Rangolis depict the art and tradition of India. They form the basis of heritage in many parts of the country and are a symbol of prosperity, good luck, health and wealth. It can be made in multiple designs and forms and can be modified as per the requirement.

21 dots rangoli designs are drawn on the floor on places like a porch, house entrance, courtyard, backyard etc. Read on to know some of the best designs of 21 dots pulli kolangal that you can draw this festive season,

Best Rangoli Designs with 21 Dots:

1. Grand Kolam Rangoli:

This 21 dots pulli kolam is one of the simplest and also one of the most beautiful designs in kolam rangolis. To draw this grand flower kolam with 21 dots, begin by drawing 21 dots through chalk or white rangoli powder. Then, start drawing wheel like designs on all corners along with drawing two big leaves and one flower on each side. Slowly approach towards the centre, this will lead to a design of one flower surrounded by leaves. Now, in order to complete the rangoli, fill in colours or simply outline with black or white rangoli powder.

2. Dots Star Rangoli:

This 21 dots kolam is one of the simplest rangoli that can be made for any occasion. This 21 sikku kolam is popular in south India. To draw this 21 pulli kolam step by step, beginning with plotting 21 dots by chalk or rangoli powder and then drawing flower middle of the rangoli. Then a shape of flower cum kite can be made in other parts and finally geometric design around the centre star. This rangoli can be drawn on an occasion or on daily basis on the porch, backyard, courtyard or other places in the house. You can be filled this 21 dots rangoli design with colours or can be highlighted using white rangoli powder.

3. Symmetry Rangoli:

This 21 dots pulli kolangal is a must know when in a dilemma and short of time. This 21 pulli kolam design very convenient and easy to draw. Start by drawing a flower in the centre surrounded by a butterfly and then draw diamond and three leafs shapes on each side. This can also be modified by drawing different styles of butterflies on each side. You can then be filled this 21 dots rangoli with colours or alternatively, can be highlighted using different colours with white as a border.

4. Line Rangoli:

This chukki rangoli 21 to 11 is one of the famous designs when it comes to south Indian rangoli designs with 21 dots. It can be made by drawing 11 to 21 dots alternatively and in symmetry fashion. Then, cubes on each corner and side can be drawn to and then star in the centre. Multiple outlines can be done to make the rangoli large and grander. It is fit to be drawn for regular purpose but can also be drawn on occasions.

5. Elephant Design Rangoli:

These 21 dots rangoli designs can be drawn within 5-10 minutes with practice. Start by plotting 21 dots on the place where rangoli will be drawn then draw four elephants on each corner and then make spherical shapes in between those elephants. Later, draw flowers and leaves to fill in spaces and end by drawing a square in the centre. To complete the rangoli fill in colours or shade the parts with minimal filling. This rangoli is fit to be drawn on grand occasions like Diwali or other festivals.

Rangoli never fail to add charm to any festival and moreover beautify the festival or occasion. They are one of the most cherished art forms in India and also across the world. Try drawing the top 5 rangolis from above to beautify and fill colour in your surroundings on an occasion.


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