This article will let you know more about real and favourite celebrities without makeup looks. Continue reading this article to understand how our actual favourite actress looks without the camera and in real life. This actress without makeup looks shocking and surprising at the same time.

The glamour of the fashion world and acting career is always mesmerising. We always get awestruck by how well our favourite actresses both in Bollywood and Hollywood look with their makeover, but how well do we know their effort to achieve those perfect looks? The art and cinema life require a lot of care and makeover needed to come in front of the camera, and that is not how they look in real life. The looks are quite bold, famous, vintage, artistic and fashionable at the same time. These unique fashionable looks are done well with all-stars working to their level.

50 Pictures of Beautiful Heroines With and Without Makeup 2022:

Now, here we are giving you a list of top Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities without makeup. On some occasions, these celebrities come out without using any makeup, and it reminds you they are no different from you.

You must be feeling jealous about their beauty, figure as well as fitness, but you will be surprised to see their actual pictures taken devoid of makeup, We have rounded up top celebrities who we consider looking fab without makeup. They are as follows.

1. Aishwarya Rai:

The Bachchan bahu stole our hearts in 1994 when she was crowned as Miss World. Times were different then, and so was her style. She changed or rather improved over the years working up to the level where she was considered as amongst some of the best faces in the entire world. Though she might have changed over the years what remained constant was her beauty, her flawless skin, her bright shining eyes and her inner diva.

2. Katrina Kaif:

When she first stepped into the Bollywood stage, she started with a whirlwind of praises for her angelic face and angel-like aura. Since the very beginning of her career, Katrina Kaif has won over hearts with her deep eyes and a cute as a button face. She dazzles on screen and off the screen with and without makeup.

3. Bipasha Basu:

She is one of those celebrities who has achieved it all, from a perfect body to a flawless face, from a stomping career to her fitness DVD. This bong fitness freak came to recognition with her famous movies, but she moved past them and decided to spend some “me” time by reconstructing herself. As a result, today Bipasha Basu with or without makeup turns heads as she walks by. If with makeup she looks flawless, without makeup she does so all the more. With just a hint of the liner, she can create wonders to her face.

4. Kareena Kapoor:

Kareena Kapoor has always exhibited flawlessness in her every step from the start of her debut movie until now. Somehow or the other she has always stood apart from the rest not only because of her great skin or zero size figure but also of her tremendous acting skills. Here is a comparison of her with and without makeup comparing the two, one can easily fall in love with her all over again even sans makeup.

5. Priyanka Chopra:

Another of the best faces the industry saw was the infamous Priyanka Chopra who like a gust of wind rose to a position where she belongs to one of those desi divas who made it out big on the international platform. In the year 2000 she was crowned Miss World and since then on her journey, has gone through ups and downs but she has always had her foot set on the ground. Here in the makeup-less picture, Priyanka appears similar to your neighbourhood girl next door, with a cute look with flawless skin.

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6. Alia Bhatt:

The young, fresh-faced beauty is the daughter of the renowned film director and producer, Mahesh Bhatt who in recent years made her debut as a simple college student and then rose from that to do many more roles. But one thing that has always made her stick out and stand proud was her simple beauty merged with the sweetness of honey. Alia Bhatt’s picture speaks all with her nil makeup face. Even without constant touch-ups, she looks divine.

7. Deepika Padukone:

After her shoot, she ventured out to make up less and was spotted in the temple area where once again she proved to the world how a little show of makeup and hair could not stop her inner beauty from speaking out. Deepika Padukone has travelled through highs and lows in her career trying out different roles, but the role where she plays the actress without makeup and yet flawless stands upright and strong.

8. Janhvi Kapoor:

Here’s one celebrity that never stops wowing us. Everyone knows Janhvi is the daughter of the legendary actress Sridevi and great producer Boney Kapoor. Janhvi last year start acting in the film Dhadak. She continues her mother’s legacy. Janhvi is seen tired, maybe after a shooting return but her skin is still fresh and gorgeous.

9. Sonam Kapoor:

The actress without makeup looks lovely with her smile. She is wearing a white dress which is made of cotton, designed in pure form. This image proves to she is so simple in her casual time. At the same time, she is outstanding looks without makeup.

10. Kangana Ranaut:

Here is that one girl we all will hate for her perfection and secretly envy her for her looks. Kangana Ranaut looks perfect and beautiful while she sweats some cooking food at the kitchen, and surprisingly she still looks fantastic doing it.

