Rangoli is an Indian folk art that is made out of different colours. These colours are in powder form, and they are designed on occasion. Different pictures, signs and symbols are drawn with the help of rangoli designs and colours. Today we are talking about Indian independence day rangoli designs that are related to the Indian flag, the August 15th date and three colours. You can make these patriotic rangoli patterns at the home, office or any public place to show your patriotism towards India.

10+ Best Indian Rangoli Designs for Pandrah August (पन्द्रह अगस्त) 2023:

Here we have 10+ best August 15th Rangoli designs with images that had been made as a tribute to Independent India.

1. Tri-Color Rangoli Design:

2. Beautiful Independence Day Rangoli Design:

3. Floral Independence Day Rangoli:

4. Peacock Rangoli with Indian Flag:

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5. Independence Day Rangoli Design Of Indian Flag:

The rangoli in the picture above have been made in a shape of a flower, and the petals of the flower have been designed as the flag of India. The size of the rangoli is small, but it looks very decent because it is neatly done. For the Ashok Chakra, artificial blue flowers have been used, and there is another flower designed in the middle.

6. Big Round Independence Day Rangoli Design:

This is a cute independence day special rangoli design. A big round had been made with turmeric yellow color and it includes the Indian flag colors in the middle. The reason for not having an Ashok Chakra in the middle was that the flag had been surrounded by shades of blue and designs of white on them. The entire rangoli has been bordered with petals of marigold and then chopped tree leaves.

7. Best Independence Day Rangoli Map:

A rectangular area had been chalked out and was divided equally in the colours of saffron, white and green. The shape of the country had been made in three colours with brown rangoli, and the Ashok Chakra was made in the middle with blue and brown. The best design to show the concept of independence was an open cage and a white pigeon flying above, showing that now it has been set free. The rangoli also added designs of army men, a computer, an abacus and a factory.

8. Shape Of Flower Rangoli On Independence Day:

This is a beautiful patriotic rangoli design and is again in a shape of a flower. Green dominates the design, bordered by black and golden, and it also includes designs with white. There are 6 Indian flags made in the middle of the green petals, and there is a small design with red, white and golden in the centre.

9. Hibiscus Flower Rangoli For Independence Day:

We see a beautiful rangoli made on the 65th independence of the country. The rangoli shows the design of two open hands with red and yellow hibiscus followers. The hand also holds on to a design made with the colors of an Indian flag, and there are leaves made just beside the rangoli.

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10. Simple Independence Day Rangoli Designs:

The rangoli colours look shiny and shimmery. There is a kolam rangoli design made with white color which has been bordered with blue on the exterior and green, white and saffron on the interior. Green and saffron have different designs of white done on them as well.

11. Quote Word “Proud To Be An Indian” Rangoli:

The rangoli starts with the circle in the middle, which is a design sunflower and has been coloured with saffron, white and green for the petals. In the middle, there is a design of a butterfly, and its wings have been coloured like the Indian flag with shapes made with contrasting colours on the inside. ’Proud to be an Indian’ quoted above adds a spark to the design. This is one of the best rangoli designs for independence day with Asoka chakra and peacock feathers which are helpful for decorating.

12. Indian Flag Made on The Floor Of The Mall:

The rangoli had been made in Ampa Skywalk, a mall in Chennai. It is a neat and clean design of the Indian flag made on the floor of the mall. The entire design had been put on a white base of rangoli. This is one of the beautiful Independence Day rangoli designs with the Indian flag.

13. Rangoli with Different Colors For Independence Day:

The concept of the design is similar to the one we have seen above. There is a cage designed with a bird flying high, and the cage brings out the Indian flag showing that it is free now. The rangoli design has been beautifully decorated with different colours for Independence Day surrounding the message conveyed.

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