We all love watching television serials and movies, and this is our major mode of entertainment, and hence we have our own list of top favourite heroes and heroines written down in our minds. Have you ever thought and wondered how these celebrities would look in real life and without any makeup? Here are some of the top South Indian actresses without makeup images to check out. We have curated them together, and we are still in shock and awe. These South Indian heroines without makeup looks are for those who are seeing them for the first time and are both amusing and also strange. Some of these South Indian heroines without makeup are totally amazing to look at, and some are very ordinary looking.

Latest Images of Top 15 South Indian Actresses without Makeup to Check-Out:

Hence check them out here. Here are top 15 South Indian heroines without makeup look images trending on the internet right now.

1. Tamannah without Makeup Picture:

Here is Tamannah among the top Telugu heroines without makeup look. Tamannah is right now around 29 years of age and is among most long-serving Telugu actress in the industry. She has done several hits in her movie career beginning from the ‘Happy Days’ to recent movies. She has also done few movies in other South Indian industries like Tamil and Kannada. Her picture without makeup is totally going viral, why not. We have not seen here in reality. She looks really simple and cute, isn’t it?! There is not much differentiation from her real-time to reel life.

2. Malayalee Asin’s No Makeup Looks:

Here is the Malayalam actress without makeup. She is basically a Malayalee, but has worked not just in Telugu cinema but also has successfully entered Bollywood. Asin, who is now around 33 years, has taken retirement from films after her wedding with business tycoon Rahul Sharma in 2016. Her pictures without makeup are trending, given that she looks exactly the same with and without makeup. One can easily recognise her looks, which is nothing short of a simple and pretty right! Now she is living happily with her baby and husband. Her daughter is called Arin.

3. Trisha Krishnan’s Crazy No Makeup Pictures:

Trisha used to be the heartthrob for many of us back in the last decade. Here is this Kollywood heroine without makeup. She has done several movies in Telugu and Tamil industry and is among the top and well-known actress ever since. She is now around 36 years of age who still lives single. Trisha’s no makeup look going all around internet given the shocking pictures we came across. The glamorous actor well known for her looks and smile, cannot be believed in real life images. Anyone who would come across these looks would be shocked!

4. Bold Kajal Agarwal’s No Makeup Photo:

Can you believe that this is Kajal Agarwal, the sexy and most trending heroine from a decade?! This picture of the heroine without makeup in Tollywood is crazy and shocking, right? Kajal, aged about 33 years, has been in industry career from 2007 onwards. Her first movie was from Tollywood industry and later has stepped into Tamil industry too. Now she is a most wanted actress in both the states. This was a recent photoshoot of Kajal in Mumbai without makeup which has led to several controversies. Many praised her for her bold looks. However, it is time to appreciate such a movie, right!

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5. The Famous Amala Paul’s No Makeup Look:

Who does not know the famous Amala Paul? This actress without makeup looks is here. She is around 27 years of age. Amala Paul has worked in several Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu industry movies. She has done several super hit movies in the movie industry and is among most sought after heroin. Her non-makeup picture was trending a while back on the internet with this throwback picture. Our favourite actress looks absolutely amazing, isn’t it? She looks totally young and simple. We love such simple pictures which can show any actress in real life world.

6. Actress Keerthi Suresh No Makeup Look:

Here is the Malayalam and Tollywood heroine without makeup look. Keerthi Suresh, who was trending in in recent years with her movies in Kannada, Tamil and Telugu are serving the movie industry in great heights. The actress is aged about 26 years right now. Her no-makeup look is shocking given that we never imagined she would look in this way in real life. She looks totally plain without makeup or any makeover. Her pictures in movies and events are totally different compared to how she actually is. But she looks adorable, right!

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7. Taapsee Pannu’s without Makeup Picture:

Here is the big shot, TapseePannu who has worked in Telugu and Tamil movies and later transformed into a celebrity in Bollywood. The actress is currently around 31 years old and is among famous in South Indian industry. This Telugu and Tamil actress without makeup look is not surprising for us, given that she looks exactly the same even with makeup on. She looks simple and so pretty with her cute smile. Her natural looks are, in fact very sweet and beautiful than her makeup looks as per our view. We are sure even you would be thinking this same way.

