Cartoon characters are always the favourite choice of kids. Now a new tradition rose of making Rangoli on every occasion. The most popular designs are of cartoon characters like Chotta beam, Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry and many other cartoon characters. Mickey Mouse Rangoli designs are one of the most popular designs among them.

Most Popular Mickey Mouse Rangoli Designs with Pictures:

You can find some popular Rangoli designs here. These designs are easy and kids will love it.

1. Mickey Mouse Rangoli Made of Crystal Powder:

To welcome your guest Mickey Mouse Rangoli is the best idea. This is made of simple crystal salt and colour powders. You can draw an outline first and fill appropriate colours. The design is easy and kids will love it. Write a welcome message above it.

2. Unique Rangoli Design:

Mickey Mouse cartoon Rangoli is one of a good choice to make your kids happy. You can try this on any festivals and occasions. This Rangoli is made of colour powders and is very colourful as well. You can easily draw it without any artistic talents.

3. Mickey Mouse Rangoli with Dots:

You can make Mickey Mouse images for Rangoli easily using dots. This is a plain design and you don’t have to use many colours here. The only colour you must use is white and you can write festival wishes on it. No need to have an artistic talent. You can simply draw it using white powder.

4. Simple Mickey Mouse Rangoli:

You can draw this epic Mickey mouse Rangoli image easily. Check online for a video tutorial and use simple colours to fill it. A welcome message will be more attractive. It is the most popular design among all other cartoon characters. These kind mickey mouse rangoli designs make it very simple.

5. Colourful Rangoli Design:

If you are looking for a variety Rangoli of Mickey mouse here is  a good choice. You can easily draw these using minimal colours. Decorate your house on any festival with a welcome message or festival wishes above it. Use two or three colours to complete the design. The design will attract your kids and they will love it very well.

6. Birthday Rangoli Design:

When it comes to Rangoli designs of Mickey Mouse you can choose this simple design. On the occasion you can make your kids happy using this simple Rangoli design. You don’t have to use many colours to complete this design. Just draw this happy face of Mickey Mouse to welcome your guest.

7. Mickey Mouse Rangoli Design for Diwali:

Rangoli of Mickey mouse is a trend on every festival. If you have kids who love cartoon characters this is a good choice for you. The design is very colourful with bright colours and writes welcome messages on it. You can keep Diyas on 4 sides to enhance its look. The design is very simple, and you can create it by just drawing an outline

8. Mickey Mouse Rangoli Design:

When you look for Rangoli Mickey mouse then try this design. It is easy to draw, and you can make it within an hour. The balloons and caps are the extra addition and you can draw them easily with a welcome message. Try this variety designs this season.

9. Christmas Rangoli Design:

You can use these rangoli designs for Christmas and New Year occasions. The design is very simple to draw, and you can make your kids happy by drawing the same design. This is how Mickey mouse celebrates Christmas. Write a message on it to welcome your guest.

All the designs are some of the easy ones you can draw easily. Don’t worry if you don’t know to draw you will get an easy step online on how to make these Rangolis. Try them this season and make your kids joyful.


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