A rangoli is the perfect way to accept guests and welcome them to your home. This shows how you love your home and want others to come in and feel blessed. The rangoli that is large and colourful is particularly interesting. Here we show you how a 10 dots rangoli can be used for festivals and other occasions.

Latest 10 Dots Rangoli/Pulli Kolam Designs:

Let’s find here with mentioned 5 best 10 dots Rangoli designs.

1. Simple 10 Dots Rangoli:

Once you know how to make smaller rangolis, then you can try your hand at this simple 10 dots rangoli. The rangoli is easy to create and you can easily make this on a daily basis with a little practice. The 10 dots kolam is a good choice to make for other occasions as well. You should try these with a continuous stream of colour to achieve the best results. The rangoli is typical and can be done by all age groups.

2. Straight Rangoli 10 Dots:

Another of the simpler rangoli designs are the 10 dots rangoli designs. These designs are popular with South India. They can be made with mirror images at the corners. The 10 pullikolam is also a wonderful thing that you can make for daily use. Try this outside your home at the entrance to greet your guests. The designs can be done by young girls too who are learning the art of making rangolis. The 10 dots muggulu is always chosen by women as well. Use the dots to create a design that is magnificent.

3. Festival Special Rangoli:

One of the main aspects of decorating your home for the festival is to create a lovely rangoli at the entrance to your house. Every house creates this nice design with bright colours before the prayer. This rangoli with dots 10 by 10 is a nice way to start the festivities. You can add thick colour to this rangoli and you can then border it with white. The festival rangolis are normally medium in size and can be made it simple. Since these are bright and colourful they are also very precious with Diya on the centre.

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4. Sankranti Rangoli:

Another of the intricate festival rangolis is the sankranti rangoli. This kolam with 10 dots is a nice way to have the main objects of the festival drawn on the floor. The 10 to 10 dots rangoli is enough to create the pot and the coconut along with the lotus flower. The rangoli is large so it can easily accommodate all these figures and objects. You can colour the rangoli as well with bright colours. This is a great way to make the rangoli for a sacred festival.

5. Geometric Design Rangoli:

Apart from floral designs, you can also make geometric designs using 10 x 10 dots rangoli. Here the design is the shape of squares and other geometric shapes. The rangoli in 10 dots is a lovely way to show your art. You can easily join the dots and create straight lines to make squares. The rangoli is created thus with colour added to the segments. Use bright colours to make the rangoli stand out. This will look good for festivals and special occasions at the entrance of your home. Make guests feel welcome with this wonderful rangoli that is easy to create as well.

A 10 dots rangoli makes a beautiful image on the entrance of your home. The rangoli is perfect with lines or curves. The use of colours adds to the vibrancy. Try out the simple rangoli or the special festival rangoli.


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