Goldie Hawn is an American treasure chest of veterans acting alongside direction and producing. Like her, her movies have had a unique touch to themselves with hits like Private Benjamin and Overboard and more. From the very beginning, Hawn has had her signature look on point, golden locks and light eyes preparing herself for the perfect girl next door look.

Pushing to 70, Goldie Hawn, now 69, is still quite the town’s talk. We have always seen this talent perform on-screen with the best of the faces making her look young even in her mid-age. Today’s article will talk about the Hawn and her beauty, but this time sans makeup.

Goldie Hawn Without Makeup With Images:

1. Between The Calm:

Goldie Hawn, in this picture, is seen on the backdrop of a simple religious site with probably one of her companions where she sported open golden locks falling into waves. At the same time, the rest of herself her face was without any hints of makeup. Hawn donned traditional set attire, and even at her old age, she looked pretty calm and beautiful.

2. Bed Head Delight:

This was one of the old pictures of Hawn where she was seen sporting bed headlocks all across her forehead. Apart from the ruffled hair, the beautiful Hawn had no makeup on her as she tied her scarf around her neck and smiled sweetly for the picture. In the picture, due to a tiresome work week, we could see her eye bags prominently showing while the rest of her was as always serene.

3. Workout Mornings:

Taken a good two years back, Goldie Hawn was photographed in her comfy workout clothes gearing up for a good jog. Even old age has no restrictions, proving that to the world, the then 67-year-old Hawn went on with her jog. She had no makeup on, and her old age lines were peeking through her otherwise beautiful skin.

4. Beauty Skin:

Here we have another picture of Goldie Hawn getting out of her car. This was one of her old pictures shot by the paparazzi where she appeared to have no visible signs of makeup on herself. However, this one time Oscar winner looked quite pretty in her all-natural skin without many specs and spots on herself.

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5. Street Sighting:

On one fine cold day, Goldie Hawn had put on her comfy black jacket and tagged her studded black purse on the side, Hawn was photographed walking on the streets with her hair, the golden locks wide open. The Hawn, without any makeup, however, looked quite beautiful. We have always known her as someone with good skin, and it’s good to see that she has hold her place right there.

6. With The Love:

Here we see Hawn posing beside her love Kurt in her prime days, and in this picture, both looked fine. Goldie decked up in an evening gown with her hair falling quickly on her shoulders, and Hawn, with minimal makeup, looked quite beautiful.

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7. Graceful Aging:

The beautiful and stoical Goldie Hawn has been ageing gracefully, and here is a classic picture of her in her old age, showing off her old age lines. The wrinkles and crinkles on her face were evident on her skin. However, without much signs of makeup on herself, this woman did look stunning.

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8. Photoshoot Pretty:

Posing for a quick photo backstage with one of her friends, Hawn and friend, Hudson looked healthy and cheerful. Being a part of the photoshoot ordeal, it was evident that these pretty ladies did don a little makeup. However, this natural makeup look made them look pretty.


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