Peacock is India’s national bird. They look very vibrant and colourful. But they were also made widely in the Rangolis of India. Peacock rangoli designs are very attractive rather than other rangoli patterns. Peacock rangoli patterns give a grand look to your function or occasion. Most people give importance to peacock rangoli design whenever they have a family function or else festivals.

Beautiful Peafowl/Peacock Rangoli Designs with Images:

Here is the list of 30+ best Peacock Rangoli Designs with photos for all types of functions and other festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, and Sankranti.

New Collection – 2023 Update:

Most Loved Peacock Rangoli Designs:

1. Simple Peacock Rangoli Design:

It is an excellent peacock rangoli design. This rangoli has a colourful image of a Peacock with attractive colours of blue and yellow. It is made with a white background to enhance the colour of the peacock. The contrast of the rangoli is nicely-created. There are many detailing rangoli patterns like this peacock picture as well.

2. Peacock Rangoli Kolam Design:

This is also a very colorful rangoli design of peacock. This simply mesmerizes with its first sight of the viewer. This rangoli art is a combination of bold and vibrant colors. The colors included are yellow, pink, green, and blue, which complete the vibrant peacock. The design has minor detailing that needs extra practice and patience to give it such an excellent look. This is a beautiful kolam rangoli design. The border of the red flower enhances the whole view of the rangoli.

3. Peacock Rangoli with Purple Background:

This is again a very beautiful and colorful peacock design that is made as rangoli. The colors are very attractive and bright. The purple background used here makes rangoli look unique and bright. This is not much difficult to try, but the type and the tones of colors used to give it the best look. The contrast of the red border with this purple background is simply amazing and lifts up the whole image.

4. Peacock Rangoli Designs for Diwali:

This peacock rangoli design is too bright and bold. This is just perfect for any festive occasion. You can make this freehand peacock rangoli for any festival like Diwali, Dasara, etc. to get amazing compliments. The use of purple and orange color is mesmerizing. But, the white designs make it look even soberer. This looks quite beautiful with amazing bright colors.

5. Peacock Rangoli Designs For Beginners:

This is a very beautiful and simple rangoli design. This shows amazing and colorful feathers that are bold and vibrant in color. This peacock rangoli design is very easy to make, as it is made with dotted ones. This can be made even by beginners. Just a little practice and you are there to get compliments waiting for your way. It is one of the simple peacock rangoli designs with dots.

6. Attractive Peacock Rangoli:

This is a little different from all of them. This has almost all the colors that we know. The yellow background is just excellent that lifts the whole peacock. This peacock rangoli design includes colors like orange, yellow, royal blue, red, green, pink, and purple. The main attraction is the beautiful feathers that are made only a bit at the corners but are very attractive.

7. Easy And Colorful Rangoli Design:

Not all the peacock rangoli designs are though. This is the simplest and prettiest peacock rangoli. This can even be made by any beginner as well. This design has bright colors, a great border, and good flow. All of these are not at all complex to make. This is also one of the very good patterns of rangoli designs of a peacock.

8. Peacock with Drums Rangoli Design:

This is a unique rangoli design of peacocks. This is made with the all-natural hues of a peacock. It has all vibrant and bold colors to give it a natural look of the peacock. The most depict feature of the rangoli is the ethnic drum made with red and yellow color. This gives a good contrast to each other. This rangoli pattern has a lot of detail. The black border makes it look even more appealing. This is one of the perfect rangoli designs of peacock for competition.

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9. Two Peacocks Facing Each Other:

What a vibrant hue of this peacock rangoli! This pattern is simply very appealing and gorgeous. The colours used in this rangoli are very bright and bold. They are used very strategically to give this an awesome effect. Here in this photo, the two peacocks are facing each other. Here the peacocks are sat down on pink lotus petals.

10. Peacock Rangoli with Theme:

Among the themes of animals and birds, the peacock is the most liked one. Have a look at this compelling creation, and you will understand how much expertise, focus, patience, and devotion are needed for this.

11. Peacock Rangoli With Feathers Out:

Here is another vivacious peacock rangoli design with its feathers out. The way its feathers and tail is designed is really beautiful. The choice of colors is also remarkable.

12. Gorgeous Pair Of Peacock Rangoli Design:

This gorgeous rangoli design shows a pair of peacocks. Deep blue and bright pink colors have made it one-of-its-kind. All other shades are also wisely selected for giving the design an exclusive look. All your festivals like Diwali, Vinayaka Chavithi, and Pongal will make brightful with this type of peacock rangoli art.

13. Blue Colored Peacock Rangoli:

Blue is the color of this captivating peacock rangoli design. The body, the end parts of the feathers, and the background all are shaded with royal blue. If you think that the other colours used here are too dull, go with your own selection.

14. Big Peacock Rangoli Design For Diwali Festival:

This peacock rangoli design is the ultimate for the Diwali celebration. There are two peacocks made around a tub containing flowers as well as floating lighted Diyas. The concept is extraordinary, and the design is mind-blowing. You can try this type of peacock rangoli design for competitions.

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15. Colourful Peacock With Drums Rangoli:

Another marvellous peacock rangoli is here. The idea of the bird is very nice, the shape is drawn beautifully and the colours are chosen prudently. You can make the above rangoli with flowers, either drums or peacocks, which will also be very fine to look at and impressive also.

