She is a former singer, a television personality and a popular actress as well. Yes! We are talking about Alyssa Milano. This American actress is one of the most celebrated women in the film industry and is also one of the most beautiful ones as well. She is 40+ and is a mother of two but still she is really pretty as well. According to recent reports, she lost a good amount of weight recently and now she looks like an angel. This article will prove the haters wrong, who believe that Alyssa is all about makeup.

Here are the top 10 without makeup pictures of Alyssa Milano.

1. Carefree:

The ABC Drama channel mistress is totally carefree when it come to taking without-makeup selfies. She is one of the most beautiful actresses of all time and ooks just fine without sporting any kind of makeup at all. She can impress anyone with her naturally alluring smile and this pictures shows her that alluring face which has been impressing people for years now.

2. Another Baby Selfie:

This is yet another beautiful Alyssa Milano without makeup picture which show how attractive this woman can look without the help of beauty products. Alyssa is one of the most beautiful actresses ever and she can look just fine without even trying. This is one of the best pictures of Alyssa without any makeup.

3. The without Makeup Beauty:

If you’re looking for Alyssa Milano without make up pictures, then this is a good one right here. It proves how beautiful a woman can be without even taking the assistance of beauty products and rocking the simple and natural look.

4. With her Husband:

This is the most adorable couple ever. Alyssa is less concerned about the artificial beauty products and more concerned about the fact that, how she can maintain her naturally beautiful face.

5. The in-Bed with Baby Selfie:

This is another bed selfie with her little girl. Alyssa is proud mother and she is not that much concerned about her allure. She just keeps her fans updated with what’s going on in her life and sometimes posts such makeup-free pictures.

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6. At The Hat Store:

Alyssa was spotted at a promotional event at a cap and hat store is LA. As always, she was sporting her natural beauty along with her casual sense of clothing. When you’re a famous and talented woman like Alyssa, you really don’t need to show off your allure.

7. The Being Pregnant Selfie:

This is an awesome picture of Alyssa, by which she is showing the social media world of her progress with her pregnancy. By this, she is also sporting her natural beauty and again proving to people that how beautiful she is in reality.

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8. The Bare-Faced Picture:

This picture shows the bare-faced version of Alyssa Milano. She looks fine without makeup. She looks almost the same and it i not that she cannot be recognized, when she takes off that mascara. She is easily recognizable without makeup as well.

9. Girl with Braces:

Even though she wears braces, she looks fine without makeup. This is probably one of the finest pictures of Alyssa Milano without makeup.

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10. Pregnant Woman Shopping:

Alyssa seemed to be really fit even during the time of pregnancy. This is one of the best pictures of Alysaa Milano, where she sports her makeup free face along with her beautiful physique, which she has maintained during pregnancy as well.

Instead f being more than 40 years old, Alyssa Milano still looks quite young. This is not the effect of any aging beauty product. It is because of her naturally awesome skin.


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