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9 Special Raksha Bandhan Rangoli Designs for 2019

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Raksha Bandhan is the famous annual celebration and festival. Women or girl gives special cotton made a bracelet to the brother who treats, support or guides her as a brother. Rakhi is the protection type of knot and this like a promise by the brother who supports her sister lifetime. Raksha Bandhan is the emotional bonding between siblings. This celebration day is the special day for all brother and sisters, rangoli designs for Rakhi are the part of this day which small girl child to experts women’s like to make it on this day. Through this article, top Raksha Bandhan rangoli designs are compiled and presented to make your home more beautiful on rakhi day.

Best Rangoli Designs for Rakhi with Picture:

Get your favourite material to design rangoli for Rakhi, and try these top 9 rangoli designs for Raksha Bandhan, happily invite your brother.

1. Simple Raksha Bandhan Design:

Rangoli Designs for Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is the celebration which makes the secure emotional bond between the sister and brother relationship. Rangoli will be an excellent choice to make a special day at the festival. On flat surface single easy Raksha Bandhan rangoli design with wish quote in Marathi can help you to present your wish in words.

2. Awesome Beautiful Rangoli Design:

Awesome Beautiful Rangoli Design

This is a rangoli pattern which is helpful for creative designers and also Raksha Bandhan special rangoli design. On Rakhi day, you can make this type of design using your fingers in curve motion. The middle is given lotus flower type design with circular paints within mud-coloured. This is especially good rangoli for Rakshabandhan. Mixed colours can give a classic attachment on Rakhi day.

3. Colourful Raksha Bandhan Rangoli:

Colourful Raksha bandhan Rangoli

If you have a small space in front of the entry of the door, then you can try dark coloured blue square rangoli of rakhi design, using mixed dark colours can catch the attention of relatives or guests. Different shades with symbol Rakhi and mentioning Raksha Bandhan quote can achieve an appreciation by your brother.

4. Symbol Rangoli on Rakhi Day:

Symbol Rangoli on Rakhi Day

Rakhi is the main celebration in Hindu culture, and it defines the emotional attachment between brother and sister. You can use rakhi symbol in rangoli, which is the best option if you are a beginner in rangoli designing. Try this simple and easy design with different colour and pattern too.

5. Ganesha Rangoli on Raksha Bandhan:

Ganesha Rangoli on Raksha bandhan

Those girls who don’t have any brother, and they want to celebrate the Raksha Bandhan; then Lord Ganesha is the best choice to make him your brother. Ganesha rangoli gives you a positive effect on your thinking. Using green colour on rangoli can make your Raksha Bandhan day surely special.

6. Marigold Flower Design on Raksha Bandhan:

Marigold Flower Design on Raksha bandhan

If you don’t have any rangoli items at home, then no need to worry, you can try to make a rangoli using the available material. Get flowers to make special design of rangoli on Raksha Bandhan. This design gives a fresh look on your door, yellow and red coloured flowers will be useful for this rangoli. Try it sure.

7. Special Rangoli to Get Together on Raksha Bandhan:

Special Rangoli for Get Together on Raksha bandhan

Many peoples like to celebrate their festivals with family, and they plan according to this meet-up. If you are making a special day on Raksha Bandhan, then make a Raksha Bandhan special rangoli using this design. Peoples who love to join this function in the hall or banquet then at the entrance of the hall you can put this design with favourite colours. It may look a little hard to design, but you can take help of your other expert rangoli designers.

8. Creative Raksha Bandhan Rangoli:

Creative Raksha bandhan Rangoli

Get your creative thinking in rangoli design; this one will be a good choice for your creative fingers. You can use a simple circular and oval shape of the pattern using your fingers. Get this design with the wishing quote on it. Make it shine with other colours; don’t forget to draw the dark border for design.

9. Floral Dots Simple Rangoli:

Floral Dots Simple Rangoli

Small girl kids who are very excited on Raksha Bandhan day and want to try rangoli design on Raksha Bandhan day, then they can try this floral design as a beginner level. They will enjoy surely with this simple type of rangoli. These rangoli designs for Rakhi will be a good idea to make happy with your parents and your brother.

The relation between brother and sister is speechless; you can’t mention them in one word. Someone is with me is the promise from brother to his sister. Rangoli designs for Rakhi are the main type of creative idea which expresses wishes instead of words.