The king of romance and the Badshah of Bollywood are some of the names which are synonymous with this average-looking boy next door, which every girl wants to romance. He has made such an impact with his romantic roles that every time one hears a Rahul or Raj or Arjun, one can’t help but imagine this enigmatic Scorpio.

Although he is the darling of the arch lights, he looks equally attractive and cute in real life. The best proof lies with his wife, Gauri. Married for 21 years, they are the ultimate romantic couple. Here is our pick of the best of his natural look off-camera.

Shahrukh Khan Without Makeup Photos:

Following are the most popular and well-talented Bollywood Badshah (SRK), Shahrukh Khan, without really nice makeup pictures.

1. Stylish Khan:

The Khan of all seasons and for all reasons, this man looks good irrespective of what he wears or does. Seen here at a brand endorsement, he manages to look very stylish. There is not an item that this man has not endorsed. Shahrukh Khan is a name we now associate with the very best in everything. Here, he only wears little makeup, even if it is a public photo shoot.

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2. The Effortless Charmer:

Seen in a simple black shirt and black suit and with no makeup, this man exudes charm and a charismatic magnetism that draws women of all ages into his transcending gaze. The cute dimples have the women hooked on to this charmer for generations to come.

3. The Maverick:

Shahrukh Khan is a cool cat when it comes to business. He has made some blockbuster movies under his production banner, but the high point lies in his IPL team. Co-owner of the Kolkata Knight Riders team, this man is all kinds of cool. His involvement with the city has earned him the status of the Brand Ambassador of the State of West Bengal. Shahrukh gets into his car from outside and has no makeup face in this image.

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4. Without Makeup Shahrukh Khan:

With a steady worldwide fan following, one would be quick to assume that this man has a lot of attitudes and airs about himself. But he is straightforward with his loved ones. Hailing from a humble background in New Delhi, Shahrukh has had no godfathers in the industry. To date, he maintains his humility despite all his success. To be able to maintain such a dignified presence is in itself an achievement. This pic says how natural he is even in sans makeup look.

5. The Sexy Don:

Yes, sir, Shahrukh Khan brought the sexy back with his rendition of the classic retro character of Don. If there was anyone who could pull off this iconic role, it was this man. With his naturally smooth swagger and killer attitude, he is as lethal in action sequences with the romantic dialogues. Here he sports only his no makeup face and a ponytail look that is perfect for him.

6. The Item Boy:

SRK is single-handedly responsible for popularising item boys’ concept in Bollywood. He has pulled off some of the most stunning item numbers in the movies recently. He did not want the girls to get all the attention! And he worked hard, even to the extent of building six-pack abs. There is nothing this man is not capable of. And with that cute face without makeup, one can never go wrong.

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7. The Romantic Shahrukh look:

From the Chemistry teacher to the neighbour’s daughter to the college sweetheart, Shahrukh has managed to romance every character on screen. Seen here, makeup-free loos of Shahrukh khan, to his shoot for the Yash Raj Production’s Veer Zara, he effortlessly fills into every role as the quintessential romantic guy every woman wants. The romantic side is also evident in his personal life. The man is a living testament to everything about love.

8. The Dreamboat:

The man is no Adonis, yet his female fan following is enviable by his contemporaries. He has a very magnetic charm that few can resist. But he also personifies integrity which makes his characters on-screen so believable. The above image said that he is without any makeup on his face.

9. Shahrukh – The King of Million Hearts:

There is no doubt that he is the king of hearts, which has a lot to do with being a good person. When one is good from the inside, it reflects on the outside. This is one of the great pics of SRK without makeup.


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