The Badshah’s Begum, Bollywood’s first lady, Gauri Khan is the only constant in Shah Rukh Khan’s hectic life. A devoted mother of three, Gauri is a multi-tasker who has her own business apart from a hectic family life. She is the co-founder of Shah Rukh’s production house, Red Chillies Entertainment, and has launched her own interior design store called ‘The Design Cell’.

Over the years one only associates celebrities and their spouses with glamour and over the top make up and do not see them in their natural look. This however does not hold true for the Begum of Bollywood. Here are some of her best natural make-up-free looks for you.

Gauri Khan with and without Makeup Images:

Basic Jeans and T-shirt:

Spotted in a checked blue shirt and distressed jeans at a celebrity birthday bash, this no make-up dewy fresh look is a perfect example of Gauri’s effortless style. She is fuss free and likes to keep things to the bare minimum. This look works so well that she looks much younger than someone in their early forties.

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Gorgeous in Plain White:

Another gorgeous example of her hassle free look is this click where she is in a basic white oversized shirt and stonewashed blue jeans. Adding glamour are the huge bumble bee sunglasses that sit so perfectly on her oval face. The stylish and very now top knot completes the look without a trace of make up.

Minimalistic Style:

It is said that the right accessories can make or break a look and they trump over makeup of any kind. The perfect laid back attitude, the fuss free hairstyle and those beautiful metallic shoes elevate this normal shirt and jeans look to a more graceful ensemble. Add a color coordinated bollywood heart-throb for arm candy and we have an undisputed winner!

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The Doting Mom:

Being a doting mother is a full time job which gives sleepless nights and almost no time for other things. But Gauri is an exception to that. Brought up in a strict army background she knows the value of discipline and takes care to instill that onto her three growing children. Her attention to detail does not escape her dressing. She’s a cool mom to Suhana and sets a good example of how beauty truly comes from within.

The Loving Wife:

Bollywood’s poster couple is an example of commitment that completed 21 years in 2013. In the age of rapid divorces and philandering spouses their love for each other has stood the test of times. Gauri is still the most beautiful woman in Shahrukh’s life and this picture on her last birthday testifies just that. Aging gracefully needs no makeup but only the deepest love and respect.

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The Encouraging Parent:

The various shades of a person make up for her beauty. The different roles Gauri plays to her children effortlessly are indeed a mark of true beauty. Children are pure souls who look up to the love and encouragement from their parents and look beyond the veils of false appearances. The way Gauri beams to her daughter’s success, no mineral makeup can do the same.

The Home Maker:

Love transcends everything in our lives. Gauri the homemaker surely knows that and takes pride in her beautiful family. This pride and content is what imparts such abundance of youthful glow.

The Business Partner:

Whether it is the IPL auction or the sets of a movie production, Gauri is the perfect business ally to the superstar. Prompt with discipline and highly resourceful she is more to Shahrukh than just his wife. Her confidence speaks volumes and emits an aura unparalleled by any magical grease paint.

The Cheerful Girlfriend:

Gauri Khan is the inspiration behind SRK’s phenomenal success from the very first time they met. Truly behind every successful man is a very beautiful woman.


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