Everyone loves Rangolis, but making a rangoli can be quite tiresome, especially if you lack the skill and experience that goes along with it. If you are not much into elaborate patterns or simply do not have the time on hand for intricacies, then small rangoli designs are just the thing for you. It doesn’t require much practice, just a steady hand. With thousands of small such patterns available to choose from, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 9 designs to which one can even add their own unique touch.

Small Rangoli Designs for Home 2022:

Find here 9 perfect small rangoli designs for daily use at home by using flowers and colours.

1. Floral Rangoli Designs:

Floral rangoli designs are by far the simplest to make. They do not take much time and effort, but the end result is beautiful like this flower design. Made entirely from various coloured flower petals, it stands out in its simplistic beauty.

2. Diyas Rangoli Designs for Beginners:

This is a perfect rangoli design for beginners. The outlines of the flower are easily done in white powder and filling in the shades of different colours is a piece of cake. With lit Diyas at the tips of the leaves and the inner core of the flower for decoration, the design couldn’t get any simpler.

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3. Diwali Rangoli Designs:

The festive season of Diwali is the time to bring out the artful you. While the more skilled seek to delve into the intricate patterns of this colourful form of art, here’s one pattern for all you lesser skilled rangoli lovers. With the design repeating itself, it makes it easier to work upon with your hands become steadier as you proceed from one identical shape to the next. By the time you’re done with this design, you’ll be feeling like a pro.

4. Simple Rangoli Design for Festivals:

A small yet tasteful design which would look good on any festive occasions or a normal day.  The deep shades of red and blue complement the lighter shades of yellow and green while the two outer leaves are done in a fusion of all the colours mixed together is compelling on its own. The yellow and red coloured diyas add the final touch and a sparkling glow to what can be called a beginner’s masterstroke.

5. Circle Rangoli Designs:

Here’s a rangoli that would hardly take much of your time. It is neatly done with just a star nestled in the middle of a circle. This design uses flower petals that are less messy and easier to work with if you’re in a hurry. Add some lit Diyas for effect and you get something that’s small yet attractive.

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6. Flower and Diyas Rangoli for Diwali:

Diwali is a time for families to come together, and there can be no greater joy than everyone lending a helping hand to create some awe-inspiring rangoli’s. The flower-petal design of this rangoli requires no real artistic skill. So everyone in the household, including children, can have a go in shaping this pattern which is a classic rangoli design.

7. Rangoli with Circles, Leaves and Diyas:

No rangoli design, no matter how complex or simple, can be complete without a splash of colours. This rangoli design with circles, leaves and Diyas underlining its theme is just what every rangoli should be – bright and colourful. Small and simple in design yet eye-catching, it is bound to grab anyone’s attention no matter where it is placed.

8. Peacock Rangoli Design:

Small in size but sheer in artistry and beauty. That’s the effect that a peacock rangoli can have. This one is especially striking, showcasing one peacock with its feathers spread out in a fiery display of arrogance and the other standing meekly in all its elegance. Both attributes which are symbolic to this bird are brought about masterfully.

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9. Simple & Small Diya Rangoli:

The smallest and simplest of rangoli designs can be made to look beautiful with the gleam of lit Diyas. Such is the case with this elementary design which has the plainness of look but the glow of fireflies with the brightly-lit Diyas.


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