8. Rakul Preet’s No Makeup Look Spotted:

Here is the well-known actress RakulPreet’s no makeup look. The actress is well known for her several Tollywood movies and has recently entered Bollywood. Rakul is currently aged around 28 years has already made her mark in the Indian film industry. With her several movies which are hits, she is a most wanted actress for several directors. This Telugu heroine without makeup look of Rakul is quite shocking, given that we know the actress is a woman who is an enthusiast for fitness. However, her looks are quite simple in real life. She is seen sporting a sweet smile in this picture.

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9. The Pretty Ileana without Makeup Look:

This pretty actress, Ileana totally looks amazing in real life as well. This actress has predominantly appeared in many South Indian films and later became a celebrity in Bollywood as well. Right now, she is around 31 years old. This old picture of Ileana without makeup came as a flashback for us when she was acting in Tollywood movies. She looks really simple and pretty isn’t it. And she is totally elegant in her looks with a young face. She still is among our favourite actresses. In this picture, we can see her sporting open hair with simple earrings worn.

10. Anushka Shetty’s No Makeup Image Setting The Trend:

Here is another sandalwood actress without makeup look. She is a Kannadiga by nature and is right now aged around 37 years old. However, most of us know Anushka through her work in the Telugu film industry. She has appeared in numerous movies in the South Indian film industry especially Telugu. Her notable movies include the recent and latest phenomenon, Baahubali with Prabhas. This is a no makeup look of Anushka, which is quite a shocker for us. However, she looks totally sweet with her smile in this picture. She is as such known to be the sweet and simple person in life, and this picture is just reflecting her attitude.

11. Actress Shriya Saran’s No Makeup Look:

Here is our well-known childhood actress, Shriya Saran. She mostly appeared in many Tollywood movies from the beginning of the 2000s and has been our favourite actress when we were young. Here is the look of her without makeup. She is now aged around 36 years. After this movie, she even entered Bollywood and is well known there too. Recently she married her sweetheart in 2018 and is now happily settled. This is a no makeup look of Shriya who looks pretty simple and cute. She looks exactly the same even on screen with just a little skin tone appearance.

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12. Cutie Samantha’s No Makeup Image:

Who does not know Samantha?! She is trending all over in Tamil and Telugu movies from last few years. And she took our heart away with her debut, “Eemayachesave” in Telugu movie industry and later started to rule both Kollywood and Tollywood. She is now aged 32 years and happily is married, yet making a mark through her movies. Her look without makeup is still cute and pretty. She looks very young and elegant in her no makeup pictures also. Every year, Samatha is one of the top actresses with several hits often in both industries. Hence this actress looks has been in trend and viral all over but is appreciated for her sweet gesture.

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13. Sandalwood’s Rashmika No Makeup Picture:

We all know the famous ‘Kirik Party’ and ‘Geetha Govindam’actress, Rashmika Mandanna. She is now around 23 years and very young. She has made her mark in several Sandalwood films. The famous Kannada actress without makeup picture is here. She looks very sweet and simple in this picture. She still looks quite young in this picture. The no makeup look here is seen in her wearing a simple casual dress and funny pose. We absolutely are in love with her charm, aren’t we!

14. Shruthi Hasan’s No Makeup Trending Picture:

Here is the well-known ShruthiHasan’s no makeup picture. This South Indian actress without makeup look is much of a shock to us, given that most of us do not recognise her actual tone. Shruthi is now aged around 33 years old and is still a well-known personality in Indian cinema. She has worked in Tollywood, Kollywood and Bollywood movies. Her no makeup look was seen sported in one of her film promotion times. She looks absolutely simple, and most of us were unusually shocked as we did not expect this.

15. Nayanthara Shocking Picture Leaked:

This Kerala based actress is well known all over South India. This Malayalee actress has acted in several movies from Mollywood, Kollywood and Tollywood. She also has appeared in a few Kannada films. Aged around 34 years, this sandalwood heroine without makeup look is totally shocking for us. This picture has been going all around on the internet for a long time and is still trending in many places. She looks totally different and strange than in movie life. However, her natural looks, which are bold in nature, should be appreciated, right!

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Hope you enjoyed reading this article on South Indian actresses without makeup. These images are both shocking and strange for us to look at. There are both current and well-known actresses in this list, and most of them are among our top favourites. Hence it is fun to look at how their real-life features look like compared to what they look on the screen. Tell us what you think about these pictures here.


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