Zain Javadd Malik is one of the prime member is one of the prime members of the Infamous boy band formed in 2010, One Direction. His participation in chorus segments of all the songs made him quite popular and it was through this bad he was able to make a huge appeal of his awesome voice. Now this good-looking English singer is a solo artist and has released a record already which is hitting the top of all music charts. In this article, we will be going through some of the without makeup pictures of this singer

1. The Innocent Face:

This is one the very first pictures of this English singer with the band. He looks really good her and confidently shows the camera his real face. This picture can this be said to be one of the best-looking Zayn Malik no makeup pictures of all time.

2. The Blonde Highlights:

Zayn tried a number of looks over the years and all seemed to work pretty good for him. He has studied the trend and he dresses like a show-stopper and that is how he is so attractive. This picture also reveals the makeup-proof face of Zayn.

3. Purple Hair:

As discussed in the previous point, Zayn can make any look work on him as he has that kind of natural allure that works great for him. He does know how to use his good-looking in his own favor and this is why this particular picture can be claimed to be one of the finest-looking Zayn Malik without makeup pictures ever.

4. Those Tattoos Though:

Zayn loves his fans and never refuses them, when they ask for a quick picture or a photograph. This is one of the best no makeup pictures of this singer as it reveals the rugged, yet alluring face of the stud English talent.

5. The Old Snap:

This is one of those pictures, which was taken, while Zayn just entered the group. Her looks really awesome in this picture with his totally natural face. The real beauty of Zayn is incomparable.

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6. The Photo Shopped One:

This is a photo shopped picture of the English singer. Those are not the real color of his eyes. But one thing is not edited, that is his natural glow of the facial portion. He looks quite handsome in this picture and for this reason this picture is a good example of Zayn Malik no makeup.

7. The Hotel Picture:

The makeup-free picture of Zayn was clicked, while he arrived at an hotel. You just don’t get to see this kind of facial attraction everyday and that too from a 19year old boy. Zayn looks like a shaved kit and quite hot as well.

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8. The Cute Face:

For those who are not aware of it, Zayn does have a really adorable face. Now he is all grown up and looks more of like stubble adult but back then he was quite the charmer and he used to impress people with his beautiful gifted facial beauty.

9. Beard Game:

A lot of people prefer seeing Zayn with beer, rather than shaved. To be completely honest, he doesn’t look bad. He definitely is not a child anymore but somehow he still portrays that innocent look.

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10. Ripped Kid:

This is snapshot from one of the lifestyle videos of One Direction, which showed how Zayn spent his day. For all the right causes, Zayn does like sporting his naturally alluring face a lot.

This article brings you some of the finest-looking Zayn Malik pictures, where he sports his totally real face without any kind of facial beauty product application. For all the Zayn Malik lovers, this article will be a dream come true.