Kareena Kapoor is, without a doubt, the queen of Bollywood. Lovingly called Bebo, she is quite famous all across the globe for her beauty, acting skills, body transformations and fashion statements. Kareena has always set a benchmark for the younger generation to follow her and of course! Besides her looks, we all also love the way she handles herself in public. But did you ever get to see this reel life beauty in real life? That is why we are here with Kareena Kapoor without makeup and unseen looks!

While she has set high standards to follow in a beauty regime, most of us do not know how she is in everyday life. So here are unseen and interesting snaps of Kareena without makeup. Let’s get started!

Charming Kareena Kapoor Without Makeup Pictures:

Natural beauty actress Kareena is the undoubted queen in the Bollywood industry, even without a single makeup on her face. Here are the most beautiful on and off-screen photos of Kareena Kapoor without makeup which makes you very exciting.

1. Happy Moments:

Here is the joyous moment photo of our Bebo with a broad smile and sharp looks. This Kareena Kapoor without makeup pic is quite raw; we cannot believe that she looks such gorgeous even in real life. Although she has dark circles around her eyes, which of course, is the result of her hard work and long shoot hours, she stunningly has clearer skin. She is seen smiling at the camera here.

2. Healthy Diet:

We all know that Bebo is quite a massive fan of a healthy diet. She follows only having Indian desi food and skips all junk and processed diet or foods. She is genuinely Indian in nature concerning food habits. We can see her having roti and palak curry in a happy mood. This picture also shows Kareena Kapoor in no makeup, yet is true to herself in the restaurant.

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3. Happy Selfie:

Here is another Kareena Kapoor without makeup images. Seen here is she sporting a pose for the camera with natural and raw looks. This unfiltered photo at first left us quite in splits, all that she is seen is wearing is only a natural lip gloss. With open hair and intense eyes, she looks like a real queen, even with a minimalistic style statement. We are quite thrilled. What are your thoughts?

4. With Dear Friends:

Most of us already know that Kareena is besties with her industry friends Malaika and Amrita. Here is their dear selfie. The party now and then and are known to be together through thick and thin moments. This real-life unfiltered and beautiful no-makeup selfie of all of them is very heartwarming. No matter how much ever one is famous, real friendships matter. What do you think?

5. Raw Look with Mr Husband:

Kareena and Saif make quite an adorable and energetic pair in Bollywood. Here is a picture which fills our hearts with love. This Kareena Kapoor without makeup photo is seen where she is posing for a selfie with her husband during her pool time. They both are just out of the pool and are in their real faces. Both of them pose for a happy selfie.

6. Workout Face:

We all know how much Kareena is a fitness freak. She loves working out and absolutely makes sure that she doesn’t miss out on her routines. Despite the days when she cannot hit the gym, the Kapoor Khan Bebo is making sure she works out at home. This selfie is taken post her workout time in the day and she looks absolutely breathless despite the tired face. We are in awe of her beauty. What do you think?

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7. Home Sweet Home:

As much as Kareena loves partying and holidaying with her friends and loved ones, she also enjoys spending time in her own home. Her family time and personal life is without a doubt a priority even for the celebrity diva. This without makeup photo of Kareena Kapoor is quite trending on the internet for obvious reasons – she looks gorgeous and super hot despite not wearing a pinch of makeup. Her wide smile and sharp features are striking and we quite love this image!

8. During the Shoot:

Here is a picture of Kareena in no makeup during the prep for the movie shoot, veere de wedding. This picture of her raw look is taken in the saloon while she is trying out different looks for the movie. She looks super fresh and stylish despite looking casual. The white tank top and casual jeans really suit her. We all so wish to have her nude beauty too, right?!

9. No Makeup Selfie:

This Kareena Kapoor Khan selfie without makeup is posted on social media while she is waiting for her work to get done. Kareena surely knows how to pass her time – by taking pictures and checking herself out. As she tells in her iconic movie jab we met, ‘meiapni favourite hoon’, this truly works excellent for herself. What do you think?

10. Vacation Selfie:

During her time without shoots, Bebo loves to have holidays and vacation time overseas. Here is one such Kareena Kapoor image without makeup. With sunshine and a gorgeous attitude on their face, she looks like a million bucks. She is soaking under the sun with a stylish appearance and fresh looks. We quite love the way she always slays on her style statement, effortlessly!

11. Childhood Days:

Do we all not want to see how Bebo looks in her childhood? Here is the proof. We can see a lot of resemblances between younger and elder Bebo. She seems bubbly and chubby in her younger self, but the sense of beauty and style is there in the picture. The bold and intense eyes with a gorgeous smile also remained the same. What do you think of this picture?

