9 Simple Galicha Rangoli Designs

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The word galicha means mat or rug. Therefore, galicha rangoli is supposed to be made very neatly and should have fine work in it. Intricate details look beautiful and make it look very much rug like. Usage of bright colours will make it more attractive. This kind of rangoli is time consuming but the end result is outstanding.

Beautiful Galicha Rangoli Designs with Images:

Let’s see the top 9 Galicha rangoli designs to try in any festival season.

1. Semi-Circle Shaped Galicha Rangoli:

Semi-Circle Shaped Galicha Rangoli

Galicha rangoli can be done in various shapes. To make it look different one can make semi circle. This design looks best in front of a door or the entrance area. Bright and contrast colours look best. It can also be made by using poster paints, however, it look best when done with rangoli powder. A lot of details with white powder can make it look grand.

2. Traditional Galicha Rangoli Design:

Traditional Galicha Rangoli Design

Image of gods or goddesses can also be made on the floor. This might be difficult for everyone to draw but looks really good when done on festivals. This kind of pattern turns out to be very traditional. The size of the rangoli can vary. It can either be done on a large scale or on a small area. In the picture given above, lord Ganesha in a circle with huge rectangular areas extending from two sides. This pattern looks good when done on a pathway.

3. Galicha Rangoli for Diya:

Galicha Rangoli for Diya

Galicha rangoli can be made around the diya or a diya stand. This will highlight the diya and make your house look beautiful. The design done is generally simple and done on small surface areas, so that it doesn’t occupy much space. Two of such galicha rangolis on two sides of the same door with diyas on it looks spectacular. Detailing of the rangoli design can be done as per convenience.

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4. Square Shaped Galicha Rangoli Design:

Square Shaped Galicha Rangoli Design

Galicha rangoli design can also be made in a square shape. It is generally supposed to be done in the center of the house or at the entrance. Apart from the square, patterns can be made outside the border also. This makes the rangoli look even better. Contrast colours should be used to make it look attractive. One must avoid using too many types of colours and choose three to four shades.

5. Floral Galicha Rangoli Design:

Floral Galicha Rangoli Design

A flower can be made be using different colours as a rangoli. In order to make it beautiful, detailing can be done by using different shades and the design of the flower can vary. A border along the main flowers will complete the look. The border too can have leaves and small flowers. This kind of rangoli can be made at the entrance or in the center of the house.

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