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20 Unseen Photos Of Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

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The undisputed queen of Bollywood is bold enough to go Makeup free. She is Bold, Confident and Beautiful. She is none other than Kareena Kapoor. Kareena Kapoor Khan is considered as one of the most beautiful actresses of Bollywood. Her confidence oozes visibly when she steps out without makeup. She is spotted at Airports, Film Promotions and in Public without makeup.

Charming Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup Pictures:

Natural beauty actress Kareena is the undoubted queen in Bollywood industry, even without a single any makeup on the face. Here are the most beautiful on and off-screen photos of Kareena Kapoor without makeup which makes you very exciting.

1. Nerdy Look:

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

Born to the Kapoor’s, Randhir and Babita, Kareena is blessed with clear milky complexion. Her name ‘Kareena’ is said to be kept because her mother read ‘Anna Karenina’, a novel by Leo Tolstoy while she was expecting. Kareena is also known as ‘Bebo’ and her Elder Sister, Karishma as ‘Lolo’. Such exotic names for these Kapoor beauties. Here she displays her natural beauty without makeup.

2. So Cute Look:

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

Kareena Kapoor boldly steps out without minding those Freckles and the circles around eyes. How beautiful Kareena is in this snap even in sans makeup.

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3. Some Days Back Still:

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

Though the picture belongs to the time when she didn’t achieve Stardom. But there She shows the true Beauty of her Confidence by going ‘Makeup-free’. Kareena Kapoor eyes are Hazel, which exactly matches the colour of her hair. Though this beauty always keeps changing her hair colour. Initially, She went with Blonde Golden Highlights which bought out a sunny glow making her looked sun-tanned.

4. Outing Look:

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

The Gorgeous Diva does not believe in concepts of Facial. She dislikes Chemical-based products for her skin and makes sure she avoids as much makeup as possible. Kareena Kapoor Khan even chooses to go minimal or makeup-free for Parties and Functions. You can take a look at the picture above, Kareena Kapoor skips Base Makeup completely. The Diva doesn’t even bother to hide her freckles and imperfections here and there.

She heavily defines her gorgeous eyes and makes them prominent to take a look away from the rest of her face. She skips concealing her Eye circles as well. Kareena Kapoor skips Blush and lets her natural blush take over her cheeks. She chooses stains over lipsticks which makes her Lips look natural rather than painted. Her eyebrows are groomed and natural too, and she does not even fill them for that natural, raw look.

5. With and Without Makeup Stills:

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

Here is a picture of Kareena Kapoor, with and without makeup. Kareena Kapoor has high sculpted Cheekbones and a sharp oval Jawline. And her wide forehead compatible with her Jawline makes her Face Square shaped. With so much edginess in her Beauty, She surely might give a miss to Face Contouring.

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6. Stylish Beauty:

Her Eyebrows have a Perfect Arch with minimal makeup which would make her Face look Gorgeous even when unruly or unfilled. But we like her brows Groomed and filled, adds elegance to her face. Kareena Kapoor has gorgeous tresses, thick and dense. She styles them elegantly. She wears them straight, puffs with curls, and chic ponytails. But most of the times, she let her hair loose with soft curls at the end or straight. Thus adding softness to her sharp and edgy face.

Kareena Kapoor believes in beautifying her tresses with Head massage. She makes a point to massage her scalp daily for improved blood circulation. She uses a concoction of Olive oil, Almond oil, Coconut oil and Castor oil for nourishment.

7.  How She Expressing:

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

Kareena Kapoor rather keeps her hair simple and never have we seen her with some complicated hairstyle. Have we? And if for Lips, Kareena Kapoor either goes Bare lipped or likes Pale Pink Lipsticks. Kareena Kapoor prefers Pink lipsticks to go with her bare face. Her Natural lips are pink of health as well. This pic expresses her little makeup on cheeks. We think Pink Color enhances the natural pinkish-ness of her natural lips and thus to make it look more natural, she opts for Pale Pink.

8. Caught At Airport:

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

Kareena Kapoor is often spotted Make up free and Barefaced while she is travelling. Refer to the picture above. She is completely Make up free! Her Freckles visible through though her skin and lips look a little dehydrated, maybe because of jet lagging. But her Hands are well-groomed with a pop of Bright Neon orange nail polish. Her hair sleek and bouncy with shine. It surely requires an oozing amount of confidence to attend stardom and go de-glamorous at once. And Kareena Kapoor, we think is brimming.

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9. Innocent Baby:

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

Here is an early picture of Kareena Kapoor before her debut with Refugee, without Makeup. And we surely think her beauty comes from her Folks than from makeup. There we find the innocence of adolescence on her face. But we think that the saying ‘Men look better with age’ goes with Kareena Kapoor. She looks better than yesterday, every day. She maintains a healthy Lifestyle, practice Yoga and avoids as much as Makeup possible. And we know her secrets of Ageing Beautifully.

