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9 Trending Indian Art Rangoli Designs In 2019

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Indian rangoli designs are absolutely flattering. There are numerous designs to choose from if you’re planning to do a rangoli. At the same time, there are certain designs which are extremely popular and are suitable for occasions such as festivals and puja or religious events. Here are some of the best rangoli design which will blow your mind.

Modern Indian Art Rangoli Designs:

1. The Beautiful Indian Floral Rangoli:

The Beautiful Indian Floral Rangoli

Among the many Indian rangoli designs, this one is the best. It sports a unique floral pattern. There is a flower in the center and surrounding that are many other flowers made up of ground rice and colour powder. This is one of the most beautiful Indian rangoli designs you will ever see. It is being practised in the southern part of the country and is an essential part of the festival ‘Pongal’.

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2. Indian Rangoli Design for Pujas:

Indian Rangoli Design for Pujas

This is yet another beautiful rangoli design which is formed by joining the four ends in this design. The middle portion of the design spots an x-like structure, and on the four edges of this design, there are small quadrilateral objects which are the reasons behind this motif’s allure.

3. The Indian Peacock Rangoli Design:

The Indian Peacock Rangoli Design

This is clearly one of the best Indian rangoli motifs ever. This particular design celebrates the beauty of the bird peacock as it is the national bird of India. Who wouldn’t love this awesome design? It is filled with complex patterns at the back to make it look like the peacock’s feather.

4. The India Peacock Rangoli Design 2:

The India Peacock Rangoli Design 2

This is another peacock rangoli design which is different from the previous one. Unlike the previous one, this rangoli motif exhibits two peacocks, and the colour combinations are also different from the previous design. This traditional rangoli is one of the most practised rangoli designs ever in India.

5. The Indian Peacock Rangoli Design 3:

The Indian Peacock Rangoli Design 3

The third Indian peacock rangoli design is a masterpiece. Here, only one bird is drawn, but enough attention is paid on the details of this motif. The bunch of feathers in a peacock is displayed in a beautiful manner. Indian people like to do this design in their corridors.

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6. The Ganesha Rangoli Design:

The Ganesha Rangoli Design

This Indian rangoli design is done in honor of Lord Ganesha. A lot of effort is put into this design which is visible from the beauty of this design. A number of people neglect this design and the reason behind it is the complicated structure of this motif.

7. The Indian Dotted Rangoli Design:

The Indian Dotted Rangoli Design

Among the many dotted designs, this one is of special significance. Inside the floral design, dots are done, which make this rangoli motif look very alluring. The design is suitable for almost all occasions and can be done pretty easily.

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8. The Complex Indian Rangoli Design:

The Complex Indian Rangoli Design

Compared to the previous ones, this design is a bit more complicated. But it is very beautiful at the same time as well. This four-sided rangoli motif looks amazing, especially because of the flower-like design in the center of this rangoli.

9. The Circular Indian Rangoli:

The Circular Indian Rangoli

This unique rangoli design is filled with complex patterns, and small designs are also done on the border of this design.