9 Pictures Of John Abraham With And Without Makeup

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John Abraham was born to a Malayali Nasrani father and a Parsi mother in Mumbai, Mahashtra. His father’s name is Abraham John while his mother’s name is Firoza Irani. Since John Abraham is partially Parsi, his Parsi name is Farhan. And since his father is a Marthomite Syrian Christian, he named him John. John Abraham also has a younger brother named Alan Abraham. He studied in Bombay High School and got his bachelor’s degree in economics from Jai Hind College and also received an MMS from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai (MET).

He is an Indian film producer, actor and has been a former model. After modelling for a great number of companies and advertisements, he made his acting debut with the film Jism in 2003, which earned him the Film fare best Award Nomination. This was followed by his commercial successful movie Dhoom in 2004 which earned him two Film fare Award nominations for his negative roles in Dhoom and Zinda. In 2012, he ventured in to film production producing the film, Vicky Donor, which earned him a National Film Award for Best Popular Film Providing Wholesome Entertainment. His second movie Madras Café was also critically appreciated.

Best Pictures Of John Abraham With And Without Makeup:

Here are some photos of sexy handsome hunk John Abraham without any makeup.

1. The Dimpled Smile:

This is a picture of John Abraham without any hint of makeup on his face and yet he looks so fresh and good. How natural he is in this still.

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2. Thumbs Up:

As one can notice that the handsome hunk is wearing a very casual outfit and is on the go, wears no makeup and yet looks ravishingly hot.

3. The Stud:

With a great physique like John Abraham, I wouldn’t blame the girls if they go nuts on him. With a casual hooded T-shirt, he looks like a hot stud and there’s no doubt of that. And, he is not even wearing any makeup in this pic.

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4. Keeping It Low Key:

With a simple attire and that oh-so-cute look on his face, he can get drive most of the girls out there insane without even needing to paint his face with makeup.

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