Priyanka Chopra Jones, an internationally recognized actress, shot to fame with the role of ‘Alex Parrish’ in the television series Quantico. She has acted in both Hollywood and Bollywood and her exceptional acting skills have earned her many accolades and awards. Besides acting, she is a producer and winner of Miss World 2000 title. Moreover, the Quantico actress is very active on social media, connecting directly with fans by sharing her photos on and off shoots. But often shown with a polished combination of eye makeup, lip color and foundation, the 41-year-old beauty is never afraid to show off her bare-faced look to fans. Have you witnessed her natural charm? If not, explore this article where we’ve curated 20 photos that capture Priyanka Chopra’s innate beauty without makeup.

Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup Looks:

We admit when we all have a bad hair day or a tired look on our face, but here are some of the best Priyanka’s without makeup looks that will make us fall in love with her.

1. Simply Pretty:

Here Priyanka Chopra was seen leaving the airport in her natural self without makeup on her face, and from the looks of it, it is evident that her beauty with her success has risen sky-high. She dazzles on screen with her smoky cat eyes and princess curls, and off-screen, she is cute as a button. Even without makeup, she looks spotless with a faint glow and perfectly sleek hair.

2. Plain Jane:

She is a glittering personality on the television screen, but even once in a while, the best of the big shots need a day off to flaunt their fresh faces. Priyanka Chopra dropped her high heels for a day out in Mumbai, where she used a bandana on her head and wearing a simple black tank top. She ventured out for the night. Her face looks devoid of makeup but fresh and pretty.

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3. Bare Beauty:

Getting out of the car in a sexy black leather jacket with her Ray-Bans on, Priyanka Chopra looked quite the plain Jane, but this bare beauty still pulled off a head-turning entrance. Priyanka has always been quite the dazzler, and even with the black shades on, you can bet she looks perfect.

4. White Beauty:

The recent time has been quite disheartening for Priyanka when her father passed away and left her family distraught and sad. This picture was taken at her father’s funeral, where she looked simply like any of your neighbourhood women next door. Clad in a white suit, she looked teary-eyed and broken down, but her skin was spotless and fresh.

5. Airport Walk:

The best way to spot a celeb in their natural beauty is when they are fleeing from one country to another. In their busy schedule often, you will notice them running around sans makeup, just like this picture of Priyanka where she was shot leaving the Mumbai airport. She looked extremely fashion savvy and even with a simple hairdo and a fresh face.

6. Funeral Chic:

This is yet another funeral picture where Priyanka attended the funeral of Shammi Kapoor. She always rocked her funeral look with a simple white traditional suit and sans makeup face. By now, you would know she is the best for fresh-faced beauty.

7. Party People:

Here is a picture of Priyanka partying up her night in Vegas with DJ Vice. With her Roberto Cavalli white angelic dress, she used a little colour to her lips and eyes, but she still looks fiery hot and cute even with the barest makeup.

8. Fan Shoot:

Here is a picture of Priyanka Chopra with her fan where she had no hint of makeup on her face but still looked as glamorous and gorgeous as she always did. Her natural colours in her pretty puckers, golden tan, flawless face, and perfect hair looked terrific.

9. Ice Cool Look:

Priyanka Chopra here is photographed leaving the palm spring bungalow where she wore ice-cold blue jeans paired with a white tee-shirt and simple black pumps. Her hair is pulled up in a bun, and she moves on with her flawless face, and without any makeup, she looks pretty.

10. Fan Love:

Priyanka has always been known for her bubbly and presentable self, and when her fan in Las Vegas wanted a picture with her, she posed for one without any hesitation, ignoring the fact that she had no makeup on. As usual, she has her natural aura that veils her prettiness.

11. Plaid And Leather Look:

In this photograph, Priyanka Chopra is wearing a plaid shirt paired with a blue leather jacket. This photograph seems to be quite old. Priyanka’s hair is slicked back, and she is hardly wearing any makeup, though one can see the blush on her cheek. Overall, this is the no-makeup look any college girl would wear.

12. Nerdy Chic:

Priyanka is as it is stylish, and even without makeup, she looks too cool. A nerdy look with the oversized glasses and hair in a bun, Priyanka is spotted in this photograph. She is wearing a tank top with stripes all over, added with a black and olive jacket and printed pants. She is wearing light-coloured lipstick, and the rest of her face is clean, but her skin looks flawless.

13. The Cute Graphic Tee:

In this image of Priyanka, she is dressed like a college girl, wearing a cute graphic owl printed tee and some quirky font, and she’s paired it with a pair of black skinnies. Her hair was tied in a bun and fringes, and her nails were painted black. Priyanka is not wearing any makeup other than a neutral lip shade here.

14. Classy Earthy Tones:

Classy attire is more adorable. Piggy Chops is wearing elegant attire- a brown jacket paired with light blue denim and a beige bag around her hand. Her neutral tones, which she has integrated into her outfit, look the best. She is also wearing a pair of oversized retro glasses that increase her whole look and is overcome by her wearing no makeup.

15. Business Like:

It might be Priyanka is going for a Business Tour, that’s why she is looking business-like here. This picture is another click of Priyanka’s airport look with minimum makeup. She is wearing a black coat, a pink top, and black skinnies. She is carrying a black leather handbag that is the only accessory. Her hair looks silky, and her face has no makeup looking very natural.

16. In Election Time, Priyanka Chopra Without Makeup:

This picture of Priyanka Chopra is from an election day when all citizens should vote. She did the same, proudly showing off her inked finger, showing she’s a responsible citizen. Priyanka is dressed in a white outfit and oversized sunglasses. She is not wearing any makeup in this picture, but she still looks gorgeous.

17. Desi Girl:

In this photograph, Priyanka has got her desi look on. She is wearing a plain white kurta with a colourful dupatta having red thread- work on it. Her hair is blow-dried straight, which gives giving kind of natural look. Piggy Chops is without any makeup in this image, but her skin looks flawless as in movies. It is one of the best pictures of Priyanka Chopra without makeup.

18. Powder Blue:

Here Priyanka is dressed in a powder blue jacket and white outfit and has paired her sky-high Louboutins. Her black pencil high hills look too stunning. Her hair is curled, and she is wearing minimal makeup. For makeup, she has strokes of colour on her cheeks and rosy lip colour. She looks beautiful.

19. The Quirky Girl At The Airport:

Priyanka Chopra was recently spotted at the Mumbai airport oozing her swag, wearing a cool grey sweatshirt with a shoulder off and a pair of denim shorts. Her bright red sneaks look different. She has her hair in a ponytail to attract attention to the shoulder detailing. She is wearing no makeup except for a lip balm.

20. Kirtan Event:

This picture was clicked at the kirtan event that her father organized. The entire Chopra family was invited. Priyanka looked sweet in a green salwar kameez with its pallu on her head, ready to look for pooja. She is seen with no makeup except a neutrals lip shade—a simple yet beautiful look.

Priyanka’s makeup is usually neutral; she goes for more earthy tones, being dusky beauty. Priyanka keeps minimal makeup and sometimes no makeup but still looks gorgeous. She even symbolizes that beauty is within oneself.

Famous Bollywood diva Priyanka Chopra who’s sure to move without makeup spotted wearing absolutely no cosmetics at better places and occasions.


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