16. Beginner Peacock Rangoli Designs:

What can be more beautiful than this gorgeous peacock sitting on the branch, when it comes to making peacock rangoli designs? The focus is on each and every feather in the tail of the bird, and you have to be very careful during its creation. In this photo, you can see the flowers at the branch that also make the look more alluring.

17. Floral Peacock Rangoli:

Floral peacock rangoli is made using flower petals along with colors. The natural hues of the flowers provide a very realistic appearance to the rangoli. The fragrance of these flower petals makes for a soothing and refreshing smell as well. Colors are generally used to provide a background to the petals in these rangolis. Sometimes these rangolis are created using only flowers and petals to provide an aesthetic aura to the rangoli. Flowers like marigold rose and jasmine are the most popularly used petals in such rangolis.

18. Rangoli with Multiple Peacocks:

Many rangoli designs use peacocks for bordering, instead of the central design. The peacock drawn in such rangolis are smaller in size and don’t utilize many colors. But, they make the rangoli look much vibrant and elegant. The number of peacocks used in these rangolis depends on the size of the rangoli that is drawn. Though the peacocks may not be the central design, they are still playing a tremendous role in making the rangoli visually remarkable. Generally, the peacocks drawn in these rangolis are identical, but peacocks of different sizes might be used to convey an artist’s point of view.

19. Kundan Motif Peacock Rangoli:

These designs are created on a piece of paper or cardboard. The specialty of these rangoli designs is that they can be reused for multiple occasions. Different peacock designs can be created by using various hues of Kundan stones. The most popular peacock designs use green and blue Kundan stones. These designs are easy to make, and they don’t need any cleaning up later. Using this technique, various peacock designs can be created in different colors, styles, and sizes. Due to the reusability of these designs, they are very popular among people who don’t have time to make rangolis for every festival.

20. Simple Elegant Peacock Rangoli:

There are many ways to design a peacock rangoli. Unlike other complicated designs, peacock designs can be created easily as well as beautifully using two or three different colors. The advantage of these designs is that they don’t consume a lot of time, but still look very pretty on your doorstep. These designs are simple enough to be created by a beginner and still pretty enough to capture the viewer’s attention and imagination. The real trick behind creating one of the simple yet elegant rangoli is to use the correct colors. No matter, how simple the rangoli looks, with the right color scheme it will still look extraordinary and leave you in awe.

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21. Free Hand Peacock Rangoli:

Freehand peacock rangolis are one of the toughest types of rangolis were created. They are created without the help of any instruments, hence the name. While making these rangolis, the artist first chalks out the initial design and then puts the colors according to their requirement. Artists have the freedom to create various designs and shapes. Sometimes these designs might be specific, while at times they can be totally random. Such freehand peacock rangolis gives an artist the freedom to express themselves by creating an impeccable display of colors and designs.

22. Black and White Peacock Rangoli:

This type of rangoli is made on a black marble slab or black cardboard. Such rangoli use only white powder for the design. Due to the black background, the rangoli looks visually appealing. Such rangoli are easy to make and can be created with minimal white powder. These rangolis seldom use one or two different colors to beautify the peacock design further. Some of these rangolis have intricate designs embedded within the peacock. These patterns help in visually enhancing the look of the rangoli. Such rangolis are very popular among all rangoli lovers owing to their simplicity and contrasting designs.

23. Beaded Peacock Rangoli:

These rangolis are created using beads of different sizes and colors. These rangolis might be time-consuming, but it looks visually appealing once created. Colors are used only to provide a background to the design. The beads provide different hues and shades when subjected to different lighting’s, thus making the rangoli more vibrant. These beaded creations are exquisite and help in catching the attention of the viewer. To make the most out of this rangoli, make sure to have suitable lighting to complement its look. Artists may experiment with beads of different sizes to perfect the visual appearance of the rangoli.

24. Symmetrical Peacock Design:

One of the most drawn peacock rangoli is the symmetrical rangolis. Geometry is the basis of creating one of this exquisite rangolis. They are very easy to create as they are mostly drawn with the help of dots and lines. Due to the symmetrical nature of the rangoli, these rangolis are normally small in size and feature at least two peacocks. Though the design is pretty simple, it is the colouring scheme that brings the rangoli to life. By using proper colour combinations, these rangolis can become the highlight of any festivities.

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25. Mural Peacock Rangoli:

Mural peacock rangolis use liquid colors instead of powder colors. Due to this, the rangoli remains undisturbed and elegant even after a long time. These are extremely popular and useful in really windy places. These rangolis use a contrasting tone of colors to catch the viewer’s eye. These are very popular in South India. Once the color dries up, it can only be washed away. They don’t need any cleaning afterwards. It can be created by anyone. The fact that it doesn’t consume much time to make such a rangoli, makes it a very popular type of rangoli for beginners as well as perfectionists.

The above peacock rangoli designs make your festival and function more colorful and alluring. You can also suggest your own peacock rangoli design with us and comment too.

Peacocks are a vibrant species of birds. They are used as a symbol of elegance. They are a metaphor for the vibrant beauty of our festivals. Because of their exquisite colors, peacock designs are a staple among rangoli creators. Peacock rangolis are an integral part of a tradition that has been carried out for years all across the country.

Peacock designs are easy to make for everyone. Make sure to use bright colors to make your rangoli look lively.


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