Rangoli is a wonderful art that adorns most Hindu households. This creation of coloured powder against the backdrop of the floor is what is done by all women in the morning. This is especially significant during festivals. The rangoli can be made from a single colour- normally white, or several attractive colours can be used.

4 Dots Rangoli/Pulli Kolam Designs with Images:

Here we show you how the simplest rangoli is created using 4*4 dots,

1. Bird Design Rangoli:

Here is a popular bird design was done with a rangoli with dots 4 by 4. This rangoli is created by placing 4*4 dots using white powder. The duck made here is joined with the corners of the dots. You can place your border with white powder itself. This can then be filled with any colour you like to create a stunning rangoli. The attractive colours on the 4 dots rangoli make it really stand out.

2. 4 Dots Kolam:

This is a great picture of easy 4 dots Kolam that can be tried for a pooja room or at the entrance of your house. You will surely be blessed with this design. The easy Kolam design is made by a continuous round of white powder applied to the dots. This creates a wonderful image that looks great against a dark or black background. This rangoli does not need any other colours to be added. It is just a black and white image with rangoli 4 dots.

3. 3 D Kolam:

Try out this easy 3D Kolam design that is made with 7 to 4 dots rangoli. This design is such that it gives the impression of a 3D look. The colours used in the design are also bright and beautiful. It is wonderful to see how the 4 dots rangoli design can make your home look lovely. These designs are used mainly for occasions and special ceremonies. Special festivals are the best time to make these stunning rangolis. It is easy to teach kids as well and the colourful rangoli is something they will cherish always.

4. SikkuKolam:

Here are some intricate, small and simple designs that you can do on a 4 dots pullikolam. The design is pretty easy to create and helps you to make some stunning effects. You can leave the rangoli with just one colour or you can add multiple colours. The 4 to 4 dots rangoli is a beginner’s design that is easy for anyone to try. This rangoli creates some very good curves that can be added to the entrance of your home or in your pooja room. Try out the designs that are shown in this picture.

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5. Flower Rangoli:

One of the most common rangoli designs is flower patterns. The flower rangoli is very pretty and can be made using many different flower shapes. The most basic of flowers that can be made with the rangoli with 4 dots is the four-leaf clover. This is then added with leaves and other design elements to make the complete rangoli. Join the dots to form the flower and the leaves. Colour the flower petals and the bud according to your choice. You can add tear-drop shapes or diamond shapes to the rangoli as well.

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Rangoli is a precious design form that is used by Hindu houses for the entrance. This creates a colourful pattern that can be done by anyone. The 4 dot rangoli is the simplest of them all. You can create a 4*4 dot kolam or a 7*4 dot rangoli with single colour or multiple colours.


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