13 Amazing Pictures Of Jennifer Lopez Without Makeup

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Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous women all over the world. She is one of the most prosperous business women ever. Apart from that, she is a popular singer, actress and a fashion icon. She has made a significant mark in the western industry with the help of her divine looks, unique dressing sense and her inborn talent. In today’s world, everyone women want to be as successful as J. Lo. Like her albums steal the billboard ranks, her magnificent looks steal the red carpet every year. Jennifer Lopez no makeup selfie are some of the most liked photographs on social media.

This American singer has to go on world tours and display herself in front of thousands on fans every day. Her hectic life demands her to be in her best shape which is not that easy. According to sources, J. Lo has one of the most experienced makeup and styling teams ever. But she likes to go out without makeup a lot. A number of times J. Lo has been spotted on the streets of New York without wearing any kind of makeup. Here are some pictures to justify the statement that Jennifer Lopez likes to go natural most of the time.

1. Furry Doll:

J Lo looked sensational in this picture, where she wore a furry winter jacket and a cute little bun. She had all eyes on her and had no traces of makeup on her face. She kept it really simple and elegant. J Lo sure knows how to ace any look and need not help from cosmetics to look pretty.

2. Keeping it Warm and Cosy:

Check out her beautiful skin in this picture. She looked too good to be true inspite of wearing a simple outfit and ditching her makeup. J Lo surely know that beauty doesn’t cost a thing when you a skin like that. She likes to age gracefully and keep it very simple and elegant.

3. After and Before Makeup:

Which one do you think is out favorite picture of this multi-talented lady? While she looked stunning and regal in the makeup look, she surprisingly look so pretty without makeup. Her radiant skin is like a clean canvas to work on. She was spotless and had an even skin tone.

4. The Car Selfie:

This is probably the best of J Lo’s selfie pictures. She slayed it with her highlighted hair and no makeup look. She is always best dressed, no matter where she goes. Despite opting for such a simple look, she looked quite elegant we must say!

5. Good Morning Peeps:

Jennifer Lopez without makeup 1

Jennifer Lopez posted this picture of hers one fine morning. She just woke up and clicked this. J. Lo wanted to make it clear that she is not one of those women who crave for everyday makeup. In this picture, Jennifer looks so natural and fresh. Though, a little tired but still good enough to impress us all.

6. Keeping It Casual:

Jennifer Lopez without makeup 2

In this picture, Jennifer goes for shopping wearing not so classy but casual clothes. With her fair skin complexion, she steals the looks. The ripped jeans and that adorable top look perfect on her as she sports the trendy tucked in t-shirt look.

7. Fitness Time:

Jennifer Lopez without makeup 3

Jennifer Lopez has an outstanding figure which makes her one of the hottest women solo singers in the music industry. Here, J. Lo is rocking the streets with a white short top along with black stretchable bottoms. No makeup but still breathtaking.

8. Stunning Diva:

Jennifer Lopez without makeup 4

Jennifer Lopez has always brought the perfect package whenever we have expected some great out of her. She sings so well and dresses so cool. This modern woman definitely knows how to be attractive and doesn’t need makeup to support her beauty.

9. Ready For Shot:

Jennifer Lopez without makeup 5

This picture of Jennifer was clicked on the sets of her new music video. She hasn’t worn any makeup yet and practices her sexy moves and shows off her sparkling fancy pants along with her casual gray top. She looks adorable inspite of wearing no makeup. We are ready to shout “Action!”

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10. The Raw and Real Look:

Jennifer Lopez without makeup 6

This picture of Jennifer Lopez shows her love for fringe cut hairstyles. She looks so simple and so adorable at the same time. The bangs cover her forehead and leave the rest of her face for having a tremendous no-makeup facial impact on the viewers.

11. Spotlessly Clean:

Jennifer Lopez without makeup 7

Jennifer loves her morning strolls and manages to maintain the trend. She can make a simple white jacket look like a designer one. She barely needs to dress up fancy as she can rock it by wearing casual clothes. Here, her hair remains tied up and her face requires no makeup to look attractive.

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12. Vacation Time:

Jennifer Lopez without makeup 8

Jennifer Lopez posted this picture of her on Instagram, where she was wearing no makeup. Her natural beauty came emerging out of the phone screens of all the viewers. She looked quite calm and composed in this picture, where she was spotted lazing around in her beach chair.

13. Behind The Wheels:

Jennifer Lopez without makeup 9

Jennifer Lopez was spotted driving to her gym in Beverly Hills. Obviously she came out without any makeup and wore a red simple hoodie. She looked quite radiant and her skin looked impeccably beautiful. Inspite of wearing makeup, to look like JLo is not an easy task.

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Jennifer Lopez is surely the most celebrated singers of all times. Her super hit songs and equally spectacular videos made her a heart throb and raised her popularity. She is known for her extremely good sense of style, although had many controversial outfits in her kitty. She has a gorgeous skin that is truly envy worthy. Her sharp facial features alone with a healthy caramel complexion makes her an all-time diva. We hope you liked these stunning Jennifer Lopez no makeup selfie pictures.