Justin Drew Bieber is a world-famous Canadian singer and a famous songwriter who is a fountain of talent. He is undoubtedly one of the best youth singers of this generation. He has broken all restrictions and proved the hypocrites and haters wrong. This young lad is one of the most searched celebs ever as well. With his new album Purpose, he has again gained popularity on a wide scale. Surrounded by fame and riches, he is one of the best-looking singers. His charming looks come from his naturally beautiful face, not from the high-end beauty products that sometimes prove to be complementary even for him. Check out some pictures of Justin Bieber without makeup before and after.

1. The Sober Look:

In this picture, Justin Bieber was spotted wearing a flat hairstyle and oversized glasses. He also has tufts of beard on his face. The singer was spotted wearing no makeup in this event, where he went emotional about the disasters of the Harvey hurricane. He was very generous in donating to the victims.

2. The Gentleman:

Justin Bieber looked like a million bucks in this picture. He opts for a stunning black shirt and a black bow tie. He had traces of makeup on his face, and one could spot nude lipstick and gloss. This shot was taken at the Grammy Awards, and to make his face photo-ready, he opted for some foundation and concealer.

3. Justin Bieber Without Makeup Before and After:

In the first picture, Justin was makeup-free. He looked pretty natural, and his face revealed some patches and dark spots. One can also spot his dark circles in the before picture. In the after photo, Justin sported makeup. He used foundation, concealer and nude lipstick. His hair was set to sway sidewards.

4. Justin Bieber No Makeup Selfie:

This selfie was taken for the “Shot of Me” app. Justin kept his true self in this picture and had no traces of makeup. He opted for a natural hairdo, and his eyes had no concealer. He certainly looked charming in this picture. This teen star is not new to selfies and has come a long way in this career.

5. Partying Hard:

Justin is quite the charmer and has been like this very early. This particular Justin Bieber picture is one of the best pictures of Justin Bieber without makeup. He looked cute with his glasses, black blazer and red trousers. A little snake on his hand was an unusual accessory he opted for this look.

6. The Little Blonde Boy:

Young Justin left no stone unturned when it came to impressing people. He looked pretty attractive with his natural blonde hair and his cute face back then. Now he is the charmer; back then, he was the cute kid with immense talent and massive record labels with his name on them. This might be suitable if you are looking for some Justin Bieber no-makeup pictures.

7. Baring It All:

Justin is the guy of every teenage girl’s dream. Most of the time, his face stays beautified with makeup, but as soon as he gets some time to get indulged in his personal life, he lives it with all his heart. This Justin Bieber without makeup selfie is one of the best instances of this young talent’s naturally beautiful face.

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8. Doll-Like Look:

If you are really into Justin Bieber, the following picture will suit you. It shows the young Justin’s alluring natural face and his attractive looks. Justin was quite the charmer at a young age as well. He looked like a doll with a neat hairdo and almost flawless skin.

9. Just Chilling:

You have probably seen Justin Bieber with makeup on. This is one of your random times when you visit a picture of Justin Bieber without makeup. The photo was taken while heading to the studio after grabbing his smoothie.

10. Travelling In Style:

Justin Bieber was spotted with Selena Gomez at the airport. He was displaying his real face in front of the hundreds of people out there and was quite confident that people would only admire him this way. He looked excellent in an all-black outfit and wore his signature metal chain and an ear stud.

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11. Goodnight Peeps:

All the fan ladies picked up this picture and shared a million times. It shows Justin’s attractive physique and his natural face without makeup. It is one of the best Justin Bieber without makeup pictures if you are looking for one.

12. Tattooed Man:

This particular makeup selfie of Justin Bieber shows their natural face of Justin. The picture also displays all his meaningful tattoos, which suit him quite well. He is pretty fond of tattoos, and both his arms are covered with plenty of sketches. He opted for a bare-faced look in this picture.

13. Happy Smiles:

Have you seen a guy laugh so beautifully before? Justin does, and his million-dollar smile is an effective tool for impressing people who work in his favour. Justin seems to opt for a natural look in this picture. There are traces of makeup to cover his blemishes, but he looks as fresh as dew in this picture.

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14. A Ray Of Sun:

With an alluring face like Justin, anyone can rock the summer. This picture was clicked while Justin was on holiday with his friends in Santa Monica. He looked beautiful, and his smile was probably one of the best-looking displays on his face that quickly captured his attention.


Justin Bieber is blessed with naturally glowing skin. He has a perfect-looking face, and his cute smile makes him a little heartbreaker. Despite witnessing acne breakouts, his healthy skin regime makes him manage his issues. He is often criticized for wearing makeup and has been the centre of jokes for his feminine looks. This young star is extremely talented, and a little bit of makeup used by him is to make him photo-ready consistently. He is confident in his natural skin, also. We hope you liked these cute pictures of Justin Bieber without makeup before and after.


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