11. Vidya Balan:

Here is how Vidya Balan looks without makeup. She is definitely among beautiful celebrities without makeup, and her bright face only accentuates her beauty. She looks attractive and natural without makeup and is totally rocking that look. The image while it came shocking to many is also amazing to several women. This actress has come in a long way.

12. Sonakshi Sinha:

Has she ever wondered what actresses like Sonakshi Sinha and celebrities without makeup look like? Secretly let us accept that she looks gorgeous and worth admiring. She totally looks cool with her lovely natural looks. The makeup look is very simple, cute and attractive. She is definitely among our favourites.

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13. Parineeti Chopra:

Parineeti is one of the best actresses in the Bollywood film industry. She is one of the beautiful celebrities without makeup and looks totally natural. She is sweet and looks bright with shine in this picture. The look is quite simple, cute and pretty. She looks absolutely natural and the same without makeup and is loved by many

14. Shraddha Kapoor:

While we saw what Bollywood celebrities without makeup look like, here is another one of Shradha Kapoor. This sweet-looking girl is just the same with or without makeup. She is simple, looks smart and totally dashing in her everyday life as well. This picture is well simple, as is her personality too. Don’t we love her?

15. Anushka Sharma:

Ever wondered what other Indian celebrity photos without makeup would look like? This is a picture of Anushka Sharma snapped at a restaurant. She looks so dashing and cute even without makeup. And she looks quite natural, doesn’t she with all her natural glow? This is her airport look which came infamous on one of her trips. How do you like her?

16. Keira Knightley:

She makes an entry full of action into mainstream movies in the distinctive Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, together with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley has risen to the level of a globally well-known babe. Kind of like a British Natalie Portman. Keira Knightley’s appearances are lovely and without makeup. She also mostly is present at events too without any makeup. She, as a British beauty, has a perfect complexion as well as fabulous bone structure.

17. Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie gives the impression of having it all, fame as well as beauty. She is one of the best-looking or most beautiful women in the world. And we know, she is an award-winning actress, having gained an Oscar, a pair of Screen Actors Guild and three Golden Globe Awards. She is a singular representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She is also the wife of Brad Pitt, one of the most handsome men today. To best it all, she looks wonderful even sans makeup.

18. Penelope Cruz:

Performing from the time when she was just 16 years of age, Spanish actress Penelope Cruz has played the lead role in pictures like Blow, Sahara and Gothica. These films are famous for their extremely good looks. She has a perfect and natural look and a figure and is therefore set to appear in Paris’s Grevin Wax Museum late this year.

19. Ann Jacqueline Hathway:

Ann Jacqueline Hathway remained amongst People’s Magazines’ 50 most good-looking people in the world. However, that was with makeup. Ann Hathway devoid of makeup is completely another story. She is one of 50 Ugliest Superstars without makeup. This ugliest celebrity without makeup originated to rank after playing Mia Thermopolis in the Disney film The Princess Diaries. Chaos and Brokeback Mountain confirmed her place as a Hollywood star.

20. Cameron Diaz:

Cameron Diaz is one of the great uber-babes of the past two decades, having kept men of the world drooling from a line of appearances in some of Hollywood’s most successful flicks. From pure youthful beauty in The Mask and There’s Something About Mary, to more contemporary early-middle age appearances in The Green Hornet and Bad Teacher, we’re yet to lose faith despite pictures such as the ones below (below that one!).

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21. Amber Heard:

This is yet another look of a celebrity without her makeup on. She is beautiful inside and out. Her natural looks are absolutely breathtaking and look fresh! Here is a picture of her without makeup. She is seen holding her puppy in this picture and is totally rocking the look. Absolutely amazing, isn’t it?

22. Megan Fox:

Who does not know this famous actress? Megan Fox, the sensation in television and movies is here without her makeup look on. She looks the same here in real life, with a youthful face and sweet smile. Her real looks have impressed many, and several women in actual life and are taken inspiration for her skincare.

23. Charlize Theron:

Charlize Theron, the American film actress and producer who look without makeup is here. While she is absolutely breathtaking on the camera and in Hollywood life, aren’t we shocked to notice how she looks in real life? She looks shocking, so different without makeup in real life, right? It is very different and simple from than the actual tv and movie world.

