A proud actress of the South Indian cinema, Regina Cassandra made her first debut at the mere age of 9 when she decided to become an anchor for one of the kid’s shows. Later, she made her path to the movies at the age of 14 playing her role besides other notable actors. Then her final break came at the age of 21 when she starred opposite Yogi, who was a newcomer then. Right now, Cassandra is one of the household names of the South cinemas, starring in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada films. On camera, Regina has always sparkled like a bright star and in this article, we shall determine whether her brightness indeed is limited to the studio or not.

Beautiful Regina Cassandra Without Makeup with Pictures:

1. All Denim Look:

Regina Cassandra here sports an all denim look as she pairs her everyday blue jeans with her denim shirt. Looking smart and filled with confidence, Regina had her face all bare except a pink hue spread across her lips. It was evident from the picture that she looked fresh faced and spotless even without makeup.

2. Fitness Freak On:

This picture is taken on one of her fitness training days where Regina engaged in some power yoga. As she sat legs outstretched ready to do her stance, she looked quite down to earth and beautiful in her natural self, her hair messily tied at the back with a serious look lurking on her face.

3. Work Pressure:

The movie pressures do take a toll on her, as Regina in this picture showed how she is comfortable carrying her own weight in her natural self without the need for external makeup to make herself pretty. Even though the hard work and sleepless nights show up underneath her eyes, she looks perfectly calm and collected.

4. Smiles:

As she smiled coyly, her hair parted from the middle fell on either side of her, her face portraying the freshness that brought out the classic architecture of her warm sunny skin.

5. Candid:

In this candid of Regina, she looks absolutely bubbly making a funny face at someone while someone else caught the sight on the camera roll. The picture here shows this star without any makeup letting her luscious locks down and free.

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6. Bare Faced Beauty:

One of the most natural and bold pictures of Regina, the beauty here posed for a shot while embracing her bare face sans any traces of makeup. We can feel the tiredness in her eyes glare back at us while she maintains a subtle calmness on the outside, her soft features matching up to the velvet feel of her skin.

7. In Formals:

This time dressed in a formal mint green shirt, Regina had styled and straightened her hair to give off that finesse while she without any makeup on her face ventured out looking absolutely enticing. It was not solely the radiance of her skin that caught our attention but her style statement too.

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8. A New Look:

Regina was sitting down having a good time with herself as she opted for a new look, the one with the glasses. Instantly turning her hot nerd mode on, Regina pulled off the glasses pretty slickly. Even though her face lacked the studio finish, she herself looked quite attractive.

9. Going Traditional:

Donning on a pretty yellow suit, Regina in this picture has minimal makeup on as she poses for a traditional photo shoot. Keeping her roots intact, Regina looks quite happy in her natural self.

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