The Nepalese actress and accomplished dancer, Manisha Koirala is one of the most popular and recognized actresses in the world of Indian television. She has worked in multiple films including Hindi, Malayalam, Telegu, Tamil, etc and is also a successful Bharatnatyam dancer. Recently she went through cancer and came back successfully. She is now fit and looking better than ever. Being a Hindi film actress primarily she was much of a beauty queen. She won’t go near anywhere near makeup and still will look gorgeous like a goddess. Don’t believe it? Here are some of the best pictures of Manisha where she is spotted without makeup.

1. Ready To Be Back On Track:

Rumor is that Manisha Koirala is about to work on a new film and this is the picture from that film’s set only. Here she displays her natural and god-gifted beautiful face. Her fair and flawless skin is a blessing just like her amazing acting performances.

2. With Her Children:

Here, Manisha is seen in a rejoicing mood with her daughter and son. Her flawless beauty and humbling attitude are the influencing factors behind the success that she had earned. This adorable picture sports her joyful nature and her ever-beautiful smile as well.

3. That Cover Photo:

This picture was snapped while Manisha was being interviewed about her personal life and upcoming detail regarding her career. In this picture, she sports her unblemished smile and adorable natural face angles. Without a doubt, it can be said that she is one of the most beautiful actresses of her time.

4. After A Long Time:

After getting married and having kids, Manisha kind of disappeared from the picture of the Indian film industry. After a long time, she was spotted on the streets looking more beautiful than ever without any makeup. She wasn’t irritated by the camera. Rather she managed to smile and allow the press to click some awesome picture of her.

5. Aged But Still Rolling:

At this time, Manisha Koirala is one of the most senior and experienced actresses in the Hindi film industry. Though aged, she manages to keep herself in her best shape possible in spite of being a mother. In this already-zoomed picture, we can see her age line prominently. But still there is something beautiful, unique, and divine about her which the upcoming actresses lack these days.

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6. Father-Daughter Love:

We all know that Manisha Koirala just recovered from ovarian cancer after a tiresome and intensive treatment for six months long. She is very confident about herself and her beauty as well and does not hesitate to show her natural best self to the camera.

7. Girl With Specs:

Beauty comes from heart according to Manisha. According to her, if a person is beautiful from the inside, that will show in his/her face. With this theory, she is still remaining on her journey to success. Makeup is definitely not an issue for this Nepalese beauty as she flaunts her natural face to the camera every now and then these days.

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8. In The News:

After winning against cancer, Manisha has been the new for a number of times. This snap is also from one of those many interviews where she depicted her journey against cancer. Her makeup-free beautiful face influenced almost every individual in that room.

9. Birds Of The Same Feather:

Manisha Koirala took a selfie with fellow actress Aditi Rao in an event which was basically a campaign against cancer. The only time Manisha applied something on her face is when she was about to go on-screen.

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