24. Blake Lively:

Who does not admire the pictures of the lovely Blake Lively? We keep witnessing her family pics going viral all the time. This famous woman looks like this with no makeup on. This celebrity woman without makeup is for sure going to break the internet, isn’t it? This beauty is a style icon in the glamour industry and fashion world, and now we are shocked to see her in real life.

25. Kerry Washington:

Kerry Washington here with no makeup look. She looks so beautiful and raw, isn’t it so? She definitely does not need makeup given the way she is beautiful naturally. This is another one of Hollywood celebrities without makeup pictures.

26. Kate Winslet:

Beautiful is the only word we could utter now. The famous Kate Winslet looks breathtaking even without her makeup on. She looks bold and beautiful. She looks natural, wonderful and exactly the same without makeup as well in the real world. Aren’t we amazed and happy to see her like this?

27. Scarlett Johansson:

Here is a picture we found of actress Scarlett Johansson without makeup. She looks the same as sweet as she looks on camera more or less. Natural and beautiful. She is absolutely simple and natural and is loved by everyone in the glitz world even without makeup given her beautiful and wonderful looks

28. Jennifer Lawrence:

Here is a natural picture of Jennifer Lawrence without her makeup. Who does not know this actress? We are sure everyone heard her name. Here is how she looks without a makeover. Not convincing, right? This comes as a total shocking picture for several like us, and we are absolutely dazzled by her real-life looks.

29. Adriana Lima:

Whether she’s successful as a little nerd chic in her spectacles or revealing her fresh face to the world, Adriana Lima is undoubtedly a beauty. The first picture is original and cute, and the second shows a slight shine on the nose, which does not have difficulty if you have a complete smile and killer confidence.

30. Sienna Miller:

Sienna is so often devoid of any makeup. Even though we are definite about the just-got-back-from-holiday radiance benefits, Sienna is gorgeous simple faced as she does with it on. If any woman is in her place, then she would save money on the makeup counter!

31. Christina Applegate:

Christina’s skin appears pale as well as slightly stained, but she looks beautiful without her makeup. A little eyeliner, nude lip gloss, and some bronzer must take the colour back into her face! She appears just fine: in spite of the marks, her skin and her facial assembly take her extreme.

32. Reese Witherspoon:

Reese Witherspoon is a good-looking as well as a gifted actress, and she also won awards such as the Golden Globe award, and Screen Actors Guild Award, and has also taken the lead in films that have remained box-office hits such as Charlie’s Angels and 50 First Dates. She also looks stunning without applying any makeup.

33. Katherine Heigl:

Katherine’s without makeup is also quite pretty. She lost that red carpet “enthusiasm,” but life is not a red carpet, and there is no need that she should ever be embarrassed to become caught without makeup. Particularly in that first pic, her smile is all that she needs! Her natural beauty appears in this.

34. Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba proves all-natural beauty in this photo. Her extended lashes, dressed brows and silky hair make her complete for a close up at any particular moment. She looks gorgeous without using any makeup.

35. Amanda Seyfried:

Amanda Seyfried is a natural beauty, and when she wakes up out of bed, she appears fresh as well as has a lively look. No celebrity could think about without going any makeup, but Amanda has seen flawlessly relaxed devoid of makeup as used on the red carpet. What a doll! Or you can also say Miss Natural. Her green eyes stare beautiful, deprived of any false lashes to leather under, and her lips appear full and fleshy devoid of any doubtful lip gloss that leaves your mouth sense all starting.

36. Kelly Clarkson:

Kelly Clarkson is an American pop-rock singer as well as a songwriter. Kelly Clarkson is also well known as American Idol as well as famed for her musical abilities and not for her looks. These photos will demonstrate she looks good without makeup.

37. Beyonce:

Lead singer Beyonce confidently sent a photo of herself without makeup on Tumbler silencing everybody with her wonderful skin. The pop star celebrated her 31st birthday on a ship by posting pictures of chocolate cake and a bikini. Most people are greatly jealous that she can carry off her beauty without makeup. On the other hand, only Beyoncé can create frizzy, and unfinished hair looks sexy.

38. Katy Perry:

Born Katheryn Hudson Perry. She is from California, and this beauty was born on the 25th of October, 1984. Katy is a pop performer, an actor as well as a businesswoman. Her innovation originated with the release of the track, ‘I kissed a Girl’ which increased good reviews from corner to corner in the commercials. She was Billboard’s 2012 Woman of the Year. She looks great with or without makeup.