12. Sister-Sister Love:

Kareena in this picture is seen posing with her sister and best friend, Karishma Kapoor. They both are seen as not wearing any makeup. When we compare her reel life acting and Kareena Kapoor in makeup photos, we see that not much is different. She looks breathtaking even otherwise in real looks, and is quite refreshing to look at! We love this sister duo too. What do you think?

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13. So Cute Look:

Kareena Kapoor boldly steps out without minding those Freckles and the circles around their eyes. How beautiful Kareena is in this snap even in sans makeup.

14. With and Without Makeup Stills:

Here is a picture of Kareena Kapoor, with and without makeup. Kareena Kapoor has high sculpted Cheekbones and a sharp oval Jawline. And her wide forehead compatible with her Jawline makes her Face Square shaped. With so much edginess in her Beauty, She surely might give a miss to Face Contouring.

15. Caught At Airport:

Kareena Kapoor is often spotted Make up free and Bare-faced while she is travelling. Refer to the picture above. She is completely Make up free! Her Freckles are visible through her skin and her lips look a little dehydrated, maybe because of jet lagging. But her Hands are well-groomed with a pop of Bright Neon orange nail polish. Her hair was sleek and bouncy with shine. It surely requires an oozing amount of confidence to attend stardom and go de-glamorous at once. And Kareena Kapoor, we think is brimming.

16. Innocent Baby:

Here is an early picture of Kareena Kapoor before her debut with Refugee, without Makeup. And we surely think her beauty comes from her Folks than from makeup. There we find the innocence of adolescence on her face. But we think that the saying ‘Men look better with age’ goes with Kareena Kapoor. She looks better than yesterday, every day. She maintains a healthy Lifestyle, practices Yoga and avoids as much as Makeup possible. And we know her secrets of Ageing Beautifully.

17. Moving For Birthday Party:

Moving for the birthday party Kareena’s picture, she looks really stylish in this pink with a white and multicoloured printed skirt. The Whitetop is a perfect match for the soft pink skirt. In this picture, she looks very beautiful with the classy and trendy eyeglass; she just put kajal for her eyes and lip gloss only. There is no additional makeup. This picture was taken during her husband Kunal Khemu’s birthday bash.

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18. Holy Shrine:

Kareena stays at the popular place named as holy shrine of Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Christi. She visited that place to pray for the success of her movie “Fida”. This picture was taken in the year 2004. Without any single makeup, she looks too gorgeous and seems too cool with her chubby cheeks in this picture. Here she looked charming too.

19. Pale Look:

Kareena with plain red tees and leggings spotted outside of Malika and Amrita’s house. In this picture, she looks very tired and pastel with slight dark circles under her eyes. This photo is a confirmation of the way that in light of the outlook and schedule that Kareena takes after consistently, she has flawless skin. In this picture, she looks with a sad face and without any single makeup.

20. With T-shirt and Denim:

This picture was snapped at the Mumbai International Airport again where she has visited Delhi for a Film fair conference, in this picture she was dressed up with simple full hand tees and dark blue gorgeous jeans. Here she put Kajal only for her eyes, and on her face, there is no extra makeup. This look is showing Kareena’s blessed smile.

Additional Tips:

With these real-life no-makeup pics of Kareena Kapoor Khan, we understand that you are wondering how this ageless beauty is maintaining her skin in real life. Here are some tips.

  1. Kareena always makes sure to remove her makeup by the end of the day.
  2. This beauty is still busy with shoots and schedules, but whatsoever may come and be a tiring day, she removes makeup and then goes to bed.
  3. Any free time one may get, always leave your face bare and let it breathe some air. Never still apply makeup when not required.
  4. Always make sure the face is hydrated and moisturized well. Be it any season, hydration is essential.
  5. Have lots of water. It makes your skin and hair look healthy and shiny.
  6. A healthy diet is an ultimate secret. It can show in your face and brighter skin.

With these trending and top viral pictures of Kareena Kapoor without makeup, what are your thoughts? Bebo’s real-life beauty quite inspires us and so want to imitate her for their effortless and ageless beauty. Let us know your comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Who are Kareena Kapoor Khan’s nutritionist and advisor?

Ans: Kareena swears by nutritionist RujutaDiwekar. She loves desi food and the Indian style of cooking, with local cuisine, and always eats healthy.

Q2. Which is their favourite makeup product of Kareena Kapoor?

Ans: Kareena loves bold and intense eyes, with beautiful blush and a bit of lipstick. We often see her with proper eye makeup!

Q3. Does Kareena work out every day?

Ans: Kareena is a sucker for fitness. Despite her age, she looks super beautiful and effortlessly stylish, only because of her fitness secrets. She makes a point to always go to the gym every day, without fail.


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