Dhanush is a South Indian actor and a famous singer as well. His melodic track received good feedback fro people all over the country and people still enjoy it. One of the best actors of this time, Dhanush has also worked in Bollywood and can be said to be one of those few celebrities who are making their mark for a young age. He has dark skin tone but still he looks quite handsome and is a man candy according to some ladies. In this article, we will be discussing about some of he best pictures of Dhanush, which were clicked while he was not wearing any makeup but he looked astonishingly beautiful.

1. The Real Handsome Face:

Here, we can see the natural face of Dhanush, which shows how awesome he looks behind the scenes. He can simply impress people without even sporting any kind of makeup.

2. With The Buddies:

Dahnush was snapped with his South Indian movie buddies, where he was looking totally natural. There was no makeup on his face and he was looking quite the man. One thing can be said for sure, that people are attracted towards his for his work rather than his facial beauty.

3. The Fan Picture:

This is one of the best pictures of Dhanush without any makeup. Amy Jackson, a fan of Dhanush admired his confidence of sporting his no makeup face and she wanted to take a picture with him. Dhanush also requested Amy to do a movie without wearing any kind of makeup as he looks dazzling without applying any kind of beauty product.

4. With The Bollywood Friend:

Dhanush and Sonam did a picture together and that came out to be a really successful one. This picture of Dhanush and Sonam is quite a success as well. Here, we can see Dhanush’s naturally attractive face, even when he is sporting no makeup.

5. In White:

Dhanush was spotted in a Tamil film festival, where he showed off his natural allure along with a decent white shirt. He was looking very decent and healthy at that time.

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6. At A Movie:

This is a snap from a popular movie, in which Dhanush did a great work. This particular still shows the real handsome face of Dhanush. He sports no makeup in this one and still looks quite attractive. His costars have a hard time not to flirt with him.

7. The Wedding Picture:

This picture dates back to the period, when Dhanush got married with Rajinikanth’s daughter. In the picture, he is looking simple and he is showing off his awesome natural face along with his million dollar smile.

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8. With Friends:

Dhanush was spotted having a great time with Shruthi Hassan. He was looking awesome in this picture just like the fellow actress and was also displaying his totally naturally face. This young actor can keep himself popular among people by simply showing his natural face.

9. At An Event:

Dhanush sported this really stubble look at an event, where he was the chief guest. He was looking quite natural and besides his popularity he kept up with the casual sense of clothing.

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10. The Real Hero:

Dhanush is a true hero in life because of his good deeds. He is a good man and has a mind-blowing personality which can be revealed from the allure on his face. This picture speaks for itself and can be said to be one of the best Dhanush no makeup pictures out there.

This article brings you some of the best pictures regarding the no makeup version of the famous Telugu actor, Dhanush. He looks almost awesome without sporting his without make up face and he can still impress people, when he takes off his mascara. He is aware of his natural allure and this is why he sports his natural beauty most of time when he is off screen.


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