50 Surprising Pictures of Film Actresses Without Makeup Look

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The glitz and glamour of B-town has always been mesmerizing. With every other diva fighting for the top IT girl position and every hunk trying their level best to achieve those perfect abs, the pandemonium amongst the bright lights is at its extreme. Like every other film industry, Bollywood too has her fair share or beauties on screen performing the best of the acts with precision and skill but amongst so many talents dolled up by the state of the art studio quality makeup professionals, often there is a striking contrast that can be noticed on and off screen amongst these stars.

famous indian actresses

No Makeup! Make-up is one of the most important parts of a celebrity’s life and without makeup no one come out from their home. As soon as we think of celebrities, one of the main things that arise to mind is glamor and beauty. This is because; some years ago we see the picture of every celebrity in full makeup but now due to internet we see the original that means without makeup images of film  actresses. Most of the celebs are actually regular- looking people.

Most of the people are very eager to know that how the celebrities look without any makeup beautiful or not? This is because all the people have habit to see them in full makeup either in films, News, shows or in Award functions. Therefore, peoples are crazy and want to know their real beauty. If you are also one of that then read this article carefully. The only difference between them and us is that they have actually excessive hair as well as face people.

images of hollywood actress without makeup

When you look at the wonderful makeup-less photographs of actresses or stars then it was a type of exactly that how you like to see the celebrities. This defines the actual beauty of the Hollywood celebrities as well as shows some of them are really better than us. Most of the heroines are not afraid for their look without makeup.

Everyone should go bare-faced every once in a while. It’s good to give your skin a break from makeup, for one. Also, you should never wear makeup when you don’t feel like it. So make like these celebs and go out with nothing on your face for once. After continually exist dolled up, a makeup-free actress taking on her natural beauty is an inspirational sight.

Famous Celebrity Actresses Without Makeup Pictures:

Now, here we are giving you the list of top Hollywood and Bollywood  without makeup actresses. On some occasions, the celebrities come out without using any makeup and it remind they are just similar to you.

You must be feeling jealous about their beauty, figure as well as fitness but you will be surprised to see their actual pictures of taken devoid of makeup here, we are round up top celebrities who we consider look fab without a sew up. They are as follows;

actress without makeup

Pictures of Hollywood and Bollywood Actress without Makeup:

Here are the some most beautiful Hollywood and Bollywood heroines looks in without makeup and with makeup are listed below.

1. Beautiful Actress Aishwarya Rai with No Makeup:

aishwarya rai

The Bachchan Bahu stole all hearts in 1994 when she was crowned the runner up to miss India, miss India world, or rather known as Miss World. Times were different then and so was her style. She changed rather improved over the years working up to the level where she was considered amongst some of the best faces in the entire world. But over the years she might have changed, what stayed the same was her beauty, her flawless skin, her bright shining eyes and her inner diva.

2. Makeup Less Actress Katrina Kaif:

katrina kaif

When she first stepped into the Bollywood stage, she started a whirlwind of praises with her angelic face and angel like aura. Since the very beginning of her career, Katrina Kaif has won over hearts with her deep eyes and a cute as a button face. she dazzles on screen and without makeup surprisingly she dazzles off screen too. take away the glitz and shine and makeup and you still will be left with the glamour.

3. Hot Star Bipasa Basu Makeup Less Picture:

bipasa basu

She is one of those celebrities that has achieved it all, from a ferocious body to a flawless face, from a stomping career to her own fitness DVD. This bong fitness freak came to recognition with her famous movies but she moved past that and decided to spend some “me” time reconstructing herself. As a result, today Bipasha Basu with or without makeup turns heads as she walks by. If with makeup she looks flawless, without makeup she does so all the more. With just a hint of liner, she can create wonders to her face.

4. Film Star Kareena Kapoor in Natural Looks:

kareena kapoor

Kareena Kapoor has always exhibited flawlessness in her every step from the starting of her debut movie till now. Somehow or the other she has always stood apart from the rest not only because of her great skin or zero figure but also with her tremendous acting skills. Here is a comparison of her in and without makeup and comparing the two one can easily fall in love with her all over again even sans makeup.