39. Lady Gaga:

All of you are so used to seeing Gaga in complete costume through a full face of makeup. Lady Gaga kind of shocked the world when she went without makeup for a full-out magazine extent. Now, that you have to flutter an eyelid twice after looking at this natural snap! Everyone is wondering about her natural face that is unseen below all that face paint. In this image, she looks very confident about her own skin. Most people say ugly and shameful things about her looks, and on the other hand, her fans love her dramatic makeup looks and say she appears beautiful in a photo without a stitch of makeup.

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40. Jessica Simpson:

Jessica Simpson is a famous personality who is progressing as a gospel singer. She goes across the pop music scene throughout the height of approval of teen pop singers. She was included on the cover of Marie Claire magazine in 2010 without any makeup and looked so beautiful.

41. Ariana Grande:

All of us have a crush on this popular singer, right? Here is how she looks without makeup. She still looks sweet, and cute and her no-makeup look is also absolutely heart love. Her sweet young look of her is still retained and looks quite simple. She is definitely a heartthrob for many rights! This picture is shown on the left with makeup and on the right side without makeup on a pony.

42. Jennifer Lopez:

Who did not hear this famous singer’s name? While everyone would have heard her songs at some point in life, here is a picture of her without makeup. How disappointing right? She looks absolutely shocking to many without makeup. The look is quite simple and blunt as it was wondered about by many. The makeup look can be decked up well on her face, and she is a beauty icon in makeup only

43. Miley Cyrus:

Who does not know this famous name? From kids to adults, everyone would have heard her. Here is how she looks in real life. Take a look! This is another shocking picture for all of us given the way she looks without makeup. She looks totally blunt and simple, natural in her looks. She is beautiful in a definite way!

44. Singer Shakira:

Shocking isn’t it?! While we all admired her songs and personality here is how she looks in real life without any makeup on her face. she looks simple snapped in this picture with hair left loose and in a natural look. She looks gorgeous, isn’t she? No wonder she is such a beautiful fashion icon as well given the way her facial features are! Absolute love!

45. Singer Rihanna:

Here is how the famous singer looks with no makeup on. She is a good celebrity singer, and we are shocked to see how this bold personality on the screen looks in real life. She looks absolutely bold and wild in the funky nature way when snapped without makeup. Her natural looks are definite heartthrob, isn’t it?

46. Selena Gomez:

Wow, she is cute even without makeup. Right we have the same thought. While her sweet face did not change even without any makeup, she, of course, is more good looking with her makeover. The picture is quite young, and she looks natural and very cute. The youngness in her face retains much more without makeup than with makeup.

47. Britney Spears:

Here is how the real-life Britney Spears looks without her makeup. While she is absolutely dashing on screen here is how she appears in real day to day life. She looks very different and changed. We can’t even believe it is her if we cannot compare her picture without makeup. This came as a shock to us right!

48. Taylor Swift:

Here is a real picture of the famous singer without makeup. This young and famous personality who got into fame long when she was young looks absolutely gorgeous even in day to day life right. It is shocking again as we did not expect these results right. She looks cute and simple, just like us in day to day life.

49. Gwen Stefani:

Here is how singer Gwen Stefani looks without makeup. While we adore the pictures we see on social media, this came shocking to us! She looks absolutely different without makeup. We cannot even absolutely recognise her right. It is very changing in the real world and the makeup world. We are shocked!

50. Nicky Minaj:

Nicky Minaj posted sequences of self-centred herself in the shower on Instagram. After looking most of the people get confused because at this time she never kept any privacy. She is mostly a makeup-obsessed star, but this time she gives a chance for people to see her natural beauty. Many people wonder about Nicki’s skin and say, Lucky Lady!

Tips for Skin Care and Routine to Follow:

Who does not want to look gorgeous daily? Here are some nice skincare tips to follow for bright clear skin.

  1. Wash your face not more than thrice a day. More soap and chemicals are not good and are recommended.
  2. Have herbal scrub every week once at least.
  3. Use cleansing lotion to clean all dust and pollution from the skin.
  4. Natural fruits like papaya and tomato are super good for the skin and make skin smooth and shiny.
  5. Do not apply much of chemicals. Try and use toner twice a week.

I hope you liked this article on celebrities without makeup looks. Here are both Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities without makeup in real life.

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