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10. Shot From Movie:

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

Kareena Kapoor’s Confidence in going makeup free is not just limited to her Private Life and Socializing. She has even taken a step further of going makeup free in her Movies, and she had taken them up without any second thoughts. For the Movie Asoka, She accepted the role of Kaurwaki, a warrior princess. She was required to go makeup free with just heavily kohled eyes.

Not only it was for the movie Asoka, But She has also accepted the roles where the role has to go makeup free in Dev, Heroine and recent movie, Satyagraha. For the role of a Reporter in the film Satyagraha, Kareena gave up Makeup. She has even stepped out for promoting the Film makeup less just as in the film.

11. In Casuals:

Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup

Kareena was recently spotted with her husband Saif Ali Khan, wearing a satin long skirt and black camisole. Kareena who is 39 now dared to go as casual and de-glam even when she is considered in Top Bollywood Actresses. And definitely, she does not miss out defining her eyes, to make them prominent attraction on her face. She goes to the extent of not camouflaging her flaws with makeup, rather enhancing her features. Her strong Cheekbone and jawline are enhanced with her hair tied up in the bun. And her Pout, full and hydrated with her natural lip colour.

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12. Moving For Birthday Party:


Moving for birthday party Kareena picture, she looks really stylish with this pink with a white and multicoloured printed skirt. The White top is a perfect match for the soft pink skirt. In this picture, she looks very beautiful with the classy and trendy eyeglass; she just put kajal for her eyes and lip gloss only. There is no additional makeup. This picture was taken during her husband Kunal Khemu birthday bash.

13. Holy Shrine:


Kareena stays at the popular place named as holy shrine of Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Christi. She visited that place to pray for the success of her movie “Fida”. This picture was taken in the year of 2004. Without any single makeup, she looks too gorgeous and seems to cool with her chubby cheeks in this picture. Here she looked charming too.

14. Movie Screening:


This picture was taken by 2013, May 9th with her husband. During that time her husband’s movie “Go Goa Gone” was released. In this picture, she wears simple tees with dark black colour, which gives an elegant and gorgeous look for her face and the whole structure. Without any makeup or any extra accessories, she seems too beautiful and simple.

15. Ordinary Girl:


In this picture, Kareena looks very soft, depressed and tired. Without any kajal or lip gloss or any basic makeup, she looks like an ordinary modern girl. She looks very tired of getting travel. Wearing a white top with paired with jeans will give special appearances. If one look closely, can notice blemishes on her face.

16. Passport Checking:


This is Kareena Kapoor’s airport photograph taken while she was checking her passports, permit and ID’s. She dressed in casual jeans and tees without makeup. Tees covered with a dark pink cashmere scarf and look simple and trendy with the simple handbag. She looks very classic and simple without any makeup and extra accessory. Without any makeup is no glam queen but, absolutely a pretty girl.

17. Saif And Bebo’s Honeymoon Picture:


After the pretty wedding and the grand reception that take the fans and her followers. The honeymoon destination of the couple is in Switzerland. This picture was taken from the Kareen’s fan. In this picture, Kareena dressed up with dark blue and black pants, the black scarf that gives an amazing and wonderful look than her husband. After their honeymoon, they can be registering their names in the hotel. During that time, this photo was taken. Without any makeup, she looks very attractive.

18. Pale Look:


Kareena with plain red tees and leggings spotted outside of Malika and Amrita’s house. In this picture, she looks very tired and pastel with slight dark circles under her eyes. This photo is confirmation to the way that in light of the outlook and schedule that Kareena takes after consistently she has flawless skin. In this picture, she looks with a sad face and without any single makeup.

19. Mumbai International Airport:


Kareena Kapoor’s with simple slight makeup was spotted at Mumbai International Airport with a dark lemon yellow tops and jeans will give a stunning look. In this picture, she chooses a free hair and carrying a classy black handbag. She looked very bright and energetic comparing with other photos appearances.

20. With T-shirt And Denim:


This picture was snapped at the Mumbai International Airport again where she has visited Delhi for a Film fare conference, in this picture she was dressed up with simple full hand tees and dark blue gorgeous jeans. Here she put Kajal only for her eyes, and on her face, there is no extra makeup. This look is showing Kareena’s blessed smile.

Hope you liked a lot with the pictures of Kareena Kapoor without makeup. She has an obviously perfect skin with peachy and cream skin tone, pink cheeks and glowing skin. She is one actress who looks gorgeous even without makeup while comparing with another actress.

Kareena Kapoor is definitely to look up to while considering a Superstar who makes headlines for Fashion and Style, indeed being a Fashion Icon. We need to consider her as Beauty Icon too since she believes going completely natural and makeup-free.


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