The Americana actress, model, and celebrity homemaker is one of the best-looking actresses in Hollywood. We are talking about Blake Lively. This American film personality has participated in some of the most famous films. She is a mother of 3 and has a beautiful family. She is quite the businesswoman herself, and besides all this, she has maintained her beautiful skin just like it was in her 20s. You should think again about those who have already figured out that Blake is all about makeup. In this article, we will be discussing some of the most searched without makeup pictures of this woman, which will speak in favour of her natural beauty.

1. Morning Scene:

Blake was spotted on a typical morning confidently making everyone’s day better by showing her real face to them. Her face has that kind of allure that will persuade people to look at her and even stare for quite some time. Without any touch of makeup on Blake’s face, this picture can be one of the best Blake Lively no makeup pictures out there.

2. The Fan Favorite:

This is yet another Blake Lively without makeup picture, and it shows how dear Blake is to her fans. Like the other pictures on this list, this one also reveals the real face of Blake, and she looks stunning with her beautiful blonde hair.

3. Heading Somewhere:

Blake Lively was again seen displaying her totally real face by sporting her casual look alongside and keeping in touch with her feminine side. Speaking of heading, Blake is a busy woman, and despite her busy schedule, she still makes time to maintain her gifted beauty.

4. The Simplest Of Looks:

Blake Lively was seen departing the airport without a hint of makeup on her face and still was looking very attractive. Guessing from the title, you can figure out that Blake was also sporting the simplest of her looks that day. With a casual sense of clothing and a pretty generous heart, Blake doesn’t require almost anything to look more beautiful.

5. Beautiful Dress, Though:

Blake’s natural beauty sets a new record for all women who often show their natural faces. She was born with this, and there is no beauty product powerful enough to beautify this face, allowing her to free herself from beauty products’ boundaries and rules and restrictions.

6. The Blonde Allure:

The natural blonde, Blake Lively, surely knows how to rock her alluring bright, sun-kissed blonde hair. She looks really good when she sports her awesome hair and looks good, even when there is no sign of makeup on her face. She looks fine without even displaying her totally real face and is confident in her natural beauty, and she believes that her fans will like the way she is. This is what makes her beautiful from the inside.

7. The With And Without Makeup Picture:

If you’re looking for some Blake Lively no makeup pictures, then this particular with and without makeup pictures will be suitable to make you fall in love with her natural allure again. The makeup-free face on the left does look beautiful and is recognisable. This is one of the best without makeup facial displays of Blake Lively.

8. Busy Woman:

Being a businesswoman is not always easy. It is not only about collecting the cheques but also about putting the work in. This woman can keep up with her busy life and still maintain her natural look and looks fine even without sporting her realistic look.

9. A Scene From A Movie:

Blake looks fine in this particular scene. She looks fine even without sporting her totally real face. This woman has a naturally awesome face and can look great in almost anything she wears. She has got that naturally in-born allure that attracts people towards her and makes her look attractive every time she sports that beautiful face.

10. Getting Into Her Ride:

Blake Lively was snapped while she entered her car without sporting a beautiful top that revealed her legs. As said earlier in one of the points, Blake can sport any piece of clothing and look alluring to the maximum extent. Her natural beauty gives her that advantage and allows her to wear almost anything that comes to her mind.

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11. The Bikini Picture:

Blake Lively was seen in a beautiful Bikini. The picture was taken while she raised the body after a quick swim at a swimming pool. This woman has a stunning physique and attractiveness that doesn’t need to be beautified with facial products.

12. The Old Picture:

This is a pretty old picture of Blake Lively, which shows the natural allure. This woman was smartly displaying her authentic look and looked fine even without any sign of beauty product on her face. Her choice of clothing was also pretty simple that day.

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13. Road Scenes:

After seeing this picture, people will be looking for more without makeup pictures of this celebrity instead of looking for Blake Lively makeup pictures. This picture shows her busy life and a good display of her natural beauty. One can fall in love with this woman’s face’s allure.

14. Beautiful Dress:

Blake was seen wearing a gorgeous dress and was properly displaying her alluring face. This particular picture of Blake looks fantastic without makeup on it. One cannot appreciate her natural beauty enough. We can sit and look and admire it to the limit we think appropriate.

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15. The Blonde Scores:

Last but not least, we have this fine display of Blake’s natural beauty. She was sporting her pretty and toned face and well-textured blonde hair with no probable makeup.


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