5. Glamorous Priyanka Without Makeup:

priyanka chopra

Yet another of the best faces the industry saw was the infamous Priyanka Chopra who like a gust of wind rose to a position where she belongs to one of those desi divas who made it out big on the international platform. In the year 2000 she was crowned miss world and since then on her journey has gone through ups and lows but she has always had her one foot set on ground. here in the makeup less picture Priyanka appears similar to your neighborhood girl next door, a cute look with a flawless skin.

6. Bollywood Girl Alia Bhatt No Makeup Face:

alia bhaatt

The young fresh faced beauty belongs to the renowned film director and producer, Mahesh Bhatt who in the recent years made her debut as a simple college student and then rose from that to do many more. But one thing that has always made her stick out and stand proud was her simple beauty merged with the sweetness of a honey. Alia Bhatt’s picture speaks all with her nil makeup face. even without the constant touch-ups she looks divine.

7. Heroine Deepika Padukone With Zero Makeup:

Leggy beauty Deepika

After her shoot she ventured out make up less and was spotted in Mumbai International airport where once again she proved the world how a mere show of makeup and hair cannot stop her inner beauty from speaking out. Deepika Padukone has traveled through high and low in her career trying out different roles, but the role where she plays the actress without makeup and yet flawless stands upright and strong.

8. Indian Actress Malaika Arora Khan Makeup Difference:

Malaika Arora Khan

Here’s one celebrity that never stops wowing us. Malaika Arora Khan even after giving birth surprised and shocked us with her flat tummy and awesome skin and she still does. Continuing her stride, here Malaika is seen tired, maybe after a shoot return but her skin is still fresh and plump and gorgeous.

9. Beautiful Film Actress Sonam Kapoor Natural Looks:

sonam kapoor

The actress without makeup looks lovely with the smile as she holds two Spites in her hand. She is wearing a white dress which is made of cotton, designed in net form, and wears her cat eyed spectacles as well.

10. Bollywood Princes Kangana Ranaut Glamour Less Picture:

kangana raunat

Here is that one girl we all will hate for her perfection and secretly envy her for her looks. Kangana Ranaut looks perfect and beautiful while she sweats some carbs down at the gym and surprisingly she still looks awesome doing it.

11. Hollywood Star Keira Knightley not Wear Makeup:

Keira Knightley

She makes an action full arrival into mainstream movies in the distinctive Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, together with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley has increased to level of a globally well-known babe. Kind of like a British Natalie Portman. Keira Knightley appearances are so nice without makeup actress; she mostly is present at events without any makeup. She got the British beauty claims a perfect complexion as well as fabulous bone structure.

12. Actress Kim Kardashian Dull Looks:

kim kardashian

If forever there remained a star that looked better exposed down, it’s Kim; this woman is so naturally good-looking. Her normal caked-on appearance hides her radiant glow as well as ages her. She is a mother a child and even she looks stunning. She has a pretty face below a layer of makeup. She looks better going natural.

13. Actress Avril Lavigne:

avril lavign

Avril Lavigne is a 28-year-old lead singer from Ontario, Canada. With a series of most important profitable achievements start around the age of 16, she has endured somewhat under the public eye since. However a teenage heartthrob in her crucial years, it would seem even Avril is prone to her off-days. Avril’s face appears all right without the makeup but her eyes look trailed! It’s sure to come about considering the total of eye makeup that she’s used to wearing. Nowadays, as a rocker girl he is very famous.

14. Actress Angelina Jolie Without Makeup:

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie gives the impression to have it all. She has frequently called as one of the best-looking or beautiful women in the world. She is an award-winning actress, having gained an Oscar, a pair of Screen Actors Guild and three Golden Globe Awards. She is a singular representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. She is also the wife of Brad Pitt, one of the erotic men alive. To best it all, she looks wonderful even deprived of any makeup, and she also proved this performing an advertisement.

15. Movie Star Penelope Cruz Without Makeup:

Penelope Cruz

Performing from the time when the gentle age of 16, Spanish actor Penelope Cruz has taken the lead in such pictures as Blow, Sahara and Gothica. These films are well famous for her gracious good looks. She has a perfect and natural look and a figure and therefore set to appear in Paris’s Gervin Wax Museum late this year, at this point she is looking a dark plainer than normal.

