Kerala rangoli designs have different significance’s, different patterns, different thought and idea portrayed. The distinctions arise from region to region and due to different beliefs and mythological histories. In Kerala, rangolis are known as Kolam. It is believed that Andal worshipped Lord Thirumal and was married to him in the month of Margazhi. Traditionally in this month spinsters wake up before dawn and draw Kolam to welcome god Thirumal.

Best Kerala Rangoli Designs with Images:

Here are the most popular Kerala rangoli designs with pictures.

1. God Rangoli Designs For Festivals:

Rangolis are usually done during festivals in the honor of the gods and goddesses. In the picture below we see Lord Ganesha painted with rangoli colors and then surrounded by different patterns of stars, oval shapes, zigzag patterns, etc. The colour combination has a dominance of purple and mauve, they are used along with yellow, green, blue, vermilion and white.

2. Bull Face Rangoli Design:

The picture above shows us that the outline has been drawn with the help of white chalk and then vibrant colours have been patted in-between. There are four vessels along with four faces of bull evenly drawn and they are auspicious for the people. We can also make out trees on the exterior end and a sun drawn in the middle.

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3. Rangoli Design with Different Shades:

The rangoli gives a soothing sight to eyes because of the colors combination made with different shades of yellow. The border starts with black, followed by brown and then brings in four different shades of yellow, which turn from dark to light as they go towards the pattern in the middle. The pattern on the inside has been done up with similar colors and is added with purples and mauve as well.

4. Kathak Rangoli Design:

Kathak is a traditional dance form originated from south India. The rangoli Design we see below is a tribute to this dance form and a person who performs kathak has been drawn in the middle of the rangoli. His face is painted green and he has a crown on his head which the dance form usually demands for. The portrait has been surrounded by different layers of colors in a circle.

5. Flower Rangoli Designs:

A good amount of area has been covered by men and women who have drawn a sketch to make the flower rangoli, we see in the picture below. The petals of the flowers are quite big and they have been bordered with black, painted in yellow on the exterior and brown on the interior.

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6. Ganesha Rangoli Designs:

The rangoli has been outlined with ‘Alpana’ which is a form of white chalk diluted and painted for the base. They make it easy to place colours in their destined area. In the picture below we see a rangoli does with shades of yellow and vermilion, following the steps of the white outlines.

7. Glitter Rangoli Designs:

Glittering colors of rangoli have been used to make this design so that it looks shiny and attractive. The border has been made with white and then light green, dark green, yellow and vermilion have been used in a systematic manner to give the design a proper shape. The centre has been again coloured with white rangoli powder.

8. Diwali Rangoli Design:

The design draws out a pattern from the wall, as the outline so that the colours don’t go beyond that. White rangoli has been used to make the designs and shiny colors in blue, purple, pink, etc. have been spread unevenly to give it a messy look. There is ‘Pradeep’ drawn on the middle which makes it seem like a Diwali rangoli.

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9. Big Outlined Rangoli Design:

Yellow, pink, vermilion and purple are pretty vibrant colors and are apt from rangolis. We see a big rangoli outlined and designed with white and on the interior it contains the bright colors.


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