The famous American model Gigi Hadid has been under scrutiny from fashion police for several years. Most of the industry often accused her of showing false beautified makeup whereas she in real life doesn’t look so. Gigi is also famous for her makeup product line and her expertise in the beauty industry. But did you ever get to see the true Gigi Hadid without makeup pictures? Well, here are the top looks of her without makeup as we show you. Gigi has undergone a tremendous transformation with time in her looks. Here we reveal top Gigi Hadid no makeup pictures. See how she looks in real life as per these viral pictures.

15 Images of Gigi Hadid without Makeup:

Have you heard of the fashion diva Gigi Hadid? These Gigi Hadid without makeup pictures are taking down the internet. Find out the real Gigi Hadid no makeup looks here.

1. The Television Fame:

Besides being a model, Gigi is also a quite famous television personality, and for that, she has to maintain a beautiful look almost all the time. That requires maintenance and don’t confuse that with makeup. It means to keep up with the natural look and maintain that with a healthy lifestyle. This is the best Gigi Hadid without makeup picture that you are looking at, which was clicked while the lovely lady was out for a quick walk in the busy city streets. She looks different in her real life, is it!

2. Hollywood Beauty:

If you are looking for some good Gigi Hadid no makeup pictures, then this might be suitable. It is one of the best ones in this category and includes the alluring face of the young fashion model. The picture was clicked at an event, where the American model sported her casual sense of clothing along with her natural face. She is going to the event from her residence, and we get to see a glimpse of her without makeup. She looks quite beautiful here!

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3. That Outfit, Though!

This is one of the best sights of Gigi’s natural face. Here, she wears a tight leather jacket along with slim fit jeans, which beautify her alluring figure. You cannot just take your eyes off her. She always steals the show. Her natural looks are quite underestimated by most of the fashion critics in her circles. She looks breathtaking in this picture!

4. Dressed like a Doll:

Gigi looks like a real-life doll, and people pay her that particular compliment mostly because of her natural face. She is one of the best-looking girls of her age, and she can easily make anything good on her since she is gifted with that kind of positive vibe and in-born attraction. This Gigi Hadid no makeup picture is different and is among her initial day pictures. The photo was clicked while she was departing Joe Jonas’s house.

5. Outing in Style:

Even though she is looking fantastic in this picture, there is no hint of beauty product on her face. This is the best a woman can look, and she looks fine even when she sports her totally real face. This is probably one of the best-looking makeup-free pictures of the infamous American model that you will possibly come through, like ever. This Gigi Hadid no makeup picture does not make much of a difference given the beauty she is with herself!

6. The Show Stopper:

The famous American model did look perfect when she was displaying her real face while departing from a coffee shop. As always, she was looking quite stylish, and her face was sporting the authentic look, which is the no-makeup shades. Her hair was flawlessly falling over her face and all over it can be said, she was looked simply attractive. However, most of her followers weren’t quite pleased to see this picture of her!

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7. Naval Exposure:

B stands for two of the best things, beauty, and black. Gigi Hadid looked ravishing that day when she displayed her beautiful looks along with her outfit. Without a trace of makeup on her face, Gigi sported her alluring face and impressed all the people in that place. Seen here is Gigi Hadid without makeup picture while she was departing from the store and on her way to meetings.

8. Women in Black:

Gigi Hadid was spotted sighting in LA. She was wearing those trendy simple shirts and made a woman look extremely alluring. This can be said to be one of the best looks for a woman who wants to rock her natural face without any sort of makeup on it. She is seen sporting the simple look with great confidence and style.

9. The Lunch Date:

Seen here is Gigi Hadidno’s makeup look with a simple shirt and tight black pants. She is seen going on an outing in this picture and looks simple yet beautiful. Her no-makeup look, however, isn’t quite pleasing here for us given that her face looks dull in this picture. We aren’t quite happy, is it!

10. Post Gym Sessions:

Gigi was heading to a lunch date with her then-boyfriend Joe Jonas. She was sporting a cool set of clothing along with her yoga pants on. She is walking the streets and simply looked alluring. This woman can be said to be one of the best looking woman of this time and being a model; she has to maintain her natural beauty. She doesn’t count on high-end beauty products.

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11. With and without Makeup Comparison:

If you are going to compare a woman without makeup and with makeup on, then such pictures always come in handy. And since, we are discussing some without makeup moments of Gigi Hadid, this picture is crucial. If you look to the right, you will see the beautiful face of Gigi, which displays heavy signs of makeup. On the other hand, the left one is not that bad. Her face looks amazing without makeup. Sometimes, it might be the facial tone which needs to be fixed with makeup.

12. The no Makeup Selfie:

If you are willing to look for some Gigi Hadid without makeup pictures, then this is one of the best that you will come through. This particular picture shows the real face of Gigi, which looks quite alluring without the touch of makeup on it. Her natural selfie looks beautiful in this picture and looks gorgeous. All of us wish her blonde hair!

13. The Sneak Peak:

Here, we have an awesome Gigi Hadid no makeup picture, which reveals the real face of this beautiful American model. The picture was taken while the model was not aware of it. It was a prank that was to be pulled on her, but it turned out to be a revealing pic of Gigi’s natural allure. Seen here is Gigi leaving to her schedule for makeup and the paparazzi quite did not let her go in this picture.

14. The Car Picture:

This particular picture was clicked just when Gigi entered a cab and then displayed her real face with utmost confidence. Her smile is totally kiddish and cute enough that we cannot let it go. She looks breathtaking and is on her way to an event where she is yet to have a makeover! We cannot stop but adore this picture!

15. Washed Off:

Gig just washed off all her makeup before taking this selfie. This shows Gigi’s importance in leaving her makeup out before she ends her day. She is seen to look gorgeous in this picture which makes us believe that one can look naturally beautiful if one takes good care of the skin.

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Additional Tips:

Given the Gigi Hadid without makeup pictures, here are some inspired tips for taking care of glam skin,

  1. Leave the skin free of any products from time to time to let the skin breathe well.
  2. The skin requires recovery time for everyone for a glam look and better texture.
  3. Always cleanse your face every day without fail. Deep tone the skin for the glow.
  4. Make sure to moisturize your face regularly to nourish and hydrate the skin well.
  5. Have a healthy diet which can reflect well in the form of a natural glow on your face.
  6. Never use harsh products on the skin to prevent ageing and bring in a natural glow.

Gigi Hadid is among our favourite fashion icons and diva for most of us. Given these Gigi Hadidno makeup looks, we are quite allured and inspired to get back to a healthy body and face without fail. The Gigi Hadid without makeup pictures created a stir at first, but later the followers and netizens could not help but applaud her natural and glowing face. Tell us what you think of her here.

People Also Ask:

1. What is Gigi Hadid’s skincare routine?

Gigi Hadid always makes sure to follow a good and healthy skincare routine. She vouches for apricot scrub to remove dead skin cells and to wash her face off now and then to remove any impurities.

2. What is your favourite Gigi Hadid diet and workout?

Gigi Hadid’s fitness is among the most talked about in town given her youthful look which does not budge. Further, Gigi Hadid’s workout includes cardio, jumping rope, and boxing. These are among her favourite workout routines.

3. Who is Gigi Hadid’s makeup artist?

Patrick Ta is Gigi’s all-time favourite makeup artist. It happened that Gigi stumbled upon their skills of Ta on Instagram and booked him for later shows and events. From then, there is no looking back at all for Gigi.


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