest of the surface can be filled with different kinds of petals and create a pattern. Leaves can also be used to add color to this rangoli. This kind of rangoli gives a very organic look and will look best in the garden.

6. Flower Rangoli In Water:

This kind of rangoli looks simple and is also pretty easy. One just needs to put flowers in a vessel full of water. To add more colour to it, the person can also do decoration on the floor. This will make the vessel look more prominent and will add a creative touch to it. However, one has to make sure to not use much of rangoli powder on the floor as it will over power the main rangoli.

7. Glitter Rangoli In Water:

This kind of rangoli is the best for festive season. It makes the pattern look jazzy and colorful if you follow some simple techniques. Glitter powder is used to create the pattern on water. One has to be patient while working with glitter powder. Candles can also be used to decorate the rangoli. Bright colors and correct design can make this kind of rangoli look spectacular. However, one must not expect it to be very neat as glitter powder tends spread easily on water surface.

8. Artificial Flower Rangoli Designs On Water:

Rangolis can also be made by using artificial flowers. This is the easiest way to make rangolis. One just has to select artificial flowers and arrange it a circular vessel. This looks designer and is a great way to decorate homes. Light and colored stones can also be placed on the flowers to make it look more attractive. Small lights can also be used.

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9. Lotus Rangoli In Water:

An artificial or real rangoli can be placed in the center of the pot and the background can be covered by a single colored petals. This water rangoli design looks elegant and classy. This pattern is also an easy way out. The floor can also be decorated by using diyas or floating rangolis which are the ready made rangolis. Instead of lotus one can also use any other kind of flower as the center piece. This rangoli on water looks best in small pots.

10. Rangoli Powder Design on Plate:

This is one of the easiest methods of making a beautiful decor design in few minutes with help of oil. To do this a normal steel plate size according to personal choice and a designed hole plate which can be of any floral design or any God Image. The color powder is dispensed onto the plate and the designed is formed on the oil greased plate. Then water is poured on to it. The water floats on top the powder and forms an amazing outlook.

11. Carved Vegetable Rangoli on Water:

Vegetable carving demand among people has increased. Nowadays this kind of artwork is not only seen during marriage but also at home during the festive season. Vegetable carving can also be used as Rangoli design work by placing the carved vegetable on the water and decorating along with colored pebbles or small round candles floating along which highlights the carved vegetables.

12. Palm Leaf with Flowers Rangoli Design:

Floral arrangement done on palm leaf which floats on the water on a huge copper bowl is an eye catchy moment to look at. This brings the traditional way of using palm leaf in any festive occasion and showcasing it as a decorative material.

13. Spiral Floating Floral Arrangement on Water:

In this type of design, the Petals of various colored flowers are used and arranged on top of green grass as a base which helps to arrange the petals in spiral fashion which floats on the large bowl of water. This kind of decoration can be used as a welcome note for Guest who are coming for a visit or during the festive season.

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14. Bead Work Rangoli Floating On Water:

In this type of decoration, a glass bowl or a glass jar is used and it is filled with water and colorful beads of various size are put inside the water. To give it a more soothing effect during evening dinner party or festival candles are placed inside this set up which gives a subtle colorful environment. This type of decoration is mostly used during Christmas and New Year season.

15. Floating Diya Holder with Spoon Rangoli Design:

Rangoli decoration can be done by using flowers, color powder, leaves but they can also be made by using a  plastic spoon too. To make this decoration a packet of plastic spoons, spray paint and glue are needed and a plastic plate for the base. The spoon tips are cut and these tips are sprayed painted and the color used is of personal choice. These spoon tips are glued according to the once own design needed and in the center a candle is placed. This can be made to float in water. This simple decoration speaks about once own creativity.

16. Floating Diya Holder with Kundan Rangoli Design:

This is one of the  type of candle holder which is made from Kundan stone as the decorating base and in the center a small candle is placed which is then dropped in water which floats. The light of the candle falling on the colorful stones is a blissful moment to look at especially during evening time. This type of decoration can be used for a dinner party or as a decorative piece for any festive season.

Rangoli is definitely a creative way of decorating a house. This can be done not only with flowers but also with other available items at home which can be converted as a decorative piece. These creative work instead of just keeping inside a glass cupboard, displaying it during festive season or a party by using water and bowl to show case the artistic work is very simple as it can get.


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