Rangoli bring colours and lights together on a common platform and have a different look so that different people can be impressed. It is another way of celebrating a festival in India. It is commonly used as decorative criteria or we can say it is the best way to enjoy the festival by designing our creativity. One such design is 13 dots rangoli designs which are as the name suggests a rangoli made with the help of 13 dots. This simply gives a perfect look in the rangoli overview.

Best 13 Dots Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

Here is the list of the top 5 13 dots rangoli, to try these designs and received the best appreciation for your guests.

1. Beautiful 13 Dots Rangoli:

The rangolis have their own warmth and creativity. One can be as creative he/she wants. The beautiful 13 dots kolam designs can be used as a matter to watch and a point of attraction for people. These beautiful designs can be depicted outside the home or temple at the time of festivals. The best thing about it is that one can use multi colours along with it. The mixture of light would surely give an outstanding look.

2. Easy 13 Dots Rangoli:

The kolam with 13 dots can be the best choice for the easy rangolis. This easy rangolis can be designed by common people and there is no requirement of any kind of professionals. The 13 pulli kolam can also be tried for easy rangoli designs. The easy rangolis are specially designed for a small event and can be designed outside the temple or house. The 13 dot rangolis can give an admirable look for the viewers. Even this type of design can be tried for competition purposes in rangoli.

3. Unique 13 Dots Rangoli:

The 13 dots generally signify the number of dots used in the rangoli designs. One can also use dot against dot-like chukka rangoli 13 to 7 where 13 dots can be used against 7 dots more. These are quite unique types of design that are generally followed by the people of Kolkata. The 13 to 7 pulli kolam designs can be tried by professionals for grand events. The pulli kolam designs are somewhat an advanced level of design that suits only grand purposes.

4. Border 13 Dots Rangoli:

The border designs in rangoli are quite a common one which is generally seen inside the temples. The muggulu with 13 dots can be tried alongside the walls as border rangoli designs. These designs increase the level of confidence and form an environment all around. Moreover, the 13 chukkala muggulu designs can be tried for the border 13 dots rangoli format. This design is a popular design in India which can increase the chance of attraction by the people.

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5. Moderate 13 Dots Rangoli:

The moderate level just lies between the beginner and complex levels. This type of level is not so much difficult and can be tried easily by a common person. The 13 to 7 dots rangolis have many varieties to be encountered in the moderate level and these can be designed for both small and grand festivals. The 13 pulli kolangal design from West Bengal can be designed as a moderate level in terms of rangolis. Outside the temple, these types of rangolis can give an adorable look.

The 13 dots rangolis have many such more designs which are especially followed by the people of Kolkata. The 13 pulli kolam designs can be best suited for grand purposes. The moderate level can be tried for both 13 to 7 and 13 dots rangoli designs.


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