The king of Latin Pop, Enrique Iglesias, is a big tycoon in the music world, ravaging million-dollar albums that hypnotise us and make us go gaga. Being a successful multi-award-winning musical sensation, Enrique acquired his taste in music from his father and predecessor, Julio Iglesias. However, being a musical sensation comes with more than just an enticing voice. Singers of his fame hood are often under a lot of pressure to look like a perfect 10. This is probably one of the reasons why they are constantly makeup caked and dazzling. However, if we take off the superman costume, it’s a wonder who will we see? In this article today, we discuss the looks of the famous Enrique Iglesias without any makeup on.

Beautiful Pictures Enrique Lglesias without Makeup:

1. Younger Days:

This picture is from his younger days when he was pictured leaving his car, busy talking to someone on his phone as the people around are basked in his natural beauty, flawless skinned, and the boy next door messed up hair. The fashion tycoon had a blue splash scarf wrapped around his neck as his black jacket kept him warm from the bitter outside cold.

2. The Event Day:

This is a picture from one of the event days when he decided to go all casual, wearing one of his signature styles, baseball caps, over his unpolished face. From the picture, it is pretty evident that he wasn’t wearing any makeup, yet all that look suited him brilliantly.

3. Rocking His Signature Style:

Once again, we see the famous star sporting one of his signature styles as he walked about, not knowing about this candid picture. Enrique always has been appreciated for his good looks and savvy ways, and this time, it was no different. Looking mighty fine, Enrique did rock his look even in a candid.

4. A Guest Judging Session:

Taking up the chair beside X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, Enrique Iglesias appeared on the guest judge list for the above 30s category for the singing show. Looking divine in simply a red tee, Enrique looked entirely beguiled with the talents presented before him as he geared up for some more surprises, his no makeup face clearly showing how flawless he is.

5. Game Show Date:

This is one of those pictures from when Enrique took his long term lady love, Anna Kournikova, to a game show. Amongst the canoodling and happy faces, the duo was spotted in one of the front row seats enjoying the game. Even though his other half did have some makeup on, Enrique looked quite beautiful without any makeup on him.

6. In Between The Concert:

Enrique was pictured clicking selfies on one of his fan’s phones during one of his concerts. Selfies are no strangers to stars as they all take to social media sites to post their pictures. This is probably just one of those times when the concert at its peak caught Enrique with his signature cap clicking away.

7. Yacht Break:

Catching a break during one of his vacations, Enrique decided to show off some toned abs as he stood by the railing with his shades on. Once again, he had his cap on while his toned muscles glistened in the light. Enrique has always been a girl’s favourite, and now we know why.

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8. Driving Around:

This picture was on the same day as the yacht party, only hours before when he arrived at the scene in his car, his girlfriend beside him, all ready and pumped up for the weekend vacation. Sporting a slight stubble, Enrique looked quite manly howsoever.

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9. Airport Runs:

This picture of Enrique is from one of his airport leavings, shot when he was leaving the airport. With his hair held back in a beanie and his tired face on display, we could tell he’s had a hard week.


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