Beauty differs from one person to another. Some may opt for artificial means of enhancing their beauty whilst others prefer to go with their natural look. For actresses however, they have no choice on-screen.

No doubt makeup and foundation does a lot to intensify their features and can transform even the most ordinary looking person into a screen goddess but when not filming, some actresses choose to step out in little or no makeup at all. Nithya Menon is one of the many Indian actresses who can be caught on a number of occasions either at a function or on a normal day out wearing no makeup. Some of the pictures below are evidence of her natural beauty.

Glorious Nithya Menon Without Makeup Photos:

Here is a list of best collection of Nithya Menon without makeup Pictures that make them her fans very happy along with wondering.

1. Subtle In Pink:

Nithya Menon looks plain but subtle in this pink top and contrasting red nail polish at a South India Film Function. In this pic Nithya sports sans makeup face with a simple dressing.

2. The Bare Face Of South Indian Cinema:

All it takes is a smile for Nithya Menon to look her natural best. Her jet black shoulder length curly locks accentuates her rounded face even if the black and white T-shirt makes her look a bit podgy. Here also she wears no makeup on her face.

3. Kerala Beauty:

Hailing from Bangalore, Nithya Menon has accomplished herself as a South Indian film actress and playback singer. Seen here at an Audio Release function of the Telugu movie, Ala Modalaindi. Nithya Menon chose to grace the function without the use of cosmetics. She always want to exhibit her natural beauty without makeup.

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4. Up Close And Personal:

A close up picture of Nithya Menon at the same Audio Release function that showcases her natural beauty in the limelight. The delicate golden patterned salwar is covered by the white dupatta in its entirety and suitably matched with a golden pair of danglers to give her a classic Indian look. Her coal black hair let loose on her shoulders intensifies the colour of her light brown eyes and heightens her entire appearance without the touch of makeup.

5. Poised Nithya:

Nithya Menon looking cool and poised in this sleeveless frilly top. It’s amazing the effect one’s attire can have especially when wearing no makeup. The hair, considered to be part of a woman’s beauty, also has a major role to play in one’s get up. For Nithya the combination of this cool summery top and long black curls works great on her makeup free persona.

6. Striking A Pose:

A beaming Nithya Menon finds time to pose for the camera, reveling in her fresh and makeup free look. She would have made a pretty journalist, a career that she once thought of pursuing before deciding to become an actress.

7. Cute Still Of Nithya:

An idyllic picture of Nithya Menon posing once again for the cameras without makeup in a perfectly natural setting that augments her natural good looks. Her thick black mop of hair worn loose does well to highlight her clear skin and fair complexion and the mustard coloured kurta looks perfect against the backdrop of potted plants.

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8. Stating Her Point:

Nithya Menon with little or no makeup can still manage to look dazzling off-screen and the beauty about it is that she appears to be oblivious of the fact. The floral pink and maroon blouse is a good choice teemed with a pair of dark blue jeans. Just like she has made her mark in the South Indian film industry, she appears to be making her point felt in this picture, adding an authoritative demeanour to a perfectly pleasing personality.

9. Rainy Look:

Taken from a still in one of her movies, the rain appears to have washed all of Nithya Menon’s makeup away leaving her smile intact. The innocent in life, wide eyed look portrayed in this image is so true to her character in real life.

10. Quite The Poser:

Nithya Menon sure loves to pose for the camera. Dressed simply in a purple top and blue jeans with minimal makeup, she works her charm just like she does in her performances that have won her various nominations and a Nandi Award for Best Actress.

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