Leighton Meester is an American actress and singer. The “Gossip Girl” beauty is also known for her modelling career and is popular for her impeccable sense of style and makeup. She is often spotted with no makeup and sets an example to her peers who are caked in tons of powder. Such is the popularity of Leighton’s no-makeup look that many people have actually started tutorials on how to use makeup to look like Leighton without makeup. In this article, we present some of the best pictures of Leighton Meester without makeup.

Images of Leighton Meester without Makeup:

Given below are a few instances of Leighton Meester without makeup

1. Shining Star:

Imagine going out for a drive and walking out of the car like this? This gorgeous woman is seen walking into the airport in a black cap and loose hair. She has a brilliant shine on her face without the use of glow makeup.

2. The Candid Selfie Moment:

This selfie of Leighton is sure to end up as wallpaper on your screen. With just long hair, hoop earrings and round glasses, she is ramp ready. We love the way she accentuated her lips with a natural pale pink lipstick.

3. Fresh As A Dew Drop:

As you can see from the picture given above, Leighton Meester is a person that is an absolute minimalist when it comes to makeup because she would rather portray her natural beauty to her fans from all around the world.

4. The Oh-Oh! Moment:

This candid picture shows Leighton absolutely ready for the day out but without using any makeup on her face that is too dominating. This is one of the best pictures taken of Leighton.

5. Walking in Style:

This picture taken on set at Leighton’s hit drama show is the best picture taken while on set and shows how Leighton is using very little makeup on screen as well. Her stylist knows well how to show the world the true looks of Leighton Meester.

6. The Sensuous Diva:

This picture shows Leighton Meester, no makeup ready for the red carpet, looking as dazzling as ever as she poses for the camera. The intensity of her natural looks is putting many celebrities to shame at this mass celebrity event.

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7. Denim Girl:

This picture shows Leighton Meester’s makeup enjoying her day out without any worries on her mind and without any elaborate makeup on her face. This is another really good picture of Leighton taken as candid.

8. Striking A Pose:

One of the most important things to know about this wonderful lady is that she tries her level best not to use makeup on a daily basis as she prefers to live a healthy life with adequate exercise and a healthy diet so that she can keep her body looking good both from the inside and the outside.

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9. If Looks Could Kill:

Yes. Leighton does use makeup but only to a certain extent because of her major presence on screen, but even here, her stylist just magnifies her beauty with basic makeup rather than overdosing on her with what she does not need.

10. Dimple Cheeks:

Leighton’s smile is actually what steals the show for this wonderful lady, and this is actually quite evident from the picture given above.

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11. Flawless Belle:

Essentials are all that this wonderful lady carries with her on a daily basis and include eyeliner and lipstick. This is one of our favourite images of Leighton Meester Without Makeup.

Leighton Meester is one of the few fortunate stars who is blessed with killer looks and good skin. She can perfectly slay any look without the use of any makeup. She manages to pull off any outfit effortlessly and illustrates that the best makeup you can ever wear is that smile on your face. No wonder why she is closely followed by her fans and the press on social media. These pictures prove that no one can rock the no-makeup look better than Leighton.


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