Rangoli add the colour to your festive decorations. Almost every Indian house sports these artful paintings, greeting you as you enter it. Though they look amazing, rangolis aren’t that easy to make. They require patience and a very steady hand. Not to mention a good taste of colours and designs. These designs can vary from abstract to images of deities to any other drawings including cartoons! While most rangolis use a large amount of colour sometimes people choose to make them out of a single colour like white or red. Black is used more rarely, since rangolis are used to mark the gaiety of festivals and black is the least auspicious of all colours! Here is a list of the fifteen best colourful rangoli designs.

Top Colourful Rangoli Designs:

1. Flower Rangoli:

While most rangolis make use of coloured powders rangolis can also be made from flower petals. Shredded petals of varying colours are used. The designs can be abstract or geometric. They include concentric circles of different colours with a symbol at the very centre and the above rangoli design with flowers looks beautiful with lamps.

2. Rangoli With Rice, Pulses Etc:

Again, instead of flowers you can make use of the varying coloured food items like rice, pulses, spices etc. the designs mostly include geometric patterns with concentric circles ant the typical Hindu ‘satya’.

3. Rangoli Designs With Diyas:

Rangolis are most popular during the Indian festival of lights also known as Diwali. One of the major traditions of this festival is to light oiled ‘diyas’ and candles, hence the name festival of lights. So many of the Rangoli designs include images of diyas within them. Other geometric shapes like circles, triangles and squares also feature in these designs. All different kinds of colours generally play their roles too!

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4. Rangoli Design With Idol Image:

The most primary god that has been depicted by many an abstract design is Lord Ganesha. Many rangoli designs with his image as the central pattern are made all over the country. These images can be simple outlines in white or complete coloured pictures. Use your discretion to make your choice.

5. Rangoli Designs with Flowers and Burning Diyas:

Lighted diyas or fairy lights add more charm to these colorful rangolis. So get a bag of beautifully colored flowers and arrange them in nice patterns with diyas along the borders.

6. Vibrant Rangoli Designs:

Rangoli designs with bright vibrant colors are amazing to look at. Even the simple patterns when made with precision presents an excellent sight. So there is no need to choose complicated designs. Assess your ability and choose a pattern that you’ll be able to do justice to.

7. Holi Rangoli Designs:

Holi is the name for the Indian festival of colors. This festival is so-called because on this day everyone gets together and play Holi i.e., they play with colors by smearing them on one another. Holi Rangoli designs include props like small pots and jars with holi colors within them. These rangolis can be made from flowers or coloured Rangoli powders, either way, they look beautiful.

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8. Rangoli Designs With Dancing Figurines:

Images of dancing girls and women are more complicated and require more skill. However, their complicated nature is what gains them more praise. Though these designs look excellent choice to make one of them only if you’re absolutely sure that you’ll be able to follow through with your plan.

9. Corner Rangoli Designs:

Corner Rangoli designs generally include quarters of circles rather than the whole thing. They’re made in the corners and hence the entire circle can’t be fitted in. With the same geometrical shapes and abstract patterns they look as pretty as ever.

10. Free Hand Colorful Floral Design Rangoli:

A Rangoli without various colors looks fade. Colors make rangolis vibrant and attractive. A floral design with white borders and shades makes the rangoli outstanding. Straight lines on the designs bring a different look to the design of a colorful rangoli. A simple shape like circles and so flawless patterns connected from them combines and makes a pattern. A colorful shade in such shapes becomes the center of attraction on the floor.

11. Half Circle Colorful Rangoli:

Half rangolis by the wall is always attractive in its own special ways. The semicircular pattern remains incomplete but rather brings an effective style that makes people reach toward it to have a glance on it. A colorful rangoli design on the wall side not only enlightens the floor decoration but also attracts the decoration on the wall above it.

12. Colourful Maa Durga Rangoli:

Maa Durga the goddess of power is mostly adorned during the days of Navratri and dushera in India. During these days a Colorful rangoli on Maa Durga brings vibrant feeling to all the people around the image. A rangoli with the colorful pattern on Maa Durga’s image can be made using symbols of Diya, flowers and jewellery on her.

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13. Beautiful Colorful Butterfly Rangoli:

Butterflies are beautiful creatures of Mother Nature on which God has blessed beautiful colors that blow out minds with their beauty. When such beautiful and colorful butterflies are brought onto the floor, colors of rangoli blossoms the floor with the flattery butterflies. Flowers combines with the butterflies enhances the cute butterfly cartons more attractive. Children can easily participate in making such a colorful butterfly rangoli designs as it is easy as well as fun making it.

14. Awesome Peacock Pond Colorful Rangoli:

Peacock considered as a colorful bird all around the world is a must when we mention about colors and rangoli. A colorful rangoli of peacocks and their colorful feathers the flooring needs nothing else to make it vibrant. The greens and blues, violet and yellows and reds shade in the peacock brings almost all primary colors and even shades of the same. The shape of a peacock and its feathers are also enchantingly fantastic.

15. Simple White Lines Colorful Rangoli:

A very simple though very attractive way of making colorful rangoli designs is one where we can make circles of different colors and then make white outline designs above the layer of different colours. Such a unique and easy method of making colorful rangoli is worldwide famous among rangoli artists. White linings can be made with cones specially made for rangoli outlines.

There are numerous ways to make colorful designs in rangoli. Even kids love to play with colors and can make rangoli with their imagination. Simple ways for kids to make colorful rangolis can also be one of drawing shapes near to each other forming a pattern and fill in with colorful powdered colors to make a delightful rangoli. Even natural flowers of different colors like roses of all possible available colors can bring together to make a colorful rose rangoli. Other flowers like sunflowers and roses and tulips, the petals of these flowers make a beautiful rangoli and colourful as ever. Even grains of different colors such as green grams, black grams, jowar, wheat, sabudana, etc many different grains combine and create a colorful rangoli pattern. When we talk about rangoli, it’s not the only material that one has to think of but there are a variety of options with which they can make colorful rangolis.

The beauty of colors never fades, and when speaking of rangolis, the name itself bears the meaning of colors in it.


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