16. Film Actress Pamela Anderson Without Makeup:

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson is the ugliest celebrity in the world without makeup and her photos will certify that. Pamela Anderson has been an international femininity icon for longer time. She is consequently permissible to look rough once in a while; finally she is 45 years of age. Sufficient most of the people do not like Pam without makeup; But she looks similar a really attractive mom. I reflect I like her improved this way.

17. Hollywood Star Meryl Streep Without Makeup:

Meryl Streep

When you see the top list of Hollywood actresses, Meryl Streep is one of the most stylish, distinguished and crown ornament of Hollywood. Meryl has an inborn talent, which keeps her on the side from the whole world. She looks stunning with or without makeup. She performed in many highly praised movies, and therefore Meryl Streep is the only existing actress who won three Oscar awards to her name.

18. Actress Ann Jacqueline Hathway Without Makeup:

Ann Jacqueline Hathway

Ann Jacqueline Hathway remained amongst People’s Magazines 50 most good-looking people in the world, however that was with makeup. Ann Hathway devoid of makeup is a completely another way story. She is amongst the 50 Ugliest Superstars without make up.  This ugliest celebrity without makeup originated to rank after playing Mia Thermopolis in the Disney file the Princess Diaries. Chaos and Brokeback Mountain confirmed her place as a Hollywood star.

19. Actress Anna Kournikova Without Makeup:

Anna Kournikova

She is not only much of tennis player, but also her look with makeup completes her one of the best well-known tennis personalities in the world.  On her peak of her success she was one of the most searched terms in Google. But everybody gets old and beauty weakens. Her pictures without makeup create her one of the ugliest stars without makeup. Don’t worry Kournikova, if you have an attractive mind.

 20. Celebrity Anna Lynn Mc Cord Without Makeup:

Anna Lynn Mc Cord

AnnaLynne McCord is the American Actress and is greatest known for playing vixen-type characters.  When she is in makeup, she looks gorgeous but without makeup she is additional of a vixen.  This contributes her relaxed admission into the 50 Ugliest Celebrities in the world.

21. Actress Khloe Kadarshian Without Makeup:

Khloe Kadarshian

She is a member of the most despised Celebrity family Khloe Kadarshian which is an American television character. She is not looking good without makeup but every person has different choice, you pick her appropriateness for entrance into the ugliest celebrities without makeup list.

22. Actress Kathleen Mary Griffin Without Makeup:

Kathleen Mary Griffin

Kathleen Mary Griffin is an American actress as well as also a comedian. She won Emmy as well as Grammy Award but because of her latest photos without any makeup, she achieved her place in the ugly celebrities list.

23. Actress Pippa Middleton Without Makeup:

Pippa Middleton

Do you know that Pippa Middleton’s butt was more well-known than her face for the period of the marriage ceremonies of Prince William and Princess Kate? Is her face is not good enough to be snapped? See this photo without makeup and decide is it beautiful or not?

24. Celebrity Beyonce Without Makeup:


Lead singer Beyonce confidently sent a photo of herself without makeup on Tumbler and our mouths are quiet on the floor staring at her wonderful skin. The pop star celebrated her 31st birthday on a ship with posting pictures of chocolate cake and bikini. Most of the people are greatly jealous that she can do both devoid of even thinking twice. On the other hand only Beyoncé can create frizzy, unfinished hair look erotic.

25. Star Actress Cameron Diaz Without Makeup:

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the great uber-babes of the past two decades, having kept men of the world drooling from a line of appearances in some of Hollywood’s most successful flicks. From pure youthful beauty in The Mask and There’s Something About Mary, to more contemporary early-middle age appearances in The Green Hornet and Bad Teacher, we’re yet to lose faith despite pictures such as the ones below (below that one!).

26. Film Actress Demi Lovato Without Makeup:

Demi Lovato

When it comes to Hollywood celebrities without makeup, Demi Lovato appears stunning without makeup? Her beautiful eyebrows are sufficient to provide a run for her money. A Cosmo on Campus cover star tweeted this picture with the slogan ‘Ladies, be brave today… take off your make-up and break using those sieves!! WE are beautiful!!!!’  The singer’s fans taking place tweet their own pictures without makeup and Demi much-admired their natural beauty with re-tweets.

