Christmas is an occasion which is celebrated by the entire world. Nobody thinks about what religion they belong to; they just like to get involved with Christmas preparations, decorations, cakes, rose cookies, etc. India, a cosmopolitan country, doesn’t even fail to bring in the folk art of rangoli on this auspicious occasion.

9 DIY Santa and Tree Christmas Rangoli Designs with Images:

Following are the most popular Christmas rangoli designs with pictures for you.

1. Christmas Santa Rangoli Design:

In the picture above, we see that the rangoli of a Christmas tree has occupied an entire hall of a school. The tree has been done up neatly with even divisions of the leaves, along with a little snow on the sides to make it look more real. A huge portrait of Santa Claus is drawn on the tree, and the tree-labels Merry X-Mas towards the end.

2. Christmas Tree Rangoli:

This rangoli covers quite a good amount of area, and it seems to have been made with a lot of effort. There are four Christmas trees drawn in four directions which have been added with sticks in white and brown. These sticks then lead to the bells, which have been coloured in two shades of yellow and in between the holly trees found during the Christmas season. The trees have been decorated with stars and bells hanging. The rangoli contains tiny things which are related to Christmas. The hanging socks, the bells, the candles, the cakes and most importantly, the cross in the middle makes the rangoli design so beautiful.

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3. Simple Christmas Rangoli Design:

This is a simple design of Christmas trees made on the pavement with rangoli colours. The most prominent designs are four Christmas trees painted in four directions. The colours used in this rangoli are yellow and green with a combination of red. This Christmas rangoli design has green trees and yellow bells.

4. Santa and Christmas Tree:

We see a jolly Santa drawn along with a star, a cake, a gift and a Christmas tree. The painters had the perfect concept of Christmas and knew all related to Christmas should be added to it. The outline sketch has been done with the help of a white rangoli or chalk, and the colours have been put accordingly on the inside.

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5. Big Santa Rangoli Design:

This picture of a person who was ongoing with his art of making a rangoli of Santa Claus has been clicked. As Santa is dressed, we can make out that the rangoli covers quite a huge area and needs a lot of effort. Santa has his hands thumbed up; a bag full of gifts will probably be given on his back soon.

6. Portrait of Santa Claus Kolam Rangoli:

Another portrait of Santa Claus was made on the pavement with rangoli colours. The outline has been made in white and then filled with colours of red and white again. Santa throws his hand up, which seems like he is welcoming people somewhere or pointing out his gifts for everyone. This is one of the best Christmas rangoli designs with Santa Claus.

7. Church Bell Rangoli for Christmas:

Four cute bells have been drawn in four directions, added with candles by their side. In the middle are four Diya ‘Pradeep’ made, as usual, rangolis. It is a small Christmas rangoli but has been done quite neatly and looks joyfully attractive.

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8. Face of The Santa Looks Christmas Rangoli Pattern:

A woman colouring the face of Santa looks like she is pretty excited and wishes to have a good Christmas. The designs have not been professionally done, but the emotions attached are more precious. Here in this pic is Santa in red and Christmas tree in navy blue.

9. Christmas Wishes Rangoli Kolam:

We can see that the rangolis has been made on the road. It has Santa as the centre of attraction and is decorated with different patterns and colours in kolam rangoli style. Red and green are the most important Christmas colours present here and are also added with blue and yellow. The designs are done in white, and ‘Wish You Happy Christmas’ has been written just where the rangoli finishes.


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