Rangoli nowadays is trendier for decoration purposes. These really enhance the small decoration and its perfection and look impress others. These can be found outside the house, temple and even around some auditoriums for an event. The rangolis overlook gives an adorable look to be admired by the people. One such design is the oil paint rangoli design, in which one uses oil paints. These paints are quite shining and impressive, which adds to the flavour of the rangolis. There are many such designs for oil paint designs.

Most Popular Oil Paint Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

Here is the list of the top 9 oil paint rangoli designs, to try these designs are the best decoration at your home and also give a peaceful atmosphere.

1. Beautiful Rangoli Designs:

The oil paint rangolis have many designs which can also be found on the streets. The beautiful designs can be designed for some big events. The best part lies in its shine, and the use of dark oil paint colours would be the best choice for this.

2. Dark Oil Paint Designs:

The rangoli oil paint can also be used in the dark format. The dark format would give a more shining look. The dark colours are generally designed on the streets. These add to the colour and flavour of the rangolis. The best choice should be the use of multicolour.

3. Simple Rangoli Designs:

The simple rangoli designs are meant for small events and occasions. These can have a small size and can be used outside the home. One of the pictures of simple rangoli is provided in the image source. The use of multicolour can also be applied to simple designs.

4. Muggulu Rangoli Design:

The simple rangoli with oil paint has one such design, more like the Muggulu design, which is like a round circle created with flowers, hearts, and leaves. The image provided clears the proper meaning. The use of multi-colour paints enhances the level of rangoli in this.

5. Light Oil Paint Design:

The oil paint design can also be designed with the help of lights. The use of “Diya’s” can be quite effective in terms of peacock design. The lights and oil paints together would provide a great sign of joy for the people to admire the design.

6. Diwali Rangoli Design:

The rangolis are generally meant for the festival of Diwali. The festive is enjoyed all over the world designing these rangolis at home to mention and enjoy the festival. One such picture is provided in the source. The use of multicolour is really awesome.

7. Border Rangoli Design:

The border rangoli designs are designed near the door or the temple to give the border a different look. The oil paints can be effective in designing the border too. The use of multi-colour paints would enhance the level of rangoli. The best choice would be using the oil paint designs with lights.

8. Flower Rangoli Design:

The flower rangoli design with oil paint can be part of beautiful rangoli designs. These can be the best rangoli designs for some great events. The use of flowers really gives a beautiful look to be admired by the people. Also, the use of multi-colour must be there.

9. Peacock Oil Paint Design:

With the help of oil paint, one can even design a peacock. The beautiful peacock would really provide an adorable look to impress people. This can also be tried in rangoli competitions. The use of multi-colour will provide the best outcome in terms of rangoli.

The oil paint rangoli designs have many more designs, but these were some of the best. The best design can be the flower design along with us of lights, but for some small occasions, one can design some easy and simple rangoli designs.


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