27. Hollywood Star Lisa Kudrow Without Makeup:

Lisa Kudrow

American actress, Lisa Kudrow is well-known for her character in the ten season run TV sitcom, but her fresh photos have surprised her fans, which have familiarized to her healthy-looking as well as radiant face in the Friends serial. All of the people are used to see her in makeup but now she get the 3rd number in the list of ugliest Celebrity in the world without makeup.

28. Actress Lily Allen Without Makeup:

Lily Allen

A correct fan for keeping things actual, Lily Allen is a highest winner when it comes to trying no makeup. In fact, these days, she hardly ever garbs it! We predict it has somewhat to do with being a new mum but hey, if you look her beauty then you will be amazed!

29. Actress Rachel Bilson Without Makeup:

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson main developed widespread in 2003 once she was cast as Summer Roberts in the TV show so-called The O.C. She likewise had play characters in movies like The Last Kiss and Jumper. Bilson was take pictures of herself by People Magazine without makeup and she look so beautiful as well as verified that she didn’t want any makeup.

30. Celebrity Sophie Marceau Without Makeup:

Sophie Marceau

Sophie Marceau is a French actress who completes her debut while she was only 14 years old in the movie named Le Boum. She also won the Cesar Award for Most Promising Actress for this film. In 2009, Marceau looked without makeup on the cover of the French edition of Elle magazine in a feature permitted “Stars Sans Fards.”

31. Actress Kerry Washington Without Makeup:

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington when wearing no makeup is no scandal because this actress quiet looks excessive and beautiful even in glasses at the airport.

32. Hollywood Star Adriana Lima Without Makeup:

Adriana Lima

Whether she’s successful a little nerd chic in her spectacles or revealing her fresh face to the world, Adriana Lima is certainly a beauty. The first pic is original and cute and the second shows that a slight lustre on the nose doesn’t have difficulty if you have a complete smile and killer confidence.

33. Actress Snooki Without Makeup:


She is a reality darling has such attractive eyes and skin beneath all those layers as well as lashes. She likes to go deprived of makeup more often! She has a natural beauty and not need far makeup.

34. Star Actress Sienna Miller Without Makeup:

Sienna Miller

Sienna is every so often marked out and around devoid of any makeup.. Even though we are definite the just-got-back-off-holiday radiance benefits, Sienna aspects just as gorge simple faced as she does with it on so. If any women on her place then she would save ourselves the moneys on the makeup counter!

35. Hollywood Star Christina Applegate Without Makeup:

Christina Applegate

Christina’s skin appears pale as well as a slight stained but she looks beautiful without her makeup. A little eyeliner, nude lip gloss, and some bronzer must take the colour back into her face! Even as it stances, though, she appears just fine: in spite of the marks, her skin is moist, and her facial assembly takes her extreme.

36. Celebrity Reese Witherspoon Without Makeup:

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon is a good-looking as well as gifted actress and she also won awards such as the Golden Globe award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and has also take the lead in films that have remained box-office hits such as Charlie’s Angels and 50 First Dates. She also looks stunning without applying any makeup.

37. Actress Jessica Simpson Without Makeup:

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is a famous personality that in progress out as a gospel singer. She goes across to the pop music scene throughout the height of approval of teen pop singers. She was included in the cover of Marie Claire magazine in 2010 without any makeup and look so beautiful.

38. Hollywood Star Katherine Heigl Without Makeup:

Katherine Heigl

Katherine’s undistinguished without makeup, but she is also quiet pretty. She lost that red carpet “enthusiasm,” but life is not a red carpet and there is no motive she should ever be embarrassed to become caught without makeup. Particularly in that first pic, her smile is all the improvement she wants! Her natural beauty appears in this.

39. Celebrity Jessica Alba Without Makeup:

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba proves all-natural beauty in this photo. Her extended lashes, dressed brows and silky hair make her complete for a close up at any particular moment. She looks gorgeous without using any makeup.

40. Actress Kelly Rowland Without Makeup:

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland’s also posted picture with a bare face which is emphasized by her flawlessly arched brows, beautiful cheekbones as well as natural hair.

41. Movie Star Jennifer love Hewitt Without Makeup:

Jennifer love Hewitt

TV Leader termed her the stimulating woman on television in 2008. Off course! This could be happen with makeup but makeup. Jennifer Love Hewitt once nominated for Golden Globe for her acting skills but for her beauty without makeup is not being discussed.

