Who does not know Jennifer Lopez? The famous singers, actors and fashion divas are well known and famous all over the globe. She has been very popular in the music industry from quite a young age. Further, her looks and beauty are unmatchable. Given that we are used to looking at her beauty and makeup pictures, these Jennifer Lopez without makeup looks are trending.

JLo’s albums are most loved ones, and her fashion sense is popular, but her without makeup looks aren’t quite right and are going viral. Why not? She is known for terrific styling on screen. Hence Jennifer Lopez without makeup now is spotted all over several places. Continue reading to know how these viral photographs of JLo without makeup look.

Pictures of Jennifer Lopez without Makeup:

Jennifer Lopez, without makeup, now pictures are viral and trending for a reason. Given that she is a beauty and fashion icon, Jennifer Lopez’s no makeup is quite revealing.

1. Furry Doll:

Jlo looked sensational in this picture, where she wore a furry winter jacket and a cute little bun. She had all eyes on her and had no traces of makeup on her face. We all are used to seeing her beauty and fashion on the screen. This Jennifer Lopez without makeup pictures wasn’t going quite well with followers initially. She kept it simple and elegant. J Lo knows how to ace any look and needs no help from cosmetics to look pretty.

2. Keeping it Warm and Cosy:

Check out her beautiful skin in this picture. She looked too good to be true despite wearing a simple outfit and ditching her makeup. J Lo surely knows that beauty doesn’t cost a thing when your skin is like that. She likes to age gracefully and keep it very simple and elegant. Self loves her raw and simple self despite revealing the Jennifer Lopez no-makeup looks.

3. After and Before Makeup:

Which one do you think is our favourite picture of this multi-talented lady? While she looked stunning in the makeup look, she surprisingly looked so pretty without makeup. Her radiant skin is like a clean canvas to work on. She was spotless and had an even skin tone. Here is Jennifer Lopez without makeup pictures while she was on her way to an event.

4. The Selfie Time:

This is probably the best of Jlo’s selfie pictures. She slew it with her tied hair and no-makeup look. She is always best dressed, no matter where she goes. This cute and simple selfie beats her age and is with a glowing face with a radiant and bright complexion. Despite opting for such a simple look, she looked quite elegant, we must say!

5. Good Morning Peeps:

Jennifer Lopez posted this picture of hers one fine morning. She just woke up and clicked this. Jlo wanted to clarify that she is not one of those women who crave everyday makeup. In this picture, Jennifer looks so natural and fresh. Though a little tired but still good enough to impress us all.

6. Keeping It Casual:

In this picture, Jennifer goes shopping, wearing not so classy but casual clothes. With her fair skin complexion, she steals the looks. The ripped jeans and that adorable top look perfect on her as sports the trendy tucked in t-shirt look. This picture of Jennifer Lopez without makeup is seen while she was stepping out for an outing with her dear ones. She looks breathtaking.

7. Fitness Time:

Jennifer Lopez has an outstanding figure, making her one of the hottest women solo singers in the music industry. She is among most fitness and active lifestyle enthusiasts. Jlo is rocking the streets with a short white top and white stretchable bottoms. No makeup, but still breathtaking and simple!

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8. Stunning Diva:

Jennifer Lopez has always brought the perfect package whenever we have expected some great out of her. She sings so well and dresses so cool. This modern woman knows how to be attractive and doesn’t need makeup to support her beauty. However, this Jennifer Lopez picture without makeup is quite bright and looks very simple yet gorgeous.

9. Ready for Shot:

This picture of Jennifer was clicked on her new music video sets. She hasn’t worn any makeup yet, practices her sexy moves, and shows off her sparkling fancy pants and casual grey top. And she is getting already tired of practising yet looks beautiful. She looks adorable despite wearing no makeup. We are ready to shout “Action!”

10. The Raw and Real Look:

This picture of Jennifer Lopez shows her love for fringe cut hairstyles. She looks so simple and so adorable at the same time. The bangs cover her forehead and leave the rest of her face to have a tremendous no-makeup facial impact on the viewers. Jennifer Lopez is among our favourites for this no-makeup look, given a beautiful smile that adds to her real and raw beauty!

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11. Spotlessly Clean:

Jennifer loves her morning strolls and manages to maintain the trend. She can make a simple white jacket look like a designer one. She barely needs to dress up fancy as she can rock it by wearing casual clothes. Her hair remains tied up here, and her face requires no makeup to look attractive. This picture of Jennifer Lopez without makeup is fresh and relaxed. We are sure she is having a good morning jog in this picture.

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12. Vacation Time:

Jennifer Lopez posted this picture of her on Instagram, wearing no makeup. Her natural beauty came emerging out of the phone screens of all the viewers. She looked quite calm and composed in this picture, where she was spotted lazing around in her beach chair. Jlo is someone who loves vacation and holidays, and her no-makeup face is doing justice, given that she is doing something she loves!

13. Behind The Wheels:

Jennifer Lopez was spotted driving to her gym in Beverly Hills. She came out without any makeup and wore a simple red hoodie. She looked quite radiant, and her skin looked impeccably beautiful. Despite wearing makeup, looking like JLo is not an easy task. This picture was taken when Jlo was driving out to attend her work meetings and schedules.

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14. The Resting Face:

The Jlo resting face here is looking tired. However, her no-makeup look here in this picture is clicked after having a long day of the shoot and relaxing. She looks radiant and bright. No wonder she is among the top beauty divas without makeup on.

15. JLO Quirky Self:

This is our favourite Jlo without makeup picture as well. Seen here is she relaxing in her residence after a long day of work. She looks lovely to herself – all chirpy and peaceful. This picture is posted by herself on her Instagram account, and we cannot help but fall in love with her all over again. She is an absolute beauty, diva!

Here are Jennifer Lopez inspired tips to take care of skin and makeup,

  1. Deep cleansing is most recommended for the best and clear face without fail. This routine will help to flush out skin impurities and toxins.
  2. Toning of the skin is good for skin cells once in three-four days. This helps greatly to repair and rejuvenate the skin.
  3. Make sure to remove makeup if applied by the end of the day. It aids the skin in healing and breathing.
  4. Deep scrub and exfoliate skin cells to remove dead skin and any impurities.
  5. Make sure one takes care of the sun through sunscreen and moisturiser. This will help the skin to stay hydrated and protected.


The pictures above of Jennifer Lopez without makeup are shocking yet cute and beautiful. She is among the most famous and celebrated singers of all time and is popular; hence her skincare and makeup are well-watched. Let us know what you think of her viral no-makeup looks.

People Also Ask:

1. What is Jennifer Lopez’s fitness secret?

Jlo diet is a well-known secret. She makes sure she eats healthy and protein food every day. Further, jlo workout is never missed out at any cost, and she believes in having an active lifestyle. Jlo fitness is all about having healthy and clean food, and a fitness regime is followed.

2. What is Jennifer Lopez’s skincare routine?

Jennifer swears by having moisturised and sunscreen. Hence she makes sure she uses sunscreen every day and every point in her life. Further, deep cleansing and frequent cleaning of the face are what she believes in.

3. Who is Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist?

Jennifer’s favourite makeup artist is Scott Barnes. He makes sure Jlo is maintained with a radiant face and glowing skin overall. He has a well-sought makeup artist for all her work and routines and hence is the secret behind her glow.


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