Rangoli has been a part of Indian culture and traditions for a long time. It is believed that the colourful patterns and designs created out of the Rangoli dust enhance the beauty of the doorstep of any household, thus attracting the attention of guests, Gods and Goddesses. In many Hindu families, Rangoli is created religiously during the festival of Diwali. At the same time, the latest Rangoli designs with colours or flower petals are made for family functions and other festivals.

Sea Salt, chalk, grains, and pulses are used to make various designs and patterns for several occasions and Rangoli competitions. Let’s check out 15 traditional and latest Rangoli design images.

Latest Rangoli Designs For 2023:

Rangoli is not just limited to Diwali, but several other events, so let’s discover some of the best new latest Rangoli designs.

1. Simple Rangoli Design with Colours:

This consists of Rangoli creations done in very simple designs. These designs do not need much effort to be made and thus are very simple. They comprise designs that are not much elaborate. You can do this with the help of Rangoli powder or flowers. This style of traditional Rangoli design can be combined with new latest Rangoli designs. The contrasting colours give the Rangoli a very appealing and beautiful look.

2. Latest Rangoli Design with Flowers:

These Rangoli designs are in the shape and size of a flower. These are generally done in times of an ethnic or formal occasion. You are free to use colours and flower petals of all kinds to create a unique flower design. This is great for beginners who want to try their hands on simple techniques. You can also use stencils or take the help of others to create a bigger sized latest Rangoli design.

3. Latest Peacock Rangoli Design:

The Peacock, India’s national bird, is a basic Rangoli design. They are presented in varied colours and designs. However, the design is the same but can be created in various ways. The feather of the peacock can be made most uniquely with the use of colours such as blue, green, orange and yellow. Use the white powder in abstract patterns to enhance the design. It is an excellent design for all kinds of occasions.

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4. New Swastik Rangoli Design:

This design is entirely traditional and has been prevalent for a long time now. These swastika designs are usually done on religious occasions. It is most popular on Diwali and is used as a symbol to welcome guests. It is done at the doorstep to enhance the beauty of the first step of the house. You can also make a Sri symbol within the design to give a subtle effect.

5. Geometric Rangoli Designs:

You can also create a Rangolis of varied designs which are geometrical in a pattern. They consist of concentric circles, rectangles, triangles and various other patterns. They give a very fulfilling look at the Rangoli as they consist of concrete shapes. And they are also beautiful and unique. You can make them using Rangoli dust or flowers. These are the latest design Rangoli photos in comparison to old times.

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6. Latest Traditional Designs of Rangoli:

This form of design is usually done on religious, traditional occasions. They consist of simple designs which have an aesthetic factor attached to them. You can make vivid circles and squares filled with vibrant Rangoli colours. You can also add Diyas/clay candles around the design to create a magical look. These are usually made at the doorstep as a beautiful additional gesture of welcoming guests.

7. Naya Ganesh Rangoli Art:

This design is made on special occasions like Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi. It is made in the pattern of Lord Ganesh with the help of varied colours and flowers. This is the new latest Rangoli pattern that is being used and tried by many. You can either make the entire Rangoli in the shape of Lord Ganapati or make Lord Ganapati in the middle of the design, making it the centre of attraction.

8. 3D Rangoli Designs:

This modern form of design can give a three-dimensional look to the design. A lotus has been created with its leaves and a couple of new buds in the surrounding. This is one of the best, latest Rangoli design images that have gained much popularity. Using four to five different colours, you can create a 3D effect. This style is used for cultural events as well as festivals. Colours like black, white, blue and green are generally used to give this effect.

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9. Diwali Latest Rangoli Design:

These designs are famous in India as Diwali is a celebrated festival in every household. These designs use Clay candles (Diya)extensively to give a festive feel. Diwali is a festival of lights; the candles hold significant significance. Diya’s also surround the design and is a custom tradition in every household. Various designs like Ganapathi or new modern designs can also be made to stand out from the rest.

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10. Rangoli With Rice, Pulses And Other Grains:

This is a unique form of Rangoli, which instead of Rangoli powders, are made with various food grains like rice, pulses and other grains. This is one of the latest Rangoli designs created using foot items and designed in concentric circles and other geometric patterns. The grains and pulses can also be soaked in food colouring to add more colour to the design. This gives a unique look to the design and has become popular in no time.

11. New Corner Rangoli Designs:

This Rangoli design is generally created in semi-circles or other quarter circles as they are made in the house’s corner spaces, hence the distinct shape. They mainly comprise unique geometrical and abstract patterns, giving a unique look to the design. Fill them with vibrant colours, and they look pretty like never before. You can fill the entire kolam with colours and choose white to make designs instead.

12. Rangoli Design with Diya:

As much as Rangoli designs look colourful and attractive, they look more magical with the use of Diya’s. It provides a dazzling look with a subtle effect. They also look more beautiful, and it helps in increasing their appeal. Diya’s light surrounds the entire Rangoli design and enhances its beauty. Even in the latest Rangoli designs, the clay candle holds as much importance as in olden times.

13. New Pookalam Rangoli Designs:

These designs are specially created for the Onam festival. This festival is usually celebrated in South India, especially by the Malayali’s. They are made using Rangoli powder and flowers, giving them a vibrant, colourful look. The pookalam designs are unique and beautiful. Over 10 days of celebration, these designs are made. The design is usually kept simple in the current times, although some households still make fantastic designs.

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14. Latest Border Rangoli Designs:

These designs are usually created within the borders of the houses. They are made in the pattern of flowers and in unique ways. You can make these designs using bright colours like red, blue, yellow and others. They are small in size but look equally attractive. These patterns can be made in various latest Rangoli designs with colours or flower petals to suit the occasion and event.

15. New Rangoli Designs with Themes:

This design has been recently adopted and is growing in popularity. It is a unique form of Rangoli, designed using unique themes. This theme is one of the latest Rangoli designs and consists of designs made in the shapes of Gods and Goddesses and varies from occasion to occasion. Different occasions call for unique themes catering to a particular event. For example, you can make this beautiful design of Krishna and Radha on occasions like Holi or Krishna Janmashtami.

Tips to Follow:

  • Use elements of nature around you to add a unique effect and make your own new latest design.
  • Choose organic colours or old flower petals to avoid causing any harm to nature.
  • If you want to get a Rangoli design for a more significant event, you can take the help of a professional artist who is well versed in designing.
  • If you use food grains and pulses, try making the design on a clean surface or cloth to use again.
  • Choose a design based on the occasion that will enhance the look of the kolam.


Now that you are completely clear and aware of the different Rangoli designs, you can create the unique and latest Rangoli patterns and designs on your next occasion. They are incredibly traditional and equally attractive. Rangolis are the best way to decorate your doorstep and are also considered a great way to bring together the ladies in the house for a joint artistic effort. Feel free to impart your creativity and make the perfect Rangoli ever.


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