42. Actress Katy Perry Without Makeup:

Katy Perry

Born Katheryn Hudson Perry. She is from the California and this beauty was born on the 24th of October, 1984. Katy is a pop performer, an actor as well as a businesswoman. Her innovation originated with the release of the track, ‘I kissed a Girl’ which increased good reviews from corner to corner the commercials. She was Billboard’s 2012 Woman of the Year. She looks great with or without makeup.

43. Actress Anne Hathaway Without Makeup:

Anne Hathaway

Aimed at a girl that at all times rock the natural beauty appearance is obviously Anne Hathaway. She doesn’t want any makeup at all now that an au naturel. She displayed up wearing not anything extra than a smile on her face at the SAG special screening and Q&A of Les Miserable in Beverly Hills. If only you observed accurately the same with or without makeup she is lucky without makeup.

44. Actress Nicole Kidman Without Makeup:

Nicole Kidman

Wow! When you see this picture you never imagined that THIS is in what way Nicole Kidman appears without makeup. An actress lacking any mistakes and having perfect charm, that has ready her one of the most motivating Hollywood actresses of her age group. For her sake, really hoping this is just a bad picture! I’m going to undertaking a deduction and say it is, because the strange expression all the same, her skin is clear with her signature ceramic look, her eyes stand out, and I for my part think her hair stares cute. Nicole has an Australian beauty initiated creating arrivals at age 16 in movies and Australian television sequences.

45. Movie Star Kate Moss Without Makeup:

kate moss

Most of the celebrities post a picture themselves online, as well as attend the events with makeup. But Kate Moss altered this by attending Carine Roitfeld’s Cocktail Party in integrity of CR Fashion Book Issue 2 without any makeup at all. It’s very rare for any celebrity to attend any event without makeup. She is a model and also has a desirable natural glow and maybe it’s the Parisian air lavish her that sparkle behind the eyes. She is a drug taking model and her heroin stylish image assisted her a lot in constructing her career. She worked for variety of designers. Her face takes place to display the side effects of her high booze and drugs, and thus her name comes of the second in the list of ugliest celebrity in the world.

46. Actress Kelly Clarkson Without Makeup:

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson is an American pop-rock singer as well as songwriter. Kelly Clarkson is also well known as American idol as well as famed for her musical abilities and not for her looks. These photos will demonstrate it. She not looks good without makeup.

47. Film Actress Amanda Seyfried Without Makeup:

Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried has a natural beauty and when she wakes up out of bed, appears a fresh as well as lively look. She exposed up charmingly bare-faced at the SAG special screening and Q&A of Les Miserable in Beverly Hills. No celebrity could think about without going any makeup but, but Amanda seen flawlessly relaxed devoid of makeup as uses on the red-carpet. What a doll! Or you can also say Miss Natural!

Her green eyes stares completely attractive deprived of any false lashes to leather under and her lips appears full and fleshy devoid of any doubtful lip gloss that leaves your mouth sense all smarting.

48. Actress Kelly Brook Without Makeup:

Kelly Brook

Oh Kelly Brook, might you BREAK looking so dazzling for one second please? The buxom brunette was marked out in what looks like and totally no makeup whatever and she has s a total bare faced beauty. What do you think Cosmo girls, one or the other way; no one will be disagreeing with that she looks astonishing!

49. Actress Nicki Minaj Without Makeup:

Nicki Minaj

Nicky Minaj posted sequences of self-centered of herself in the shower on Instagram. After looking most of the people get confused because at this time she never kept any privacy. She mostly a makeup-obsessed star but this time she give a chance for people to see her natural beauty. Many people wonder on Nicki’s skin and say Lucky Lady!

50. Actress Lady Gaga Without Makeup:

Lady Gaga

All of you are so used to see Gaga in complete costume through a full face of makeup. Lady Gaga kind of shocked the world when she went without makeup for full-out magazine extent. Now, that you have to flutter an eyelid twice after looking this natural snap! Everyone is wondering about her natural face that is unseen below all that face paint. In this image she looks very confident about her own skin. Most of the people say ugly and shameful things about her looks and on the other hand her fans love her dramatic makeup looks and says she appears beautiful as a photo without a stitch of makeup.

Hence, these are the list of the top celebrities of Hollywood and Bollywood. I hope you find this article very interesting as well as informative!