Welcome rangoli designs are colourful patterns using on various occasions. It is an integral part of Indian tradition. Indians use them on all popular festivals like Diwali, Pongal, Onam, etc and other occasions like Christmas New year etc. There are many different designs depending on your occasion.

Most Popular Welcome Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

Here are the wonderful designs that you can decorate your home with and also admired your guests.

1. Free Hand Rangoli Design:

If you are looking for a welcome design Rangoli suitable for competitions, then this is an easy and grand one. This is a flowery design and all you have to do is to draw some simple shapes and fill the colour as per your choice. This is a free hand design and you don’t need anything else to make this design. Try this for all festivals to welcome your guests.

2. Peacock Rangoli Design:

Peacock welcome Rangoli is the most popular design for every occasion. The design is very simple to make and less time consuming too. This is a colourful design and all you must do is to draw an outline and fill colours in it. You can include a Welcome message or a wish above the Rangoli design.

3. Rangoli Designs with Flower:

Other than using colour powders to make Rangoli, you can use flowers as well. But only this is that they won’t last long. The design is very simple to make if you draw an outline. Get some colourful flowers and decorate it. You can use it on any traditional occasions.

4. Simple Flower Rangoli Design:

When it comes to welcome Rangoli design, flower designs are most preferable. This is a colourful welcome Rangoli image and simple to draw. Even kids can try this design. The design is very colourful and attracts everybody’s attention towards your Rangoli design.

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5. Creative Rangoli Design:

If you want to experiment with Rangoli design, try this design. It makes your Rangoli colourful and easy to make as well. This is a free hand creation and can decorate with Diya around it. Write a
welcome message in the middle of the Rangoli design in your language.

6. Bird Shaped Rangoli:

The multi-colour combination makes Rangoli design attractive. The main pull on this bird shaped Rangoli is its beaks and eyes. Welcome message on the bottom will be an additional attraction to the design. You can draw the outline first and then fill respective colours perfectly.

7. Ganesh Rangoli Design with Dots:

If you are ready to spend some time to make welcome Rangoli design, then this Ganesh Rangoli is a suitable one. This is a design made from dots and is suitable for occasions like Diwali, Onam and many traditional festivals. You can use colours as per your convenience. The design is a bit hard and it is well designs and suitable for one who likes to make use of artistic talent.

8. Welcome Lady Rangoli Design:

Other than designs of flowers, Ganesh etc. welcome lady Rangoli design is also famous. You need to draw this extremely careful and may take a few hours to complete this. In this design, it is showing a lady with a lamp. It is a colourful one that you can do if you want to create something unique for your festival.

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9. Border Rangoli Design:

Try this welcome Rangoli design to make impress your beloved ones. This is a border-type design and is very innovative too. Even though It is a beautiful design, You need to spend some time to make this design. It is an easy design to draw if you want to try simple and new.

You can make any design as welcome Rangoli designs. You can make them by choosing an attractive design and spend some time to make it as perfect as possible. Rangoli means festival. Make the best welcome Rangoli this season and make your home entrance beautiful.


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