Artificial rangoli designs are pre-made decorative patterns or designs that can be used for various occasions such as festivals, weddings, and other celebrations. They are available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes. They are made using various materials such as plastic, acrylic, fabric, and even natural materials like flowers and leaves. Artificial rangoli designs are easy to use and can be quickly assembled to create a beautiful and colourful decoration for your home or event. They are a great way to add a touch of traditional and cultural elements to any space without spending hours creating your own design from scratch.

Fabulous Artificial Rangoli Designs With Photos:

Here is a list of the most delicate artificial rangoli designs with pictures that are easy to make and give a fine look to the surroundings.

1. Heart-Shaped Rangoli Pattern:

We can see a beautifully stitched rangoli pattern in the picture above. This pattern includes a circular cloth stitched with beads and designs and bordered with a brown rope. In the middle of two borders, we see blue rangoli colour spread evenly, and on the outside, we see 8 heart-shaped stitched designs surrounding the entire circle.

2. Detachable Rangoli Pattern:

The picture shows us a detachable rangoli pattern. This is a green rangoli with maroon, red, silver and golden beads. The circular portion of the rangoli is attached to the different parts of the petal-like shape on the outer half. They are further added with small designs of ‘Pradeep’.

3. Peacock Design Using Beads:

The peacock rangoli designs look beautiful because of the perfection with which it has been made. It included various shapes to make the body of the peacock; the body’s border was made with tiny yellow beads, the wings were designed with mixed colours, and the feathers at the back were perfectly shaped to make the design more apt. A round design in the middle made with similar beads made the design come in proper shape.

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4. Lord Ganesha Rangoli Using Wood:

A woodcut in the shape of Lord Ganesha had been coloured with red for the base. Designs had been added with different colours: yellow, orange, green, mauve, etc. This made the rangoli look more attractive and apt for occasions like Diwali or Ganesh Chaturthi.

5. Beaded Rangoli Design:

This is another beaded rangoli with four patterns with two contrasting colour combinations and is placed in four different directions. There is a small circular pattern in the centre and beaded designs at the core. This is one of the most famous and beautiful artificial rangoli designs with kundans in rhombus shape.

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6. Simple Sticker Rangoli Designs:

Sticker rangolis are ready-made rangolis which you get in the market. You need to buy them, peel off the cover and stick them on the floor where you want your design to be. This doesn’t consume time and effort; it makes work easy, and people scared to get their rangoli messy tend to bank upon these. These artificial sticker rangoli are pretty and colourful because they have been made with vibrant red, yellow, blue, green and purple colours.

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7. Sticker Rangoli Designs For Festivals:

The rangoli above is a sticker apt for Laxmi Puja or Diwali. The sign of the feet is designed for goddess Laxmi for people who want her to come into their homes and bless them with prosperity and happiness. This simple rangoli design is blue, red, black and yellow. A yellow and green flower between the two feet doesn’t make the design look empty.

8. Artificial Flower Rangoli Designs:

Artificial Rangolis are made with flowers too. In the picture above, we see petals of yellow and orange marigolds, roses, leaves of a tree and petals of a white and a purple flower. They have been uniformly settled on the rangolis, a star inside a circle that again has a circle in the middle. These are designed with chalk and then added to the flower materials to make them look perfect.

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9. Artificial Kundan Rangoli Designs:

The rangoli above has been made with Kundans, which are popular in South India, especially Bangalore. This is a complete set of designs sold ready-made or can be stitched and made. This artificial Kundan rangoli pattern is gorgeous and attractive.

In conclusion, artificial rangoli designs are an excellent choice for those who want to add some colour and festive spirit to their homes or events without spending a lot of time and effort on making their own designs. So whether it’s for Diwali, a wedding, or any other celebration, consider adding an artificial rangoli design to your decor to bring a touch of tradition and culture to your space.


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